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East Corp Group

East Corp Group

Let’s Ensure Safety and Security with East Corp Group

Leaders are not meant to follow the crowd; they create their own distinct routes to move forward. By connecting a series of dots, they ideate and thrive vigorously towards their mission and vision.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs, co-founder and former CEO of Apple

Innovation is an abstract attribute that impetuses Hemant Khadse to propel in the peregrination of entrepreneurship. Under his flair and exceptional leadership, East Corp Group has created an irrevocable stature of excellent services in the entrepreneurial space.

East corp Group is an emerging company, with a team of 14 people, which serves clients not only pan India but even in SAARC countries. Operating from Mumbai, they have expanded East Corp as a group providing consulting services in Fire, Security, and Safety. In this domain, they work with end-users, architects, developers, industries and contractors in terms of Consulting, Audits and Awareness training.

The business model is not restricted to B2B or B2C due to a unique and diverse portfolio. They boast of working with segments such as Real Estates, Hotels, Banks, Industries facilities, Museums, Commercial & Residential Building, Schools, etc. Dealing with large companies in India, they have also expanded their reach to Srilanka, Nepal, Africa, and APAC region.

Fire, Security, and Safety are the pillars of East Corp Group which are quintessential for many customers. It becomes convenient for these facility providers to deal with the group as one point of contact. People at East Corp Group don’t sell any products or systems, hence their unbiased and purely technical approach sets them apart from the competition, thus making the group truly independent third-party consultants.

Talking about the environment for the workforce, the leader says, I have carved our organization as a system-oriented company. Every single person in our organization is recognized with responsibility and accountability for the work they do. Moreover, the company’s vision and mission are aligned with individual goals. This makes work more cohesive and work life more meaningful.”

Developing a Sense of Trust

Hemant Khadse, ensuring a bond of trust with the clients, says, “Never follow short cuts for immediate gain and treat your customers’ as long term business partners”. East Corp Group follows this success mantra that has helped the group to create an unbreakable bond with the clients.

Transparent and Professional approaches are the two quintessential traits to forge a strong and robust relationship with the customers. Elaborating the trust factor, Hemant states, “Once we take care of his problem, he takes care of us well.”

De facto, they are in the arena of protecting someone’s life, property, and the environment by which their commitment towards society goes beyond business.

Keeping Abreast with the Fluctuations in Market

As a matter of fact, things are not constant, they change for betterment so is the case with the market. It’s intelligent to cope with them. On the same notion, Hemant keeps an alignment with the industry influencers and current market trends. Social Media is the most powerful and frequently used tool to obtain all the latest and boiling updates of the industry.

The evolvement of their business is directly linked with the customers. Thereby, they make sure to direct their conscious attention to the customers’ problems and finding optimized solutions through enriching experience and knowledge.

For an entrepreneur of the colossal empire, to keep a symphony or remains updated with the information, facts, and changes, is a responsibility.

To hit the crescendo, we ought to be innovative in the systems or processes. Innovation is a portal through which the company excels tremendously, and it can only be achieved with an in-depth and prolonged Research program.

Transformation for Startups

Government plays a pivotal role in making things easier for startups, and eventually, this upsurges our economy by proliferating the businesses around. The current Government has introduced a multitude of plans for startups in the entrepreneurial space to overcome the financial limitations, which are generally faced by them. Self-certification, income tax exemption, etc. are there to provide the best aid to startups and stimulate them to enlarge their businesses.

Mudra loan has helped remarkably and is a big success for the Modi government. East Corp Group is one of the beneficiaries of it. Apart from this, there are many steps the MSME department is taking to help companies like theirs. Additionally, Digitization is trendy that is making the lives around super easy in terms of compliances.

For Inspiration to look up at…

For stepping up at the ladder of success and growth, the ace entrepreneur- Hemant Khadse follows the pedestal of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs and Wozniak were the co-founders of Apple Inc. While they were developing the first Apple computer they ran out of money. They could have given up on their dream of building a computer but instead, they choose to thrive. Steve Jobs sold his van and Wozniak sold his graphing calculator to raise some money. This has inspired the leader to the core.

Learn to see your obstacles as an opportunity to succeed. If you really want to do something, you will always find a way to complete it. Once you have this mind-set, then nothing can stop you from overcoming your obstacles. There are many learnings Steve has left for all entrepreneurs and I am one of the followers.”~Hemant Khadse

Accolades of Incredible and Work and Efforts

East Corp was last year awarded as Top 20 Safety Consulting Company by Silicon India Bangalore. The tycoo, Hemant Khadse, was also privileged to receive honor as Top 30 Dynamic CEO in India from Start-up City Magazine & The 10 Most Prominent Consultant to watch in 2019 from Prime View.  Apart from awards or trophies, the entrepreneur values customer feedback a lot, which catalyzes their working efficiency and impetuses them to do more and better every day.

We have a chain of customers encouraging us every day for the work we do for them and the knowledge we share with them. We have also achieved many accreditations in the industry which is adding value.”~Hemant Khadse

As far as the futuristic plans are concerned, they have created a group of companies that focus on Fire, Security and Safety verticals independently and offerings such as Audit, Consulting and Training to the market. They have footprints in India and SAARC. They want to be a preferred choice of the customer with excellence in consulting solutions and achieve 10X growth by 2022.

For Readers Out There

Hemant, the visionary, has some words to share with our aspiring leaders and readers of Business Connect. He says,

“India being a price-sensitive marketplace; to safety security, the least importance is given. We wake up only when something directly affects us or our business. Users are still unaware of the best practices and statutory compliances that may prevent their losses or danger rather than paying for risk.

We do many free training awareness programs on fire safety but some people still consider it’s not meant for them. This mindset needs to change. I urge the corporate industry to come forward and engage professionals to build a culture of safety. Safety- security is an investment and not an expense.”

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