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Eduk8me Private Limited

Eduk8me Private Limited

Accelerating the Learning Journey among Children, Eduk8me is the Trailblazer of the Private Tutorial Marketplace

Incorporated in 2022 as the “world’s 1st AI-driven tutorial marketplace” “Eduk8me”, is the brainchild of a passionate mother-daughter duo; Geetika Chawla, Founder & CEO of Eduk8me and Rhea Lamba, Co-Founder of Eduk8me, with a vision to disrupt the education marketplace industry by providing value-based access to tutors across the globe through a transparent feedback mechanism.

One of the pioneering organizations in the e-learning space, Eduk8me allows children to accelerate their learning journey by connecting with the largest community of professional tutors on the friendliest, most reliable platform.

Based out of Gurgaon, Eduk8me is a global marketplace for private tutorial services; think of it as the Amazon for private tutoring services, where students may find potential teachers and hire them through the site and mobile apps available on Android and iPhones.  The mission driving the founders and early-stage investors is to enable the teaching profession to be financially lucrative thereby attracting the best minds to the education services industry.

The Tale of Inception and Inspiration

The germination for Eduk8me was conceived with the founders’ keen understanding that every child has distinct learning requirements and preferences. One can maximise learning and retention by matching a teacher’s approach to instruction and lesson plans with the student’s preferred learning style. Additionally, it makes students more interested in the subject or topic.

The founders of Eduk8me are a dynamic mother-daughter duo; one is a Harvard Business School alumni, and the latter is a 14-year-old technocrat in-the-making. Their Eduk8me journey started with Rhea (Rio at home!) demanding support for Math. As the duo searched for a tutor, they were aware that their options were severely constrained by geopgraphy and availability of feedback of the tutorial services or structured outomes.

They realized that the search for tutorial services is typically limited to the location of the student and the feedback mechanism was limited the opinions of a small number of other moms who lived close to the tutors’ service location. Like her mother; Rhea aspires to attend HBS one day. When she was 12 years old, it meant finding the ideal tutor who would be able to recognise her special learning style and help her advance her education to the pinnacle of academic excellence.

Geetika and Rhea saw this as an opportunity to address two fundamental societal problems, one from each of their own perspectives: Instead of being constrained by geogpraphical boundaries, Rhea saw this as a chance to build a community that enables students to find and contact the best teachers who fit their learning styles anywhere in the world.

Geetika viewed this as a chance to upend a sector of the economy that has historically been unfair to service providers in terms of compensation. The way the platform and service have been designed shows how these two separate thought processes are aligned!

Unique Factors: Craving a Distinctive Stance in EdTech

Eduk8me is a unique business model with several key factors that allows them to consolidate a fragmented industry that benefits both tutors and students. The platform has developed an artificial intelligence model to increase a tutor’s earnings by analyzing supply and demand patterns, instructor evaluations, and other aspects in nearly real-time and then recommending selling rates for their services in order to maximize their income.

Additionally, the platform offers a three-dimensional feedback loop between students, parents, and tutors that enables tutors to demonstrate their abilities in actual tutoring situations and enables the platform to match students with the best teaching partner based on their unique learning preferences.

Industrial Evolution Over the Years

Most edtech startups have concentrated on creating content and using technology as a communication and information delivery tool. By utilising technological platforms to fundamentally add value by expanding the reach, quality, and security of the learning experience for students, Eduk8me has considerably enlarged this paradigm.

Startups generally have transitioned from a relatively traditional model of adding value for the demand side (people making the purchase) through industry consolidation (think of Zomato or Practo in their early days) to adding value in the supply chain by either improving the customer experience or the purchasing decision-making process. Entrepreneurs are beginning to shift from a “conventional” value of access to customers to a deeper engagement to support the supply side (people delivering the service) in running and developing their businesses.

From a business model execution perspective, startups like Eduk8me are focusing on creating long-term sustainable value for their shareholders by concentrating on fundaments of the business by ensuring unit economics and keeping tight control on expenses and revenue targets rather than solely focusing on valuation. This pivot away from valuation for medium-term wealth generation to long-term sustainable value creation has always been a bastion of traditional businesses.

Insights on the Significance of R&D

Any technological company that wants to maintain and improve service quality and ultimately increase profitability must invest in fusing technologies. To reduce distractions during the learning process and to be able to utilise the newest technological tools to give a comprehensive learning experience, Eduk8me is investing in areas of artificial intelligence for marketplace dynamics and VR/AR technologies for virtual classrooms.

Eduk8me’s Work Culture – “Mutual Respect. Mutual Growth.”

The core principle of Eduk8me’s employee culture is “Mutual Respect. Mutual Growth.” These themes permeate all of their operational teams and guide how they interact with the clients. While the business model is designed with a sharp eye on unit performance and profitable operations, the people philosophy is instead focused on community growth, both financially and non-financially, rather than solely driven by founders’ or shareholders’ wealth generation.

The operating team and the shareholders benefit from the team’s focus on long-term viability and sustainable company operations, which also results in sustained value generation for the team. The factors above, combined with a high-energy, highownership team, give a glimpse of Eduk8me’s people centric work environment.

Painting the Future Canvas of Eduk8me

Eduk8me aims to revamp the education industry by making private tutoring services accessible at the point of “ability to pay” for all societal structures; in order to achieve this, Eduk8me will cooperate with tutors of all pay levels to expand the reach of their services throughout the globe and offer donated or subsidised learning slots for students who may find the service to be outside of their “ability to pay” range.

A continuous effort is being made to maintain a database of tutors’ contributed teaching hours and match them with students who require the assistance. In terms of technology, Eduk8me is hoping to invest in cutting-edge learning opportunities in the areas of virtual or augmented reality.

Words of Wisdom to the Budding Entrepreneurs

Perhaps the only three key factors that can help an entrepreneur achieve their goals are — Patience, Tenacity, and Gratitude. Any great vision needs to be converted to practical realities for a company to be successful. This can be a difficult undertaking that requires an entrepreneur to have the patience to explain their vision to many stakeholders several times a day so that the north star is clearly visible.

Last but not least, have a keen awareness that as a bootstrapped entity, you will need guidance and support from family and friends, which can only translate to gratitude as you start to build a business; the implementation of the business processes and technologies can take time and has its own evolution that requires perseverance on the part of the founders and stakeholders.

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