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Eleevate Overseas

Eleevate Overseas

by Mahesh Parmar, Assisting Students in Fulfilling Their Dream of Studying Abroad

A large number of Indian students today decide to pursue overseas education because of new opportunities opening up there. The rise in the number of students interested in building a global career has contributed greatly to the demand for overseas education consultants by leaps and bounds. Upon realizing the probable importance of overseas education consultants in India Mahesh Parmar took the foundation of Eleevate Overseas, an education consulting service.

The core objective of the organization was to fuel the ambitions and aspirations of students who want to pursue higher education in a foreign college/university. Today, Eleevate Overseas perfectly fits in the modern entrepreneurial ecosystem establishing the right balance, delivering efficient services, and adopting technology to enhance the user experience and ensure consistent growth.

Envisioned to become a preferred Mentor responsible for shaping lives through unbiased & honest guidance and support for overseas education, Eleevate performs as a one-stop solution for its target audience as it offers end-to-end overseas education consultancy – covering everything from counselling and consulting to documentation and departure.

The foundation of Eleevate overseas was laid about 3 years ago, but the materials to build a steady and strong structure were being perfected for over two decades. Bringing over 2 decades of extensive expertise in different industry verticals, the company’s founder and CEO, Mahesh Parmar, is the flagbearer of horizontal and vertical growth the organisation is witnessing.

Evolving since its inception, Eleevate uncommoditizes overseas education to set the highest standard in recognising students’ profiles, thereby ably guiding them to the path of their potential. Its mission is to equip aspiring students with appropriate guidance and knowledge to elevate their lives & write their own futures. Further, Mahesh Parmar apprised, We are proud to share that our student visa success ratio is one of the finest in the domain – 95%. We are helping maximum students fly to their college/universities of choice in order to realise their potential is one of the highest achievements for us.

Mahesh Parmar – Founder & CEO With excellent expertise in “Overseas Education” for the education, events & media agencies, Mahesh Parmar holds over 22 years of professional experience. He has excellent knowledge & experience needed to create opportunities for the students aspiring  to study aboard & elevate their lives. This comes from his 2 decades of professional journey. In addition, he has worked in the overseas education industry for more than 3 years now, leading to the foundation for Eleevate Overseas.

Mr. Parmar shared his thoughts on leadership, saying that it involves Setting standards of excellence, going above and beyond our expectations, and enabling others to reach their full potential. A leader at the highest level is anyone who consistently and successfully accomplishes this.

In recent years, start-ups have successfully integrated technological advancements into their operations, particularly during the COVID era. However, before the pandemic, they have already employed technology to “humanise” their services and products. R&D is inevitable, according to Mahesh. His belief is based on the following simple yet profound fact: People evolve, and their preferences are bound to change. A robust and dynamic R&D framework ensures that the company not only keeps up with the times but also gets ahead of them.

To bring uncluttering and un-commoditizing overseas education! The young nubile young minds are not just commodities to be sent to a college, university, or a country in order to make a hefty commission. Each and every one of these students is a potential game-changer in their own interests and specialisations. Their strategy, instead a spirit, is to help the students identify the Eleevate team who would recognise them as one.

The Key Driving ForceFrom the leadership to support staff, Eleevate has an open-door policy. Everyone – irrespective of their hierarchy – is available for a one-to-one. The firm has always maintained a multi-connect strategy to connect with students / families at multiple levels based on their comfort levels. The company acknowledges and appreciates cultures, ethnicities, and orientations and does not tolerate any disrespect towards either of them. It is a massive enabler in strengthening trust, pushing people to go that extra mile when they feel taken care of.

We want a maximum number of students and their parents to know about us. Specifically, the ones who want to study abroad. We would like them to know about our counselling culture and assuage their concerns about studying abroad. To this effect, we have planned to expand our reach physically and digitally, asserted Mahesh Parmar.

One of their ambitious plans is to create a comprehensive database of data and information about all international schools and institutions that is updated in real-time from students’ perspectives. This would empower the students to access information hitherto challenging to obtain.

Aiming for excellence will be more fruitful and satisfying than aiming only for success. Success is a part of excellence and not the other way around. Mahesh Parmar quoted,- “Let us be kind towards the young ones, especially the teenagers. Offer them a word of advice – in all likelihood; they would ignore it. But do share your ears and attention. That is what they need.”

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