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Climate change is the most pressing topic of our time. Its effects are global in scope and unparalleled in scale, ranging from changing weather patterns that jeopardize food production to rising sea levels that increase the risk of catastrophic flooding. Human activity has a prime influence on climate change. After 150 years of industrialization, deforestation, large-scale agriculture (factory farming), travel, and transportation, the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has reached unprecedented heights.

According to an IPCC report, these shifts are unprecedented in human history. India is one of the hotspots of climate change. The increasing heat stress, reductions in freshwater supply, soil drying, intensive tropical cyclones, and rising sea levels clearly represent the looming threat. The scenario makes decarbonization more necessary than ever. Emphasizing renewable power sources like solar can bring about a transformation.

According to a report from the Ministry of Power, India generated 150.54 GW of renewable energy in 2021, and it is currently working to meet the government’s target of 500 GW by 2030. The Govt. and startup ecosystem is collaborating to pursue these goals. However, the mission to equalize this readily accessible “green power” and drive a national impact calls for a company with the technological know-how and a track record of notable projects. Enter Vibgyor Energy, a renowned one-stop store for solar energy solutions in India.

Vibgyor was launched in 2013 to explore India’s latent solar potential. With time and devotion, it is now a leader in serving industrial, commercial, institutional, and logistical customers aggressively looking to reduce their reliance on carbon-emitting power sources. It offers an array of commercially sound solar solutions that help clients achieve deep decarbonization while maximizing their use of green energy.

Vibgyor offers its solutions on a 360-degree model. It carefully examines its clients’ energy needs and consumption habits and develops a comprehensive plan to optimize the share of green energy in the power mix. It is flexible to various client needs, from site survey to pre-feasibility study to designing and engineering, including O&M for the system’s sustainability and financing. It has well-defined in-house capabilities ranging from design, engineering, and execution for onsite (Rooftop) and offsite solar solutions. It also aids companies in properly documenting their carbon footprint and advancing along the road to carbon mitigation.

Whether a rooftop, carport, or ground-mounted solar system, Vibgyor guarantees efficiency, reasonable, and environmentally friendly solutions. Its expertise in on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid systems gives it flexibility across industries. With noteworthy clients like Coke, Pepsi, Zomato, Fortis Hospital, Sigma Auto, Bharat Seats, and others, Vibgyor is recognized by healthcare providers, hotels, FMCG, automotive, industrial chemicals, commercial centers, and educational institutions. Its excellence is driven by a strong background of executives and professionals in business development, construction, operations, finance, and analytics with a track record of serving the world’s finest utility companies.

Putting it simply, Vibgyor is dedicated to exceeding client expectations and providing only the best!

Vibgyor’s focus on need-based solutions gives it expertise in four types of solar models, namely:

  • EPC: Vibgyor offers best-in-class, unique CAPEX solar plant solutions that make the most of available space, incident sun rays, and long-term generation viability on the property. The client must invest in the project to reap its rewards over its lifespan. They can expect an annual ROI of 40% and, if qualified, can take advantage of accelerated depreciation and subsidies. Vibgyor will oversee the solar power plant’s whole O&M. Clients can also export any excess power produced through the net-metering process if permitted by state law. Vibgyor also provides a CAPEX with a financing option where customers only contribute 30 to 50% of the funding needed to commission the project.
  • OPEX/RESCO: In a nutshell, this model is the complete antithesis of the CAPEX model. In place of the client, Vibgyor invests, installs a solar power system on the client’s property, and enters into a “Pay & Use” contract with the client. This allows clients to use solar energy, making no investments while also receiving considerable savings off the current cost. They can receive from 10% to 15% of the cost of power on the state grid, depending on the plant capacity and the consumer’s credit score. The client can be granted free use of the solar plant after the minimum contract time is finished
  • SOLAR PARK: Vibgyor offers discounted power from its solar park to industrial and commercial clients. The company will make sure the client receives the agreed-upon power and will produce monthly invoices for customers. The client must invest a minimum of 7.8% under this arrangement to enjoy captive plant benefits and sign a long-term power purchase agreement to access this facility. Since an open-access solar park is unrestricted by energy supply shortages, this model also fills the energy gap.
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT: Besides providing a range of solar models, Vibgyor also monitors, manages, and controls the solar plant from the client’s site using robust, cutting-edge operation & maintenance practices for long-term ROI. This includes complete operations management, maintenance management, and even remote monitoring. Vibgyor is not only technically adept but also proactive, ensuring clients are enjoying smooth energy consumption.

The company’s quality and focus on delivering what’s promised reflect its attention to setting a benchmark. This enabled it to commission many notable projects. Two of its esteemed projects include the 4000KW rooftop project for Moon Beverages Ltd. and the 2260KW project for Varun Beverages Ltd. Vibgyor has also undertaken projects in Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, J&K, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, and New Delhi. With successful projects, Vibgyor is taking a step forward to mitigate rising electricity expenditure through advanced, dependable, cost-effective, turnkey solar energy solutions.

Although solar energy is yet to become the household energy source in India, it is still becoming the talk of the town. With an effective private-public partnership, the country is on the cusp of becoming the fastest complete adopter of solar energy. Even though this is laudable, the sector has become increasingly competitive. And walking the talk often becomes tedious for companies. But not for Vibgyor. The company has earned a reputation for delivering products of the highest caliber. Every device comes with a 20–25-year warranty, a simple installation procedure, and post-sales support. Moreover, everything they do is in-house. While it can be over the odds, the company doesn’t compromise on quality. The team also keeps the company attuned to market trends, including practices and innovations. The unfettered commitment to quality has earned it recognition from national and international bodies like USICEF and CREST.

Vibgyor has been thriving for the past seven years and has outweighed many storms and uncertainties. The business remained steadfast and on its toes throughout the height of COVID-19. Even today, it goes to every extent to excel in customer satisfaction. They do site visits, and the projects reflect the expertise they bring to the table. Given its quality, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has empaneled it under the “Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Power Plants Program.

” Vibgyor is a certified installer of high-efficiency REC modules. Its continuous strive for excellence has earned it the “Silver Award for Rooftop Project Developer 2018” at the India Rooftop Solar Congress 2018. These accomplishments undoubtedly show Vibgyor’s commitment to leading its field. But it hasn’t yet succeeded in its mission to lessen reliance on the grid by implementing sophisticated and turnkey solar energy solutions. The world is shifting toward sustainable solutions and broadscale decarbonization, and it will be interesting to witness how Vibgyor positions India at the forefront of this wave.

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