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Determined to revolutionize the AEC space with its pioneering service portfolio…

As technology continues to take different industries by storm, the construction industry has been witnessing tech advances lending a hand to its remarkable success. Technology has not only introduced ease of business but considerable innovations in the space that would alter the way the industry performs in the next 10 years. With the world syncing with new-age technologies, the business landscape also acknowledges the importance of their adoption across the construction industry.

Where many business ventures are mushrooming to mark their presence in the industry the Engineering Virtual Built Consultants Pvt. Ltd. aka ENGVB has been creating substantial value for the industry with its well-curated solutions focused on design, construction, and operation management processes. Their business model is a virtual construction platform that is directed to allow architects, design consultants, contractors, and clients to increase their visibility as well as productivity while working on any particular design and coordination of any special project.

ENG VB is the brainchild of Mr. Ahmed Rumane & Mr. Zeeshan Mubasshir who have been serial entrepreneurs. Mr. Ahmed Rumane is the first person in India who successfully completed the COBie As-Designed course under the University of Florida. COBie is basically the Construction Operations Building Information Exchange is a United States-originated specification relating to managed asset information including space and equipment.

It is closely associated with building information modeling approaches to design, construction, and management of built assets. After successfully running consulting firms as directors for about a decade, the duo decide to come together & establish ENG VB as a private limited company in 2022. Now in the organization by heading a team of seasoned engineers and a support teams in multiple domains they are today scaling the ladder of success & achieving new milestones.

Today, as a digital twin, BIM & MEP design consultancy company, has been standing shoulder-to-shoulder in this competitive industry. At present, it is headquartered in Navi Mumbai with branches in Mumbai & Middle East. As we got a chance to converse with the duo of founders, we happened to touch on various aspects of their venture that left us amazed for sure. We sincerely hope our global aficionados would find their success story equally fascinating as they come across some invaluable insights in this read!

An intro

One of the prime virtual-built Design companies, ENG VB is trying to develop integrated virtual construction models that enable clients, contractors, architects, and consultants to virtually envision the project both before and during construction. The directors and colleagues have decades of collective experience working on more than 400 projects as a group teamwWW, achieving customer satisfaction, dependability, and consistency in the caliber of the deliverables.

With more than 65 team members and more than 100 active projects, ENG VB offers value engineering to the design services and delivers projects on schedule with quality & uniqueness. Be it the associates or the engineers, they offer MEP design, spatial coordination, 3D BIM modeling (MEP, Architecture & Structure) for construction & facility management, integrated simulation studies, and visualization services. They are highly educated in local and international standards allowing them to provide ENG VB with a competitive advantage.

When it comes to mission and vision statements, creating a 360-degree integrated virtual construction world for everyone across the AEC industry while empowering the engineering space to improve beyond one’s imagination. Persistently, team ENG VB is making growth by syncing with these statements in leaps and bounds.

Evaluating impact

Despite being a start-up, ENG VB has managed to change with the times. In 2022, it enabled them to experience extraordinary growth. In barely 7 months, the business has successfully secured orders totaling more than 15 crores. Its USP of Virtual Construction Design assists large corporate clients in a variety of ways when it comes to completing challenging projects and securing recurrent business.

In a short period of time, ENG VB has established itself as one of the best companies in the AEC sector for producing thorough constructional designs that are dependable, cutting-edge, affordable, respected, and trusted. They have committed under design services of over 20 million square feet of residential, commercial, health care, and industrial projects.

They have also offered our skills to build the nation’s sophisticated infrastructure. Additionally, in the company, R&D contributes to the development of new potential for technological improvement, betterment of Project Coordination and commercial expansion. R&D plays a significant role in its organization in streamlining the system, reducing errors, and improving the process.

The differentiating factors

Not one but many traits allow ENG VB to stand out in the market such as-

• It defines its standards in engineering & builds customized designs.
• It makes unique, creative & advanced designs.
• It believes in engineering & connecting every engineer with the organization.
• It connects people from every industry through its social media.
• It makes a distinguishing mark through hard work, grit and dedication.

‘Stewardship’ cultivating a vibrant work culture

For both the co-founders, a quote from Ronald Reagan speaks the most, “The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.” And to keep in touch with this saying, they are always into acting strategically, gathering, organizing, and putting ideas into practice, sharing knowledge, and building platforms.

Improving the values, dependability, honesty, and trust in the work culture. Fostering a better working and learning environment through teamwork has always been under their radar dependable, trustworthy, modern, and efficient designs to achieving work-life balance. By giving everyone the equal opportunity and treating everyone with respect and decency, they cooperate.

They value the ideas, creativity, and concepts that engineers contribute to the development of our company. Here, ENGVB not only discusses culture but also incorporates it into daily life. Milestones and accomplishments so far.

ENGVB has come a long way in terms of success. A few of the worthy accolades include the following mentions-

• Successfully executed the MEP consultancy Services on 70 lakh square feet of BUA for BDD Redevelopment by MHADA
• It has delivered the Virtual Construction Design package for 12 lakh square feet of BUA for M/s. Vikas Developers in Kalyan
• ENG VB has been awarded prestigious Projects from top ‘bigwigs’ of India like Reliance, Tata, Shapoorji, Lodha Developers, Chandak Group, Arihant Group, Dorch India, etc.
• Over 15 Crore of Order booking in just 7 months from July 2022 to Jan 2023.
• It has developed the team strength from 25 to 65 employees in the last 7 months.
• Expanded boundaries of design consultancy to big commercials, warehouses & industrial projects.

The future endeavors

When questioned to share their future roadmap for the growth of the company, the leaders responded, “We are well recognized and utilized in the Indian AEC sector. We now have plans to engage with clients outside of India in the UK, the Middle East, and the US to create an infrastructure that is more effective and sustainable. Plans for market expansion on a global scale. Soon, we will be establishing a global, powerful network in the AEC sector.”

The signing-off note

Before putting an end to the conversation, the co-founders shared the words to be conveyed to the readers, “Develop trust via your job and with your staff. Always be open to learning new things, assimilating them, and sharing them with others. Organize your entrepreneurial path into learning, earning, and giving categories. We at ENGVB are becoming a leader in the field of virtual-built construction.

The addition of millions of square feet of BUA to our inventory demonstrates the value we uphold via our work, the confidence we have earned from our customers, and the effectiveness we demand from our workers. We’re glad to have you and encourage you to come to see our headquarters and the work we’re doing. Through our efficient method of operation, we are dedicated to providing 100% client satisfaction.”

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