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“Unexpected and unprecedented!” This was the first reaction of meeting and event planners, when the COVID-19 outbreak began. As we continue to emerge from this uncertainty and into the “new normal,” we have faced massive business volatility, numerous cancellations, rescheduling, and radical and, in some cases, irreversible shifts across Industry in the preceding 24 months. As we get ready for the next phase, we need to be better prepared at an industry level to deal with whatever may come next. This calls for Enjin Experiences Pvt. Ltd.

The firm is a tech-savvy event planning enabler that specializes in facilitating safe in-person events and experiences. Whilst safety at large events and gatherings, along with effective crowd planning and management, is an emerging science globally in the event planners’ fraternity, thus far in India, it is yet to take off as a prerequisite for large format events. Enjin Experiences positions itself as India’s first “Safe Events” platform that will offer scientific and global best practices-driven tools to the Indian events and live in-person contact industry.

The pandemic has accelerated digitization and automation like never before. And Enjin Experiences leverages the best of both. The firm operates under the Eventz Genie trademark, tasked with facilitating and creating a framework for “Safe Events during the New Normal.” The following excerpt covers the platform and dashboard tools created for this task.

Eventz Genie
is primarily for 3 types of use cases: government bodies and nodal agencies; event organizers and industry associations like FICCI and CII; and finally, individual attendees. Its initial set of offerings purposed for the “new normal times” come under 3 synergetic tools and rating categories which have been IP protected through copyrights and provisional patents:

  • District Safety Ratings (DSR): Eventz Genie’s algorithm can assist health officials, event planners, brands, and marketeers in determining if specific geographic areas are safe to re-open for events based on a statistical analysis of district-level health factors. DSR creates predictive models for present and future health and safety ratings based on real-time data from government sources and data analytics.
  • SAVE Ratings: The platform delivers a data processing and interpretation algorithm that uses real-time data analytics and modeling procedures to grade venues/locations where large format events and experiences are held and aims to reduce business uncertainties.
  • COVID Green Passes: The platform uses the government’s centralized database for real-time health and vaccination reports, allowing attendees to book tickets for safe events. It can include other personal details such as previously attended events, medical history, pre-existing conditions, and other health and societal parameters.

Eventz Genie is integrated with the brilliant COWIN API, which gives legitimate vaccination certificates to individuals to facilitate safe entry. “Cowin is the prime example of an excellent Indian digital product or service. We owe the National Digital Health Mission a great debt of gratitude for incorporating API facilitation into our solution with the Cowin API and our custom-designed tools, “says Vijay Rao Cavale, CEO of Enjin Experiences.

They launched SAVE passes for various industrial events in Jan ’22, which can be repurposed for any location/venue, such as schools, restaurants, companies, factories, markets, and even the local Sunday mass/prayer session and other religious places of worship!

Data and data analytics are the cornerstones of Eventz Genie, which enables it to deliver tailor-made solutions. The side effect of the pandemic is that in this new normal, everyone is now concerned about their health and safety, which extends to live in-person meetings. With the rise of wellness consciousness at large meetings, gatherings, and social events, Eventz Genie aims to supply and promote these safety goals through ratings and tools based on smart data and other new-age technology.

Its dashboard tools are free to view and deliver metrics at various levels. As a ready reckoner to nodal agencies, like municipal bodies, it can state whether a district is safe for gatherings and at what capacity. A business can use these as guidelines to plan future live in-person events.

Eventz Genie, however, is more than just a COVID pass. Since 2021, many countries have launched their COVID passes for movement allowance. For instance, Israel rolled out its COVID Green Pass on Apr’ 21, and a few months later, New York City launched its Excelsior Pass. From there, most European nations made it mandatory to use COVID Passes for risk mitigation in the new normal.

Even in India, Maharashtra has launched the Universal Access Pass. However, these solutions aren’t specifically purposed for events and experiences and merely contain vaccination status. This makes Eventz Genie integrated, web-enabled dashboard solution the only truly encompassing solution that aims to mitigate risk across the entire event ecosystem.

As of now, Eventz Genie is running a very attractively priced model to drive usage and adoption, and in the long run, it will introduce premium on-demand and customized services as well. Vijay explains, “We are from an industry that over the last 24 months has faced massive drawdowns in revenue.”

“The people that brought entertainment to you were left unemployed, and who knows how long it will be before industry picks up and gets back to relative normal…?” In keeping with the spirit of the “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: India @ 75” theme, this will be a free service offered to all event agencies/events with fewer than 500 attendees for the first 75 days and will be reasonably priced afterward.

Eventz Genie is the brainchild of its 3 co-founders: Vijay Rao Cavale (Co-founder & CEO), Vikram Mehta (Co-founder and CTO), and Jia Choudhary (Co-founder & CSO). All 3 of them are industry veterans, and whilst Enjin experiences is a startup, all of its co-founders are CEOs in their other existing business ventures.

The trio has created a truly futuristic solution that has attracted the government and industry alike. Global Incubation Services (GINSERV) has selected them for a 10 Lacs grant under the Central Government of India’s Startup Fund scheme.

The Department of Industries selected Enjin Experiences as one of the 150 promising Indian startups invited to participate in the India Innovation Week held in January 2022. In the coming times, they have many ambitious plans and will continuously seek to purpose data-driven tools and rating algorithms that can become the “de facto physical and pathogenic” safety standards in event management. “Deep dives into AI, ML, and deep tech will enable some of these efforts” signs of their CEO…

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