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By- Kajal Dobhal

The dynamism of the service industry has put BPOs and BPMs at the frontline of the segment. Companies of different sizes and portfolios are turning to them for help with their business demands. Amended with modern technology and practices, BPMs are becoming a popular choice for delivering exceptional results. They are no longer merely ‘Call Centers’ they work on multiple solutions, focusing on end-to-end engagements in every vertical of the industry. India is home to many popular BPMs renowned for their excellent solutions and altruistic efforts towards talent pools.

A resounding name amongst them is Eureka Outsourcing Solutions (EOS). Headquartered in the financial capital of India, EOS is a one-stop-shop for end-to-end outsourcing, digitization & automation, and consulting services, among other things.

EOS is a technologically strong BPM and digital service provider catering to every industry vertical across the globe. The Company offers a slew of bespoke solutions that scales client’s success and customer’s satisfaction. A detailed picture of their solutions is as follows:

  • Customer Lifecycle Management:
  • Outbound Services- Customer Acquisition, Lead Generation, Up-sell / Cross-sell, Customer on-boarding & on-going relationship management services, etc.
  • Inbound Services- Omni-Channel Customer Support, Escalation Handling, liasoning with back-end teams for achieving resolution, Technical Troubleshooting and Support, etc.
  • Collections and Persistency-Pre-due calling, Post-due calling comprising of early buckets, mid-buckets, etc.
  • Alternate Channel Support – Email, Web-Chat,Social Media, etc.
  • KPO and Transaction Processing activities:
  • Supply Chain Management – Tender Management, Sales Order Management, Contracts Review, Payment Collection, Invoice Processing etc.
  • Back Office processing: Scanning, Indexing, Data Entry, Mailroom Management, etc

Eureka Outsourcing Solutions believes in being ‘agile’ and ‘flexible’ and constantly endeavours to align with technological disruptions. And doing so, it has launched the Eureka Digitisation and Automation Services (eDAS). The sister outfit offers a broad spectrum of Consulting and Digital Services like CaaS (Call Center as A Service), Intelligent Quality Management System, Intelligent Knowledge Management System, HR Onboarding Solution, RPA for Dashboard Automation, IDP (Intelligent Document Processing), Mobile Access Solution, Voice bot, Chat bot, Email bot among others. The technological prowess marks its distinct factor, and with differentiated services, it commits to helping companies find a credible route to success

  • Digital Services Suite by eDAS:
  • “VAANI” – An Omni-channel contact center solution, which is highly ‘User friendly’ in nature, with ability to empower contact center agents through ‘Performance and Quality Dashboards’
  • Intelligent QMS – Immense capability to provide a single, holistic approach to quality management, with objective of boosting overall operational throughput, inevitably resulting in improved NPS.
  • Intelligent Knowledge Management System – Interactive Learning platform, capable of being deployed ‘On Cloud’ as well as ‘On Premise’, aimed at transforming from the conventional instructor-based training methodology and to have an increased learner engagement
  • Digital On-boarding Solution – This solution has been designed with the aim of overcoming the shortcomings of the conventional HR On-boarding process like physical documentation formalities, etc
  • IDP – This solution is designed for smartly automating workflows, especially for dealing with unstructured text as, it comes with capability for processing documents in platform-agnostic and format-agnostic environment, etc.
  • Human Capital Outsourcing Services.
  • Talent Pool Sourcing, On-boarding, Payroll & Exit Management.
  • RPA and Business Intelligence tools for maximizing automation: Deployments for re-structuring business workflows, more specifically for dealing with new-age technology environment through use of AI-based services.

The Company works with 60+ Marquee clients across verticals in 12 eminent languages handling 65+ Million transactions annually. Evolving for nearly two decades, it has amassed a robust workforce of 10,000+ personnel from various technical domains. The healthy mix of multiple segments gives it nearly 260 man-years of experience. Eureka Outsourcing Solutions is driven by values of Customer-centricity, Quality-driven growth, Global reach & Innovations. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and value-added business model, the Company has been constantly expanding its footprints. It has 10 delivery centers strategically located in India along with its office in US.

Eureka Outsourcing Solutions commenced operations in 2003, and its meteoric rise accounts for the efforts of its leaders. A principal member in its upper echelon is Abhinav Arora, CEO. He is also the mastermind behind the launch and success of eDAS and is the Digital Arm of EOS. Abhinav joined EOS in 2014 as a Senior Vice President and has since progressed through the ranks. Nonetheless, he commands nearly two decades of leadership experience with proven expertise in handling multiple responsibilities, especially in domestic and international BPOs across various geographical locations.

As a prime leader, he has seen the transformation in ‘Outsourcing Services’, from a naïve stage to ushering into the Internet era. He has witnessed the rise of popular telecom providers, the paradigm shift caused by 3G/4G, the development of Digital Platforms and Fin-techs with IoT and latest being WFH which has emerged during the latest pandemic. The dramatic transformations has strengthen his conviction of India becoming a hotbed for outsourcing, conforming to its inherent strengths. This will be advocated by a rich talent pool, technological upgrades and untapped markets with rich potential.

Moreover, the pandemic presented an extremely accelerating opportunity by driving a paradigm shift through technology, allowing outsourcing to evolving and be delivered under the ‘New Normal.’ Enlightened and inspired, he determinately pursued the vision for a next-gen bpm ecosystem, resulting in the birth of eDAS. He had a clear objective, to drive value-addition through a partnership approach with clients across diverse industry verticals.

eDAS has been responsible for generating employment for 3,000 aspiring individuals across select Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India. Abhinav has also instrumented end-to-end efforts over the last seven years, amounting to the growth of Eureka Outsourcing Solutions. He is a visionary with excellent business acumen and capable of delving into the ‘New Age’ technology disruption brought on by AI.

Built upon innovative infrastructures and disruptive practices, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions is one of the Top Domestic BPMs in the nation. However, it still faces a lot of competition from established and high-functioning peers with a global presence. Moreover, the competition within the nation can’t be neglected. Outsourcing continues to be an exceptionally competitive space in India. And with transformations, the competition is only picking the pace. Of course, this is alarming, but it doesn’t stop EOS from charging towards its goal.

To grow and build, it focuses on creating a favourable and progressive environment for its talent pool. “We want them to understand that Eureka Outsourcing Solutions is their platform for growth as leaders with a sense of driving quality from the very beginning,” adds the CEO. Focusing on the talent pool, it strives to create a ‘Robust Governance Framework’ by merging people and process-driven approaches. The framework will foster the required flexibility and accountability to each individual, maturing them for new responsibilities.

The talent pool advocates a significant value to the underlying ‘Customer Centricity’. This includes driving cost management – in a way – that the overall market value increases, bringing in the value that stakeholders look for. The customer-centric model enables it to work with Fortune 500 and blue-chip clients across various industry verticals like Banking & Financial Services, Insurance & Healthcare, Automotive, Fin-Tech, Broking & Distribution, Manufacturing, Consumer Durable and Retail. Abhinav proudly conveys this as a collaborative effort of every individual on board. Providing strong emphasis on a governance structure has created a highly conducive atmosphere where employees can keep growing.

The service industry anchors a lot of transformations from multiple spheres, thereby forcing companies to rethink their strategies from time to time. And being a part of it, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions  is not left behind. There is certainly a lot of traction of influencing factors, but nothing distracts it from building a progressive trajectory. Eureka Outsourcing Solutions constantly evaluates its solutions to ensure it attributes to requirement of clients as well as the end consumer.

The prudence lies in taking an informed decision about whether to develop a specific solution in-house or to leverage on solution(s) that can be availed through collaborations and alliance partners that are on-boarded from time to time. The decision is made in light of budgeted costs, future scalability factors, cost-benefit analysis viz-a-viz alternative options, and so on.

The constant underlying evaluation has helped EOS create faster, smarter and more affordable solutions. “We strive to do more with less”, remarks Abhinav. Over the years, it has created several case studies that illustrate its overall efficiency. It has developed an ‘Intelligent Voice Response’ model for a renowned Healthcare Company. The Company was struggling in managing, centralizing and consolidating “Customer Service” across multiple platforms. EOS’s platform helped it significantly cut down the cost of servicing a customer.

In another case, EOS assisted an online brokerage firm experiencing significant cost pressure despite having a growing client base. EOS designed a durable and creative product with appropriate security measures in collaboration with partners, resulting in significant cost savings for the Client. The instances demonstrate EOS’s efficacy and ability to tailor the exact requirement of clients.

As previously said, EOS constantly nurtures its talent pool because it is people who drive excellence and boosts overall efficiency. In that light, departmental leaders nurture individual skills from time to time – This is backed by counselling sessions, focusing beyond their domains. Every leader serves as a mentor, assisting individuals in leading a balanced lifestyle while implementing a well-planned career path. Lastly, a robust ‘Performance Management System’ is implemented to identify best individual performers as well as teams. The system further helps in channelizing efforts to motivate individuals and teams to achieve better results.

Ultimately, all of these efforts integrate to create a ‘sense of ownership and open culture. Teams and individuals are taught to amend to newer operating procedures, which helps them overcome the areas of improvement emerging during exit interviews. The mentoring and guidance assists in creating an accelerated career path that empowers the inherent strengths each individual carries.

BPOs are one of the highest employment generators, which presents it as a charitable segment. Having a presence in the industry for around 18 years, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions has structured a robust and sizeable workforce, including people of distinct expertise. Overall it’s a ‘Moral Philanthropy’ which comes by default in every action and strategy. Following EOS route, eDAS also empowers cultural values, such as ‘People First’, ‘Value Creation’, ‘Global Reach’, ‘Customer Centricity’, ‘Seamless Quality’, ‘Technology’ and ‘Collaboration’. A constant focus on these values motivates workers to strive for betterment and pushes the Company to new heights.

COVID-19 was no match for EOS! Housed with talents seasoned in International BPMs where ‘Work-from-Home’ is a common phenomenon, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions swiftly shifted its operations to a remote model. To ensure ‘Seamless Business Continuity, it leveraged domain-specific collaborations to complete all mission-critical assignments, within permissible threshold timelines. With time, the ‘New Normal’ ecosystem was further strengthened – to drive necessary adaptability amongst the employees, such that every individual brings their utmost potential to work.

“With the pandemic, it has become extremely important to provide an “Adaptable Culture”, which can help individuals maintain a work-life balance, and the success mantra for any organization to excel”, says Abhinav. Now, as things are becoming normal, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions has implemented a blended environment WFH and WFO to further emphasize an overall ‘Improved Quality of Life’.

Since its inception, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions has concentrated and adopted a customer-first approach for constant evolution. On that notion, it constantly strives to create a ‘Happy Customer’ ecosystem across verticals, for better ROI, higher accuracy and reduced manpower dependency, such that there is enhanced scope for additional opportunities through re-skilling the talent pool for staying relevant in this era of disruption. And that they can be deployed in other core functions of the client’s organization.

On the other hand, the Company has a knack for developing ‘Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow’ from different functions within the organization. It offers flexibility and encourages accountability so that, employees work in a progressive direction and become confident enough to take up the baton of ‘Aspiring Leaders’.

Furthermore, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions also invests time and resources in structuring startups. This is a fundamental guiding principle as it promises a win-win to every stakeholder, including investors, clients, employees, and the society at large. Put simply, Eureka Outsourcing Solutions is an exceptionally dynamic company whose efficiency excels the boundaries of business. “Our approach in bringing about higher efficiency and optimization at all levels, makes us preferred partners for our clients, in the context of the service offerings that we bring to the table”, states Abhinav proudly.

The Company’s efforts to optimize the satisfaction of its stakeholders hasn’t gone unrecognized. In the last four years, it has won several prestigious accolades, namely:

  • “Company of the Year for Outsourcing & Service Excellence” – Customer Excellence Summit & Awards 2019
  • “25 Most Promising Global Outsourcing Companies” – Silicon India in the Year 2016
  • “Fastest Growing Outsourcing Company of The Year” – Asia Outsourcing Congress & Awards 2015-16
  • ‘’COO of the Year’’ – The Stars of the Industry Group2016
  • “India’s Most Promising Leader” award for the Year 2020 – WCRCINT

Celebrating its achievements and the addressable growth, EOS seeks to foster the growth of startups while parallelly invigorating its resources. Abhinav believes it is the responsibility of every Business Leader to ensure a “Level Playing” field for nurturing an technopreneurial ecosystem. He concludes saying, “Creating a progressive ecosphere inevitably requires constant efforts to be undertaken at various forums with the objective of bridging the gap between Private Organizations and the Statutory Framework/Government Policies”

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