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Stephen Covey has well asserted, “What you do has a far greater impact than what you say.” These lines suit well on our today’s star of the show Mohammad Afaq Khan, Founder, and Director of EVC Global. Mr. Khan is one of those passionate business leaders who dig their feet in the business world with great passion and impactful business models.

The team of Business Connect has always been ravenous to be a part of the success journey of outstanding ventures out there. And this dedication of our team landed us on the portfolio of EVC Global Pvt. Ltd., a brand name in the charging stations for EVs. In present times, the number of electric vehicles is increasing at a great pace and so is the need of charging them. Keeping this need in mind, the tremendous team of EVC is operating in the respective domain and is soon going to be a well-established and prime name in the domain of Automotive.

Our editorial team had the opportunity to arrange a virtual coffee session with Mr. Khan and to give our brains some food for thought. The visionary leader shared numerous unknown and interesting facts about the company and his journey so far in the industry. He also shared a few valuable nuggets for the budding entrepreneurs out there, who are aspiring to be like him in coming years.

We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will not only boost your morale but will also encourage you to break the boundaries and chase your dreams. In the year 2019, EVC kicked off its journey as a tech-solution provider with the prime aim to be a part of the ‘Make in India’ program of the GOI.

The ultimate vision to participate in the ‘Go Green’ and ‘Clean Environment’ projects encouraged Mr. Khan to perform detailed research and analysis of the market and its future opportunities. With his excellent team and utmost dedication to the business realm, Mr. khan utilized his plethora of knowledge and experience and introduced charging station services supported by the mobile application.

At present, the EVC team is climbing the growth ladder with an exception plan to install 10K charging stations across the country and worldwide. In this context, Mr. Khan affirms, “We are seeking angel funding of USD 1 million to begin the journey with fast DC charging stations for quick fuelling service for the vehicles. Our prime target is to install one lakh EV chargers by 2028.

The fact that EV Global rapid chargers are most dynamic and have advanced features and are the most suitable for Indian weather and conditions, make the company an even better choice than any other service provider out there. India’s commercial EV revolution is evident as there will be around 20 lakh EVs on the road and to charge them we require at least 4 lakh chargers in India by 2028, according to estimates. And we have about 34,000 EV charging stations listed on our app and have the capability to show stations within a radius of 20 km from one’s position on a live basis.”

The company is on the road to becoming a unicorn in the coming future and is all ready to set new standards in the respective domain. In present times. More than 24 countries all around the world, including the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, and India are satisfactorily using the service of the EVC.

“You can’t always be the most talented in the room, but you can be the most competitive.” Standing still in the cut-throat competitive market is a lot difficult for any business venture. But the dedication and passion for the business and customer satisfaction are two major elements that hold the ship in the ocean. The EVC team has an exclusive and exceptional approach to handling the competition in their respective realm.

Intending to provide optimal and customized services to the clientele, the company poses a team of excellent talent that helps the organization scale the success ladder. They perform a detailed SWOT analysis along with a competitive analysis that helps the members understand the needs of transformation and also guides them to create solutions accordingly.

Some of the major reasons the company is heading forward to be recognized as a unicorn in the startup world realm are:

  • It advocates large scale EV adoptions in India
  • It is developing the ecosystem by installing DC rapid charging stations throughout the country.
  • It is backed by a mobile app to locate all the nearby chargers with utmost efficiency and time-saving manner.
  • It is directly supporting the target of the Government of India to launch 30% EVs on road by the year 2030.

Our curious team was highly impressed by Mr. Khan’s style to see everything around him with a futuristic approach Hence, we ended up asking him which are the three prime business sectors that are going to boom shortly and his views on them as an experienced leader. He asserted,

“If the pandemic becomes endemic and will keep continuing, then people are definitely going to be more alert and aware for the health and wellness. So the healthcare industry would be on the top of the list of booming sectors in the coming decade. Leading by the healthcare realm, the industry of essential goods will certainly be on the second rank because no matter how to worsen the situation, we cannot comprise on our essential needs.

And we know that the government’s approach is fully towards cutting down the use of diesel and petrol cars by the year 2030. Hence, if everything goes well enough, the industry related to EVs will surely grow. So, we at EVC are fully equipped by our future goals and action plans based on this future opportunity.”

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