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Event U Rox

Event U Rox, Crafting a Niche by Making Your Events the Talk of the Town

“It is very important to have good backend support because we don’t just do an event and finish it off, we create experiences for our clients and that experience is what counts”,

Mr. Nithin Nagaraja, Group Business Head, Event U Rox

The present scenario for events today is just the right illustration of how transition works in the industry. It is filled with eye-catching innovations, enthusiastic creative heads and instagrammable moments.

The whole concept of making the guests or attendees of any kind engage in activities and give them a chance to gain momentary popularity is spreading like jungle fire. But on the basics, it always will remain about originality, crafting the best experience and not about formulating blueprints that eventually just remain on papers.

Now that being said, established in 2011, Mr. Nithin Nagaraja, CEO, placed the stepping stone for Event U Rox with organizing birthday parties, of course, organizing being the most pivotal part till date, they have expanded. They started to plan corporate events by the end of the same year. And today the corporate event share stands at a staggering 90% in comparison to all the other events that they do.

Though they proudly boast of tapping more than 30 active clients, till 2014-15 they were struggling as a startup. Mr. Nithin, with respect to the client and gaining their confidence, faced a lot of exertion in convincing them. He believed in incorporating quality and standards, he never took up the event just for the sake of business.

Originally Event U Rox started when he was in college, as a club that organized events. Later after finishing his MBA, he started this company with the same name and today they are associated with big names like TCS, Airbus, Oracle, Walmart and more.

Business Connect: Like you mentioned your phase of struggle, what were they?

Mr. Nithin: Professionally, our industry faces huge competition. Competition in terms that there are companies that quote really less and maintain really low standards. We do not believe in compromising with the standards and we charge accordingly, we ensure that we provide the best and it is a win-win situation for both the parties.

Then there is a lot of demotivation that you have to face, you give length presentations to clients, they might not like it and pick someone else over you. A lot of people feel that the event industry is a gala in itself, what they don’t realize is what happens behind the scenes. The amount of planning, ideation, and implementation it takes is a lot.

Business Connect: Do you believe in healthy competition?

Mr. Nithin: Yes, I do, I believe competition and parity in competition, both are necessary if there is no competition we will saturate to monopoly. And if monopoly comes into the picture we will be at the lack of choices and at some point learning will end.

Today if we lose onto a client, we go back to our workplaces and discuss where did we go wrong and come back with better ideas, but if there was no competition, we would not get better, because there would be no rejection.

Business Connect: How smoothly do you believe you have infused technology?

Mr. Nithin: It is very important to understand technology and the changing trends in the market. We have to keep ourselves updated. We have to keep technologically updated all the time, given the kind of field we are in.

All your corporate clients will expect you to be updated with the latest technology at hand because when we are conduction live conferences or visual mapping, it has to be with the best internet connections and trained technicians to handle it.

Business Connect: Do you ever face difficulty in remaining relevant to the market?

Mr. Nithin: In the present scenario I feel, whatever events that I am conduction, it is out of sheer passion. I am not looking through the aspects of competition or relevance honestly.

There aren’t any strict targets to follow either, I just ensure that no matter how many shows I am taking care of, I have to give my best. I ensure that the client entrusts their faith in me in regard to the quality of the work and for the fact that they receive everything that we promised them.

Business Connect: Why would a client come to you and not go to someone else, what are you providing different?

Mr. Nithin: What way we are different from our competitors is that we come up with concepts that are unmatched. We boast of a really proficient creative team with brilliant designers backing them. We curate the whole theme, the complete concept based on the client’s expectations and event. And when we create a concept for a client, we make sure that concept is restricted to only that client and not repeated with some other.

It is very important to have good backend support because we don’t just do an event and finish it off, we create experiences for our clients and that experience is what counts. 

Business Connect: How important do you feel is R&D for your company?

Mr. Nithin: 200%, it is necessary. R&D is absolutely important, I would say because we are not just putting sound, light, LED etc. all the time. Whenever we have time off the events we ensure there are would be a dedicated team who are only taking care of the research part.

They keep a track of what is trending in the market, what new concepts and bends have been introduced. From the biggest of technology changes to the smallest of things like ‘photo booths’, they are updating themselves on everything. And all this is necessary because the client is smart, they are updated about things, they will demand the latest trends and it is best to know about them beforehand for the best of the experience.

Business Connect: Do you feel transformations have happened since you started as an entrepreneur?

Mr. Nithin: Transformations have happened at quite an impactful scale. When we started, the process of communication was quite dawdling, but today the technology has advanced in altogether a different level. The reach to a larger mass is comparatively far easier with digital media incorporating the picture, there are hi-tech solutions now like augmented/virtual reality, social media and more.

Today the process of hiring and building a team has become so easy because of the virtual presence, it saves time and money both. Today, with the whole online presence of anything to everything, the toiling has reduced and the competition has amplified.

Business Connect: What part of your success do you credit to your coworkers?

Mr. Nithin: I will first give the credit to my family because they were immensely supportive and understanding. Second is my team, the kind of team I have, I can’t thank them enough for standing by me and the decisions I take. They play a major role because without the team there would be no leader. Third the vendors and the clients, both play a crucial role for me. The business comes from the clients and the execution of products come from vendors.

Business Connect: Are you involved in any CSR activities?

Mr. Nithin: Yes, we are involved in a couple of CSR activities. During the time of Christmas or at the time of anniversary in March, we provide food to the needy. For this anniversary we have planned to adopt two kids, ensuring their basic necessities and education. We bring kids (differently abled) from NGOs to perform at our events so that whosoever is interested can connect with them and make their donations. We serve as a healthy platform for them as well.

Post the increased digitization of India and the growing market, the industry for events has been booming at a rapid rate and sees no halt any time soon. The mature population has been exposed to a completely new technologically advanced world of making memories and customizing them at their fancy and a certain well deserved cost.

So the exploitation of the idea is obvious and harmless, so why not, and there are planners like Event U Rox at the large to make your day special with your favorite theme to add, there’s nothing else better sounding than that.

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