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Everything You Need To Know About Storing Solar Energy And Its Benefits

Everything You Need To Know About Storing Solar Energy And Its Benefits 

In the last few years, with the cost of Fossil fuel along with the protest to go green erupting all over the world, people are looking for a sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective way to get energy. With people Learning more about this beneficial energy, the demand for grid solar systems and batteries are getting an unprecedented appraisal from people; as the demands for these systems are getting bigger, the number of lithium battery manufacturer and solar panel manufacturer is also increasing.

Now, you must be wondering how one stores solar energy and what the benefits are storing solar energy offers. In that case, you are at the right place. This article will vent into these subjects to give you an elaborative insight that will convince you to opt for utilizing solar energy. So, keep reading this article to find out the benefits you can gain from storing solar energy and how to store them.

How Can You Store Solar Energy?

When it comes to storing solar energy for sustainable usage, the methods of storing energy can be divided into three main categories. They are,

  • Thermal
  • Battery
  • Mechanical

Here is a short description of these methods and how they differ. 

Thermal Storage

Thermal, as the name suggests itself, is a storage method that uses water and salt that is molten to absorb the heat of the sun. Later these heated mediums are kept stored in an insulating medium until the time when the energy is needed. The energy stored in these mediums is obtained by heating the content of the medium.

Battery Storage

There are various batteries available to store the energy acquired from the sun. However, one significant and widely used battery is the lithium battery which is reliable and extremely easy. In a battery, the solar energy captured by the on grid solar system is transferred into the battery. The chemical in the battery starts to react as soon as the energies are transferred into the battery to keep it stored for several days. Using batteries to store energy is a straightforward and sophisticated method.

Mechanical Storage

Mechanical storage utilizes the advantages that they gain from the potential energy of an alternative objective to generate the energy. It converts the electrical power into mechanical power that is again changed into electrical power to use later. Here are the three different mechanical storage systems. They are,

  • Flywheel
  • Pumped Hydro
  • Compressed Air

Benefits Of Storing Solar Energy

The benefits of storing solar energy are many. Here are a few significant benefits that you gain from storing solar energy.

  • You can use the stored energy in the future whenever the need arises
  • It allows consistent power supply in a household even during an electrical power outage


By now, you might have gotten the idea about how you can store solar energy using different methods and the benefits you will be getting from them. In this time of enormous environmental problems and issues related to limited energy resources, it will be wise for you to switch to sustainable energy resources like millions are doing.

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