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Flex Office Model: Embracing The New Hybrid Work Model 

Be it a start-up, a freelancer, an entrepreneur, or a business owner, everyone in the new normal is cautious in choosing an office space for their organization. Some businesses do embrace working from home but the rest prefer bringing back employees permanently to work from the office. Either way, the option of returning back to the office has given them a chance to raise a different perspective. For instance, some organizations may decide to take remote working forward and downsize their physical office space, while others may be more flexible in considering a hybrid approach—where employees may work from the office on a rotating basis.

So, no matter what the scenario is, the work-from-home setup and now hybrid situation has made workers feel lonely and isolated to an extent. Freelancers and entrepreneurs feel disengaged while working from home, (as there’s no connection with like-minded people), but also don’t want to spend most of their time in offices. Hence, the flex office model comes as a blessing in disguise by providing numerous advantages to employees, like job satisfaction, improved employee retention, a boost in productivity, and increased flexibility. Let’s explore more on it:

What is a flex office model?

A flex office model is an organizational model that builds workspaces according to the worker’s needs. It’s a flexible model for both companies and employees. In offices that follow a flex model, employees can work wherever they want, regardless of being assigned to a particular workstation. They get a chance to choose a third space, apart from the company’s headquarters and the employee’s home. This space is also known as the ‘satellite office’, which balances employees’ personal and professional life. 

Not only flex spaces but coworking spaces also fit well when we talk about flexibility, as they offer shared amenities to professionals working in them. From building a strong community to manifesting official goals, they take your business to the next level. A good example of such a fully functional, flexible, and furnished office space is Zioks, where people have the freedom to meet like-minded freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses instead of being restricted. 

Do flex office models benefit companies?

According to Gallup, 29% of millennials are only the ones that have good work engagement. Why? This is because traditional offices majorly calculate costs that exceed their annual income, so they struggle to keep up with essential consumables like electricity, water, and even more every month. In this regard, it’s quite evident that taking care of employees may not be the priority of the organization. So, transitioning from traditional offices to coworking spaces by following the flex office model can benefit companies by saving costs, sharing amenities, and encouraging flexibility. As these spaces have excellent services and amenities for their customers, they can at least keep their costs for official supplies sorted.

How are companies building the flex office model for their employees?

01. By working on employee feedback

Although remote working has been a success after the pandemic, many companies are still wanting to get back to the physical office. This is where the major disconnect happens. Studies show that few employees are readily looking out for a job change just because there’s no remote work in their current companies. Whereas, 46% of employees are planning to work from a different location because they have the benefit of working remotely. 

Coworking spaces are flexible to encourage personal growth for their customers with better collaboration and motivation. This brings out the urge to take action on employees’ feedback so that it helps companies retain talent and build a strong future for the organization. In short, companies can do wonders by just being observant and listening to their employees. 

02. By looking for creative office designs

Exceptional thinking can lead to creativity. The new hybrid work model optimizes employers to look for innovative spaces that offer flexible opportunities for their businesses. Eliminating the office space that’s unused and experimenting with ingenious concepts like the flex office model, in a way that employees can socialize in the office but work majorly at home, improves efficiency and initiates the excitement to visit the office whenever needed. 

Coworking spaces like The Mosaic in Mumbai that works with a vision to create an environment nurturing freelancers, independent thinkers, and entrepreneurs. Spaces like these provide the right example for innovations, where a simple work environment turns into an activity-based space. 

03. By improving management strategies

Reforming leadership concepts play a major role in improving management strategies. Companies that have gained benefits during the pandemic have definitely had a connection. They focused on employee motivation and made essential changes within the management to grow a strong workforce. Also, the leaders made up their minds to share ideas and work on employee feedback till today (as the new hybrid work model encourages them to). They take flexibility as an opportunity and not a risk.

In summary, the Flex Office Model is a game-changer that allows organizations to embrace the new hybrid work model and reap the benefits of both remote and office-based work. It is a powerful tool that aligns with the changing needs and expectations of the workforce while promoting collaboration, flexibility, and a sense of community. By embracing this model, organizations can navigate the future of work with confidence and create a workplace that empowers and supports their employees in achieving their best work.

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