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Fluid Controls Private Limited

Fluid Controls Private Limited

Fluid Controls: A name resonating with high quality and consistency in the instrumentation space…

Marking decades of grand success based on its innovative streak, Fluid Controls® has etched an outstanding reputation for itself. Being sought as one of the most innovative companies in engineering connections, it has been designing and delivering highquality, high-performance instrumentation products like connectors and adaptors for tubes and hoses, valves, manifolds, and support accessories.

Though the organization was already scaling greater heights, its growth multiplied manifolds, and the Company has achieved many milestones under the leadership of Dr Tansen Chaudhari, the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Fluid Controls Private Limited We happened to get the chance to sit down for an exclusive interview with Dr Tansen who walked us through the length and breadth of the business portfolio of the company and its spectacular legacy that created a spur in the industry.

As we conversed with him, we were absolutely amazed by his visionary approach to guiding business operations and his industry acumen. And we sincerely hope that this narrative would prove to be an informative read to our global aficionados too.

The company summary

To scale the pinnacle of excellence and growth, Fluid Controls® intensely focused on the People-Process-Product cycle. The founder of Fluid ControlsPrivate Limited, Dr. Y.E. Moochhala, attained his Ph.D. from Northwestern University in the United States and incorporated the venture with a mission to provide high-quality, high-performing products which delight customers.

Since he had a strong belief in an independent India, Dr. Y. E. Moochhala, quit his ‘high-heeled’ profession in the US and founded Fluid Controls Private Limited in 1974. His idea was to develop high-quality, highperformance products to suit local prototype climatic and performance expectations. Later, his legacy has been carried forward by his daughter Ms. Sophie Moochhala, and built on by Dr. Tansen Chaudhari, the Chief Executive Officer of Fluid Controls®.

Fluid Controls® offers customers a complete range of high-performance, instrumentation products – connectors and adaptors for tubes and hoses, valves, manifolds, DIN pipe clamps, and SAE flanges. They also provide close coupled / prefabricated instrument hook-ups, high-pressure needle valves, gas valves for turbine applications, block and bleed valves and O2 clean fittings for pharma and biotech applications.

Their products ensure precision connections that are designed based on specific application requirements and perform to international standards. Fluid Controls® has recently introduced a range of services – including design & engineering services, testing services, on-site installation services and prefabricated assemblies. The institution is a premier supplier to onshore and off-shore oil & gas installations, process and power plants, the defense industry, critical applications for nuclear plants, and brake piping applications for rail and metro.

The product portfolio offered by Fluid Controls® is approved by all major Indian OEMs such as ONGC, IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, NTPC, BHEL, NPCIL and railway OEMs. Its international clientage belongs to North America, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

The trajectory at a glance

Dr Tansen joined Fluid Controls® in 2011 as an employee, where he has evolved as a stakeholder over a period of time. With the help of the devoted staff, he has grown Fluid Controls® by 10 times over the last 12 years. Many of the lessons Dr Tansen learned from his previous stints with organizations like GE Global Research and experiences in Research & Development, Enterprise Sales and General Management were put into practice by him while being associated with Fluid Controls®.

He has 5 US Patents to his credit and has been published in many international journals. He is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and DFSS Black Belt. While talking about initial challenges at Fluid Controls® he commented, “In the initial year or two, developing new products with existing people and other allied resources like software, testing machines, etc. was one of the challenges he faced. As the turn-around in products and business happened, he along with his team was able to focus on building capabilities – the right people along with robust processes.

Product design and development with performance testing is an inspiration to the business which is in line with the Fluid Controls® vision statement as well,” he stated further. Since 2011, he has contributed to the development of more than 25 new products in the Fluid Controls Product Portfolio. “With the use of our connectors, our valued clients could be confident that their connections will be precise, operate to international standards, and be suited for a particular purpose.

Recently, Fluid Controls® launched several services, including design and engineering, testing, on-site installation, and pre-fabricated assemblies. We have become one of the leading providers of onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities, power and process plants, essential nuclear plant applications, and braking pipes for rail and metro systems. Therefore, a majority of the eminent Indian OEMs have approved our portfolio,” enunciated Dr Tansen.

Where R&D creates a difference…

Since its inception in 1974, Fluid Controls® has participated in ceaseless research and development processes and has a policy of developing products that are domestic alternatives to imported products. They surpass client expectations with cutting-edge production facilities, a DSIR-recognized in-house research and development center, and test labs approved by NABL. Its state-of-the-art R&D facility is situated in Chakan, Pune.

Through the use of latest software like SolidWorks and Ansys, the Fluid Controls® R&D team offers design services and conversion engineering, including 3D modeling, FEA, and prototyping. To fully comprehend the requirements of their clients, the adept team of engineers works closely with the clients to understand their specific requirements and develop effective solutions for them.

For all pressure, vibration, and reliability testing, the Fluid Controls R&D Center is equipped with an NABL-accredited (ISO17025) Performance Testing and Metrology Labs. They also conduct Spectro, PMI, and UT testing. Their laboratory was also used by the Defense Department to conduct pressure and burst test for Hard Bomb Shells. Fluid Controls® is certified for AS9100, and NADCAP (Fluid Distribution Systems in Aerospace Applications).

Addressing the versatility of their products and growing demands, the leader conveyed, “Our products cover a wide range of industries, including oil & gas, power, energy, rail and metro., etc. True, the aforementioned sectors are expanding more rapidly, and their requirements are also becoming more diverse. So, there is unquestionably a high demand for these goods. Hence, it is expected that designs would be optimized to suit numerous global standards like ASTM, DIN, etc. and R&D would play an indispensable part in this direction.”

What gives them a leading edge?

An unwavering commitment to innovation is the USP put forth by Fluid Controls®. The team is inspired by the ethos of product design and development with performance testing. Owing to their R&D strength and DSIR approval, they are constantly researching new developments in the respective field and their primary research ensures that they are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve.

Fluid Controls® is always focused and has invested heavily in New Product development and testing. Since 2011, we have produced more than 25 new products, which is very much in keeping with the company’s goal statement. Fluid Controls® intellectual property also includes two US patents, two Indian patents, and several reputed journal papers. This does support its attempts to provide customers with original and cutting-edge solutions,” explained the CEO.

In view of this, the organization has thoughtfully invested in the inclusion of tech advancements thriving across the world. Their primary goal is to provide a system solution, from design to installation (DTI). Customers would be able to save time, resources, and energy by consolidating their requirements. The establishment also strives to collaborate closely with the customer to maximize the dependability of the innovative solution deliverance.

Product customization

Fluid Controls® never skips a step when it comes to product customization. The company finds inspiration in product design and development with performance testing, which is also consistent with its vision statement. Using the most recent software, the Fluid Controls® R&D team can effortlessly customize connectors and products to meet client needs.

Their engineers collaborate extensively with customers to fully comprehend their needs and provide solutions that are suitable for them. All product customization undergoes design validation, laboratory prototype testing, and field testing for performance and dependability. For all pressure, vibration, and reliability testing, the Fluid Controls® has in-house NABL Accredited (ISO17025) Performance Testing and Metrology Labs.

Every product made by Fluid Controls® is created from the ground up and verified using VDV and finite element analysis. The most latest international and domestic product performance certifications are held by the Company, that speaks about their highest standards. To enhance customer satisfaction, Fluid Controls® provides clients with comprehensive material traceability and has implemented a company strategy of continual development.

The work culture

The top management at the organization has ensured to uphold an entrepreneurial culture in it. Under general guidelines, each team member manages their work independently. It is encouraged to delegate responsibilities and address issues and opportunities in new ways. They encourage all of their staff to pursue higher education. Also, as part of its organizational strategy, they make sure that staff members attend conferences and other events so they can stay informed about recent advancements and career prospects.

The perception of success

When we asked Dr Tansen about his perception of success, he described it as multi-facet word. Building a brand that clients trust and enjoy is what he considers professional success to be. The goal is to create a motivated, creative, and high-performing team at the organizational level. “Because integrity is a key value for us, customers do trust us – but building trust is a process and we have to work with them to demonstrate our capabilities.

The management always cultivates open communication with staff and customers and contributes to Fluid Controls’ growth expansion. A successful brand is created by working on multiple facets of the business portfolio, and the Fluid Controls® team has certainly lived up to it,” affirmed him.

Feathers in the cap

Fluid Controls’ journey has been nothing short of phenomenal since day one of its functioning. A number of technology and innovation awards, including the 2019 CII Industrial Innovation Award for Medium Scale Manufacturing Organization and recognition as one of the Top 50 Innovative Companies of the Year 2021 and 2022, have been given to the company under Dr. Tansen’s leadership.

The company has also experienced impressive growth that has drawn the attention of several publications and media houses to it. Under Dr. Tansen’s direction, Fluid Controls® crossed several significant milestones, such as:

• An unconventional facility spread over 2.5 acres with an in-house laboratory.
• Recognition by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research as an “In-House R&D Unit”.
• NABL Certification (ISO/IEC 17025:2017) for in-house Performance Testing and Metrology Laboratories for all pressure, vibration, and reliability tests.
• System Certification for International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) for Rail Application (ISO/ TS 22163:2017) for Rail & Metro Business.
• AS9100 and NADAP Certifications for Fluid Distribution Systems in Aerospace applications.
• Establishment of a qualified, high-caliber team at the core of the company and a recognized brand within and outside India through coordinated marketing, branding, and customer outreach activities.
• Over 25 new products developed since 2011 two Global patents including USA and 2 Indian patents.
• Exclusive Award for Innovation in Underframe Components & Engineering in Braking Systems at Rail Analysis Innovation & Excellence Summit 2023.
• Recognized as Top 50 Innovative companies of the year 2022 at CII Industrial Innovation Awards 2022.
• Performance Excellence Award 2022” by Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering.
• Best Industry Partner 2021 and 2022 by VIIT Pune.
• National Winner for Quality Innovation Award by the Indian Society of Quality 2021.
• Most Innovative Product by Emerging Enterprise at BW Emerging Business Awards 2021.
• India’s 5000 Best MSME Award for Quality Excellence 2020.
• Excellence in Technical Innovation by ISA Maharashtra Section at PPA Meet 2020.

Diving into CSR

Dr. Tansen has led Fluid Controls’ CSR projects at the forefront and collaborated with several organizations to assist their efforts to improve the community. The Fluid Controls’ CSR actions extensively promote education projects. They have provided various organizations with multi-year assistance, including Snehwan, Universe Simplified, and UGAM to name a few. All of these organizations deal with children’s education, helping them to get essential resources to grow.

The organisation’s altruistic vision says, “For Society, By Society, To Society”. Moreover, the mission that fuels his CSR activities is quoted as, “Together We Connect and Create”. Quite
commendable indeed!

Words of wisdom by the ‘chieftain’

“What gets measured is done! So be focused. Keep faith in yourself. Hard work is the only key to success. Do not opt for shortcuts. Effort and luck have to be together to be successful- we do not control luck, so we must control our efforts! Spirituality helps bind us to the floor. Sound Health is a MUST for hard work. Keep connected to everyone, networking is the key. Neither underestimate nor overestimate yourself. Integrity is everything!”

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