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Helps global companies set up a successful business in India

Foreign Direct Investment is regarded as the most significant factor in the country’s economic development. This, however, is contingent on the country’s political stability, which includes the absence of conflict, the Indian government’s durability, credibility, and successful decision-making, both of which influence the country’s growth. Given these conditions, India is now regarded as one of the world’s largest economies, owing to its sound economic policy and easy access to international markets, which facilitates doing business in India.

There has been a lot of discussion around multinational corporations’ plans to shift their heavily intertwined supply chains from China to India. India sees this as an opportunity, but it would take a lot of hard work on the ground to reap the gains of all such moves. The government has implemented various reforms aimed at improving the ease of doing business in India.

Since 2014, the Indian government has implemented a number of successful reforms to make it easier to start a company in India, as well as a smooth forum to develop a business-friendly atmosphere for international investors looking to invest in the Indian market. Also, GAC Consultants has been constantly helping Indian startups and businesses raise capital and take them global Such impressive efforts can be seen from the beginning of a market to cross-border trade and defending minority investors.

To entice more foreign companies to move to India from China, India has promised a robust and reliable regulatory regime as well as incentives, especially in high-tech areas. The government’s efforts to increase the ease of doing business have paid off, with the nation jumping 12 places in the World Bank’s latest ranking.

According to the World Bank survey, India is one of the countries that has made the most progress, capturing the government’s initiative in a separate section, noting that the country has reduced the time it takes to for a company in India and has generally streamlined the overall process of starting a new business in India. In that context, we need to go hand in hand with the government policies to support and promote global companies coming to India to set up their business.

GAC Consultants came up with the idea to help international SME understand India better. The motive & motivation is of ‘atithi devo bhava’ to showcase India in the right light to the world.

“India as a country has a large market to offer to the world. India is complex for outsiders. So international businesses requires professional trustworthy friends who can guide them to understand Indian soil better. We help Global SME Set up-Scale-Sustain” says Mr. Amandeep Singh, CEO at GAC Consultants.

GAC Consultants is an organization with 100 + years of combined experience of top management professionals who have achieved big in their respective fields over the past several years working with fortune 500 and billion-dollar firms. GAC Consultants offers global SME entering into India its services ranging between setting-up-scaling up and sustaining.

“We understand India’s complexities and guide clients to solve the Rubix cube of profitable and sustainable businesses in India,” adds Mr. Sriram Kavikondala-chief mentor and advisor,

The difference and value GAC Consultants bring to the table is in the Indianize approach, helping companies find their India fit while following the global best practices and having a core focus on creating IP for them

“We Typically adopt clients’ businesses and make them ours while acting as GIG management until they are comfortable in India,” explains Mr. KMS Sreenivas-Chief Advisor and GAC

In the coming years, the team wants to have a better understanding of the startup ecosystem in India. They are keen to become angel investors and incubating early-stage startups.

“We see ourselves working hand in hand with Global SMEs keen on exploring Indian markets. We will be acting as an advisory to them. Hand holding them to understand India better.” feels the CEO. He adds,

“In 5 Years we see ourselves as an organization known for its honesty to deliver Indianised consulting solutions to Global players and helping young Indian companies to be globe ready and to participate in the global supply chain.”

The CEO highly credits the role of mentoring in the success of his company. He explains “We strongly believe mentorship is of primary objective and it leads start-up firms to stay relevant and aligned to larger goals. Being around mentors helps us stay motivated and always inspired. Need analysis helps us achieve innovative offerings and product enhancements.”

The Indian government has been making a pitch for a greater share of global manufacturing targeting foreign investment in fields as diverse as defense, infrastructure, and space, and promising to implement significant systemic reforms to make India easier to do business. As a new age of diplomatic tensions between the US and China makes Western businesses wary of their reliance on the world’s second-largest economy, India is moving to make the nation the center of the global supply chain, enticing foreign corporations to set up manufacturing facilities in the region.

It’s a huge opportunity for every citizen to support the initiative and the efforts in making India a self-reliant nation. Efforts made by GAC consultants in building a factor of trust in the Indian market and creating an atmosphere where the global companies can successfully thrive is really commendable.

Mr. Amandeep signs off with a message on how his company helps global companies
“GAC Consultants will help you set up your company and provide support services to help you accomplish your goals. We will assist you in starting your investment journey in India. We ensure that you get the best out of your foreign investment in India thanks to our expertise and skills. International businesses and foreign investors seeking to start or grow their businesses in India can rely on us for all of their needs. ”

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