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Global Day of Parents 2022

Global Day of Parents 2022

How to celebrate, theme, history & significance

Global Day of Parents is generally held on 1st June across the globe since 2012- the year the U.N. General Assembly declared it for the first time. The day honours the selfless and endless love and effort of parents towards their children. The day is to recognise and appreciate all the sacrifices the parents do to shape their children’s lives. Our parents go through all the sufferings fearlessly to protect us from the odds and harshness of life.

Being naïve and young we hardly recognise the difficulties our parents face daily to make our childhood happy, comfortable and enjoyable. They become the shield for us and protect our innocence. When we grow and enter into the adult world, we have to face many challenges and take crucial decisions about our career, social and personal lives. They stand with us in every difficult situation and become our guiding light. While struggling with our own challenges, we often forget that our parents are also getting through their days and may feel lonely if we are not around.

The day reminds us to take out a day to reflect on our parent’s eternal commitment towards us. This is the day to stand by them and thank them for their support through thick and thin, and further nurture the priceless and unconditional bond of them with us.

2022’s Global Day of Parents

1st June is the day when we celebrate this day every year. However, this year we are going to celebrate it on the 26th of July in India. In 2019, the theme for the day was “Honour Your Parents” which was a resolution to honour parents all over the world and promote the stability of family life globally. This also signifies their role in building us and our life as we become independent.

This year -2022- the theme for Global Day of Parents is “Family Awareness”. Family awareness is crucial for our mental and physical well-being. Getting to know about each member of the family and their health will make us aware when they need us, when we can be there for them for their mental, emotional or physical support. Being there for one another, helping each other in the time of need is the main purpose of a family. And the fact is no less true in any part of the world. This well thought theme aims to sensitise families across the world and aims to achieve betterment of mental and physical health of each member of the family.

How to Celebrate Global Day of Parents

People celebrate this day privately and publicly across the globe. First, we honour our parents with heartfelt regards. Children, whether grown up or young, can bring gifts for their parents. They can also make some surprising gifts or cook for them. As it is Parents’ Day, children should ensure that they spend the whole day with them, by spending quality time and making pleasant memories. They can get engaged with their parents in activities which exhilarate them.

Families love to indulge in picnics, parties and outings. They can revisit those picnic sites where they had pleasant times in the past. By getting together they can throw a get-together family party and recollect old happy memories. The day offers a wonderful opportunity for children to show their gratitude and love they have for their parents and return that pamperedness which they used to receive in their childhood from them.

Usually, schools hold Parents’ Day celebrations in the premises and they invite parents of the students in the school. They conduct several activities such as fun contests, games, and art exhibitions to display students’ creations on this day. They give sweet treats and create many inclusive fun activities where parents can also participate along with their children. The day is special and parents can be felt loved and regarded through grand gestures or by the simplest of efforts on this day. It reinforces and sweetens further the harmony of the parent-child relationship.

History of the This Day

The UN General Assembly declared Global Parents Day in 2012 with the resolution to honour parents throughout the world. The day asserts the importance of parenting in everyday world. The foundation of the day was established in 1994 as it was felt that the society is turning more and more self-centred. Consequently, then US President Bill Clinton signed a congressional resolution for Parents Day to promote family commitment and parental responsibility.

The Unification Church supported the idea and the bill was introduced in the senate. Then, the National Parents Day Coalition was formed to support this day annually across the globe. The coalition states that educational programs that aims towards encouraging the family stability, are provided for parents The different countries celebrate the day on different dates, like the USA on 4th Sunday of July, South Korea on 8th May.

Significance of Global Day of Parents

The Global Day of Parents highlights parenting and parent child bonds which are the foundation stone of a healthy society and eventually a healthy nation. The day reflects the significance of honouring one’s parents. It highlights parents’ endless efforts towards the children and their dedication as well as sacrifices for their younger ones. It brings attention towards healthy and responsible parenting.

It also helps to focus on our family’s mental and physical well-being, nudges us to reach out to family members and provide them support and help whenever they need for the betterment of not only the family but entire society. The day brings out the ways and measures to cover generational gaps and provide emotional support to one another. The day works like a reminder for the people who are busy in modern lifestyle and proves helpful in connecting them with their family more deeply.

Highlights of the Global Parents Day

  • It is celebrated on 1stJune in most countries across the world.
  • It reminds us that family is not only our life long support system but also a source of unconditional love as well.
  • The day goes beyond celebrating parenthood and acknowledges the tough and critical situations that parents go through while raising the next generation of citizens.
  • The day gives the opportunity to children to express their love and gratitude towards their parents.
  • The day enhances the importance of being in touch with one’s family and being aware of their mental and physical health for the betterment of it.
  • The day was established by US president Bill Clinton in 1994.
  • People celebrate in public as well as in private. However, usually it is celebrated in schools.
  • Parents- our primary caregivers- have devoted their entire lives to make our life better, the day urges us to appreciate and celebrate their love.

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