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Your path to recovery is easier and inexpensive

“Our health professionals have personally treated thousands of patients, and now, in this new technological era, we have developed digital goods for high-quality health-care solutions.” Miss Pinal Viramgama – founder Healthweg Digital Therapeutics

In the pandemic era, the idea of a service provider is evolving across the board, and healthcare is no different. Young generations are increasingly turning to internet consultations as well for medical advice, as opposed to only visiting a pharmacist.

Without a question, the cheaper prices of high-speed internet and extensive connectivity made possible by smartphone users have eliminated geographical limitations for patients seeking medical care. For essential medical advice or regular medical requirements, they may now chat to a specialized doctor online via healthcare applications. Patients may now view their healthcare records instantaneously, rather without having to wait in long lines at consultation rooms.

The growth in virtual consultation might also be linked to the hectic schedules in the working lives, as well as urban logistical risks that prohibit them from seeing a healthcare specialist in person. Most people seek medical assistance for diabetes, obesity, sexual problems, pain control, diet management, psychotherapy, skincare, recurring viral infections, and weight control, among other things. Healthweg provides you personalized plan to help people deal with lifestyle diseases and chronic conditions with help of digital health platform.

“Currently we are providing curative personalized programs and consultation to people to deal with chronic health conditions like diabetes , pcos , obesity etc .. & also providing consultation for physiotherapy, diet management, lifestyle counseling and for various rehabilitations.” says Dr Moxa Painter, lead physiotherapist & co founder.

Since its start, Healthweg has strived to provide an unrivaled level of service. Their professional experts provide outstanding services to a variety of healthcare establishments. Doctors, Technicians, Consultants, Biomedical Scientists, and Marketing professionals are part of the skilled team.

The founder adds, “Our diverse team combines unique concepts with cutting-edge technology to get better and faster results by developing daily personalized treatment routines for complete recovery.”

The startup collaborates with medical institutions to achieve sustainability that lowers costs and simplifies operations.

“Our aim is to partner with around 50 hospitals/clinics for providing postdiagnostic personalized DTx plans to their patients for post-diagnostic treatment routines “ quotes Dr Ashwini

Vora, senior program leader at healthweg. The Startup strives for quality, which has allowed it to become one of ‘s finest medical advisors. By providing comprehensive healthcare consulting services under one roof, the team strives to create a standard in the market.

The founder adds, “ When it comes to health, go with the finest not just for consultation but also for postdiagnostic treatment. This is necessary for total healing and the elimination of lifestyle illnesses. Choosing the best and most appropriate treatment programs can make your road to recovery much easier and more inexpensive.”

Healthcare is a fast changing business, with regulatory pressures and customer expectations changing on a daily basis, thus adding to the industry’s complexity. To deal with these difficulties, Healthweg’s team of professionals collaborate across the value chain to deliver a high-quality healthcare consulting solution. Says Pinal viramgama
“During the pandemic, a new age in healthcare opened up, allowing for advancements in digital technologies. It’s a chance to influence evolution. People are now more open to using health-tech services. This is a shift for the better, and it will address many health problems more quickly and easily than ever before.”

Pinal asserts that in the journey of care or management of any health issues, after doctor’s consultations various levels of interventions like physiotherapy, daily nutritional intakes and certain changes in lifestyle are always needed.

She explains, “ We keep challenging the ongoing systems to come up with the best solutions that work in practice as well as on paper. Since inception, this fundamental idea has been and continues to be our passion.

The Lead Nutritionist, Garima Mukhija shares how critically the startup relies on creativity and innovation. She explains,

“ We put innovations at the core of every endeavor, which is critical in today’s world of rapid change. As a result, Healthweg Digital Therapeutics provides a one-of-a-kind balance of advice, technology, and innovation to its customers.”

Healthweg Digital Therapeutics with their health tech platform ( website and online app ) always serves you with both preventative and curative treatment. The team assists people in the rehabilitation of illnesses such as Pcos, obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases. They design home care treatment plans to enhance your health and make rehabilitation simple, effective, and cost-efficient. The specialists do all of these by collaborating to create a customized strategy that provides a unique experience.

“ We analyze root causes and build personalized plans for you to manage and cure your lifestyle disease and make rehabilitation easy & effective.” says the founder- Pinal Viramgama.

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