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BS Group

BS Group

Company that specializes in Digital Marketing, Web Designing,
Software Development, and Mobile Applications

“ It is our job as a strategic partner to respond swiftly to market trends and developments, whether it be new technology, regulatory changes, or something much greater like COVID-19. Not only must we be aware of the changes, but we must also be able to rethink objectives and assist customers in adapting so that they may enhance their effectiveness.” Mr. Bhavesh Singla- Founder and CEO – B.S Group.

BS Group was founded with the intention of providing specialized services in the fields of Digital Marketing, Graphic Designing, and Web Designing. The clients’ gratitude and support have inspired the team to focus on extending their operations into the sectors of Software Development, Mobile Application Development, and the Entertainment business.

The slogan of BS Group is ‘Perfection is Tradition.’

“ At BS Group, we work hard to achieve perfection in all we do for our clients. We have professionals in every field that provide specialized customized services based on the client’s demands. Our packages are priced such that even the tyros in business may afford them.” says the Founder and CEO – Mr. Bhavesh Singla.

BS Group firmly believes in creating a personal connection with clients and making them feel like they are a part of the BS family.

The founder shares an inspiring journey of starting the BS group and how he overcame the odds and emerged as a winner.

“ Following my graduation, I was offered a position at a prestigious business with a salary package over 5 lakhs. Everyone was overjoyed, and my relatives said, “Ab toh life set hai.” My start date was supposed to be May 1st, but it kept being pushed back due to Covid-19. In the middle of May, I had the idea of starting something new.

I have always wanted to be my own boss. Couldn’t accept the corporate culture where someone else decides what is important for me, when I should take leave and where I need to justify my every step. Fortunately, I was able to combine my passions with a company concept, and on May 31, 2019, my brainchild was born. For approximately three months, I worked solely on its planning and documentation, as well as how to proceed forward. I asked Anushka Agarwal, a junior in college, to oversee the content department and collaborate with me on future planning.

When Rehana Khan and Khushbu Kumari were appointed as Human Resource Managers, it was a defining moment. They were the best the BS Group could have gotten. They took over HR, RECRUITMENT, and other divisions, allowing Anushka to focus on content and me to concentrate on the administrative side. We were able to gain new clients since everything was simplified.

We are progressing as a group today, and watching BS Group succeed today brings tears to my eyes. There have been months when we made no money and when we had no new clients. The team, on the other hand, was there for me.”

Workplace culture is something that the BS Group team believes is critical to the company’s success. The cornerstones of our work environment, according to the owner, are flexible work hours for employees, a balanced workload, paid leaves, proper respect for all team members, and respect for the mental situations and circumstances.

“ We have an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding in the company. 99% of our employees are women.”

There’s something very interesting that the founder shares talking about the qualities of his employees.

“ Every candidate that we hire should possess the quality of ‘Jugaad.’ It comes in handy during any crisis. Our employees should have the basic etiquettes. We do not discriminate if he/she is an amateur as long as the candidate is eager to learn something new. Our employees stand high on perseverance and are excellent team players.”

Appreciation plays a vital role in boosting up the morale of a hard-working employee. Considering this fact, BS Group has a culture of appreciating employees for all the efforts they put in by sending gift hampers every month to top performers.

Going forward the team looks ahead in stepping in diverse sectors. Bhavesh steers,

“ We aim at expanding into diverse sectors and in various industries. Curating personalized services at minimal costs with utmost perfection is how we strive towards attaining this dream. We plan on Expanding BS Group’s reach by diving into various industries like IT- App development and software development, entertainment industry, clothing, and merchandising industry, and education domain.

“ My ambition is to become the first Bhavesh Singla. In the next five years, I envision myself progressing toward being more like the people I like and who inspire me. Every day, I put forth a lot of effort to get closer to my goal. I envision BS Group as a firm that encourages newcomers to embark on hard positions while also offering a source of income.”

Mentors are the guiding lights of life. Without them, we are directionless and probably would remain unaware of our potential. The founder shares his gratefulness towards everyone who has been the wind beneath his wings.

“ I proudly call myself the son of Mr. Sanjay Singla and Ms. Puja Singla. Without my dad’s support, I could not have achieved even a single milestone in my career. He was always there for me, always guiding me by giving examples of his own experiences. He never really stopped me to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Whenever I was under pressure or was facing losses in the business, he was ready to support me both morally and financially.”

“My mother always made sure that I don’t skip my meals and was someone who would always ask if I needed any help from her. My little brother (Kanav) sometimes helped me with some important decisions. My Family celebrated my every little achievement and supported me during my bad times. When others did not believe me, when everyone thought that starting my startup by leaving my job was a bad idea, my family was there with me. I am grateful to Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce for providing me with the kick-start that I needed in my career. The lectures were more than just professors and the various associations and events allowed connecting with a wide variety of people.”

So you think you’ve got what it takes to start your own business? The founder shares some inspiring thoughts for every young entrepreneur looking to build a successful career.

“ It is a journey that I have just recently begun. I have a lot more countries to visit and people to meet. However, based on my current understanding and business experience, I would like to emphasize two important things that might help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

  • Take chances and trust in yourself. When your legs shake for the first time, don’t give up. This is only the start.
  • Dreams come true when people work together. This is the golden guideline to remember. Take care of your team, respect your teammates, and your dream will be taken care of by them.”

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