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Sanjiv Bajaj’s Bio

Born                                  2 November 1969

Occupation                      Businessman, Philanthropist, investor, Chairman MD of Bajaj Finserv

Nationality                       Indian

Title                                   Chairman and managing director of Bajaj Finserv

Spouse                              Shefali Bajaj

Education                         The University of Pune, University of Warwick, Harvard University

Bajaj Finserv                    Formed in April 2007

Bajaj Finserv, a leading financial services company in India, has gained a competitive edge in the consumer lending market by being an early mover in the industry. The company’s interest-free EMI model, also known as its small ticket model, has been highly successful in the Indian market. This innovative approach has enabled Bajaj Finserv to capture a large customer base and establish a strong brand reputation in the industry.

Under the leadership of its Managing Director, Sanjiv Bajaj, Bajaj Finserv has focused on sustainable profitability and innovation to transform itself into a financial powerhouse. Sanjiv’s strategic vision and entrepreneurial spirit have been instrumental in expanding the company’s business verticals and diversifying its offerings to cater to a wider range of customer needs.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and convenience, Bajaj Finserv has leveraged technology and digital platforms to enhance its service delivery and streamline its operations. The company’s customer-centric approach, coupled with its commitment to ethical business practices, has helped it build long-term relationships with its customers and stakeholders.

Sanjiv Bajaj’s  History

Sanjiv Bajaj was born on 2 November 1969 in a Bajaj family. He is the grandson of Jamnalal Bajaj (Founder of Bajaj Business) and the younger son of Rahul Bajaj. Sanjiv first completed his schooling in a catholic convent school and then pursued his further education in mechanical engineering at the University of Pune and did his master’s degree from the University of Warwick, and from Harvard Business school he completed his degree in management.

In the year 1994 he first started his career with Bajaj auto as heading of finance, Sanjiv introduced American – style supply chain management thereby using general motors as a model and in the same year, he served Bajaj Auto as the non-executive director. In 2007 when Bajaj Auto separated Sanjiv took a place of managing director of Bajaj Finserv and also played many additional roles in the insurance and Finance sector of the same company.

The Rise of Sanjiv Bajaj

In 2008 when Rahul Bajaj left the company then Sanjiv Bajaj took over the position as BFS’ s managing director and at that time he was only on financial services of the Company and today, BFS operates as the financial services holding company of the group, and holds stakes in three key businesses their named are the non- banking finance company, Bajaj Finance Ltd, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance and Bajaj Allianz life Insurance.

BFS approach is seen when financial services firm was scouting the landscape in silicon valley to know the ecosystem and finding the opportunity to partner with some fintech companies is the proof of BFS’s moves towards success. The idea that differentiate BFS companies from rest is a single minded focus on sustainable profitability with innovation.

Marketers loved the strategies of BFS which sharply grew with a compound growth rate of 29% over the five years. After that Bajaj becomes managing director of Bajaj Holdings and investments and guide the company which has $1 billion in cash and investments.  The Bajaj family is ranked 19th on the 2015 Forbes India rich list with a total net worth of  $ 4.4 billion estimate of September 2015 and now BFS holding as the financial services of the year 2018-2019.

He becomes the deputy chairman of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) later on in the year 2022- 2023 he took the charge as the president of CII and in the present he is the chairman and managing director of Bajaj Finserv and recently on may 2022 he is reappointed as managing director for five years.


Bajaj is awarded by so many awards in which some of their famous recognised awards in the year 2017 he got transformational leader award at the Asian centre’s leadership and in the same he was awarded as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year Award. In 2018 he got Economic times awards for fulfilling the position of Business leader of the year and in 2019 he was awarded the title of Entrepreneurs of the year and on that occasion he got All India Management Association managing India Awards and also got Banker of the year award in 2019 for Financial express.

Bajaj’s way of doing work

Transparency and fairness with the customers is the main thing that Baja did and that makes their customers rely upon them completely for their financial needs and supplements. Bajaj said that the market can go up or down but we need to remain transparent with the customers and always have to explain things to the customers so that they can easily make any financial decision with no fear of loss.

He always had a vision in his mind and to achieve that he always stuck to his way and majorly focused on values, transparency and ethics. Bajaj once said innovation is at the heart of how the group thinks now it has been eight years since Sanjiv Bajaj handles the charge of the financial services business. This company in 2006 had a goal to build the best financial services company in India and so by adopting different methodology and also works on technology, distribution, innovation, differentiation and with the hard work the company became what they wanted.

Bajaj Finserv is known as the darling of investors because of that extra effort they put in their work by combining a sharp focus on sustainable profitability with innovation which led Sanjiv Bajaj to create a financial powerhouse that straddles multiple business lines. Bajaj always aims to think beyond size and their group originated in a way that they had a single-minded focus on innovation, excellence and profits. Sanjiv Bajaj has a great leadership quality that is based on growth mind-set and not on fixed mind-set.

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