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The Best Time Of The Day To Workout

The Best Time Of The Day To Workout

To become fit you have to do exercise  on a regular basis. But to do exercise which is the best time of the day is the most searched question nowadays as everyone wishes to have a slim body and charming face in exchange of the input as workout they give. This topic is debatable as per many researches and according to science morning exercise provides you the widest range of benefits.

Exercise was introduced in –                        Around 600 BC

Father of Exercise –                                       Jack LaLanne

First kind of Exercise –                                  Yoga

King of exercise –                                           The Squat

To understand this concept of morning exercise, we have to dive a little into scientific studies which say that on an empty stomach it becomes easy to burn more stored fat in comparison to a filled stomach and also, the body has more flexibility and tendency to do work out that make it ideal for weight loss. In today’s world people are becoming very health conscious as their lifestyle brings many health issues with weight gain so to overcome that problem  people are shifting them to a healthy lifestyle, focusing on losing weight and burning fat.

Many researchers also suggested it is easier to stick to healthy habits that are completed in the morning routine. Exercise is not only meant for losing body weight but it also brings stress free life for you, improving your heart health, or improving your stamina, resilience, alertness and endurance.

But to maintain consistency it gets a little tougher for job people as they are busy with their office schedule they have to manage exercise routines according to their work and it becomes a task for them to complete both in a routine way. Some days you attend the gym early in the morning before the start of the day and on the other days you can make time for workout in the evening. That time plays an important role in the efficacy of exercise. So most people prefer to do exercise when it best fits in their schedule.

How does the time of the day impacts on exercise

To answer this you have to first be aware of your body that it changes throughout the day. Your body follows a unique rhythm called the ‘circadian rhythm’ . The maximum body functions including metabolism rate, body temperature, sleep pattern all depend on the circadian cycle and this influences your body as you exercise.

So, exercising in the morning, afternoon and evening all has its own bundle of benefits and every person’s body has a different response for it like the things that work for you may not work for others. Let’s have a look at different schedules and their advantages and disadvantages which will help you to analyse your best time. The fact is that you get the best result when you do it consistently without taking a week break just because fitness is a long term process.

Exercising early in the morning

Early Morning exercise is beneficial in most ways as it helps you to burn more fat. You are fasting throughout the night and because of that your body is starved of fats. The body starts to cut reserved fat to get energy from that as muscles have little sugar at that time. So, the one whose focus is to lose weight and to cut down fat then morning exercise helps you in that purpose.

Your digestive system also started to work properly by the result of which you relieved your stomach. It also starts your metabolism which remains elevated throughout the day. Make you more productive as you can do your work wisely and more consciously. Morning exercise boosts your mood throughout the day, makes you optimistic with full of energy and brings new creative thoughts in your mind and also helps to get rid of anxiety and negative feeling that is the obstacle in your life success graph.


It takes a little longer to warm up your body as the body wants to remain in rest for sometime. The effect you want to see in your performance isn’t at its peak . You might be running on low fuel and have to push your body and mind for the workout to get the proper result.

Exercising in the afternoon

This is the time of the day when your body’s cortisol and adrenaline level is high as you have enough energy to spare because you are just after a meal. In the afternoon the body supports vigorous exercise and is capable of doing high fuel burning related exercise. If you’re looking for strength training them this would be the perfect time for that purpose. But it also comes with a little bad as it triggers the secretion of hormones such as serotonin and endorphins responsible for happiness and which relieve stress and stimulate happy feelings.


You may have to take a break from your work schedule, which is kind of impossible. If you’re going to do work out during lunch break time then it is not always enough that you can complete 60 minutes of target. If you are a housewife or caretaker of home then you are unable to make time for exercise in the afternoon when the demand for lunch and nap is at its fullest.

Exercising in the evening

Evening exercise means after your meal and the whole day’s work when your body needs rest, if you decide to do exercise it will help you relax all your aching muscles. You don’t have to struggle for sleep and be able to get a satisfying sleep.


In the evening it may not be as safe to do work out. The whole day’s work and thoughts may distract you to keep in consistent exercise. Body doesn’t feel that much energetic So it can be lazy to work out.

Firstly, you have to understand your body’s requirements and needs based on that you can decide your best time to go for exercise.

The Conclusion

If you had to choose the best time for your exercise then morning would be better. As early exercise supports your body biologically and psychologically leading to better results and better hold over the entire day time.

Doing exercise before a meal in the morning is a good choice as it gives more energy to do more work out as metabolism and hormones also supports the body to cut stored fat in comparison to after meal is the time when you feel lazy to walk. But the best time is the time whenever it works for you.

Tip-  It becomes easy for you to do exercise if everyday you set an alarm and try to achieve your goal.

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