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How to score full marks in the class 8 CBSE exam

How to score full marks in the class 8 CBSE exam


Exams administered by schools serve as a stepping stone in everyone’s career paths. 8th standard is regarded as a pivotal year because students learn a lot of things. In terms of various courses, the school curriculum is quite distinctive. At this point, students must also decide if they want to pursue a career in Commerce, Science or Arts. It is critical to achieving good grades in Class 8 to jump-start a student’s chance to a better future. To be able to self-study adequately during their exams, students must focus in class and understand all subjects being taught in the class.

Create a schedule

A routine is established when a person creates and follows a schedule. This helps in the growth of discipline and the easy flow of studying. Which in turn reduces the stress and anxiety of not knowing what to do every day. A timetable that is designed to accustom a student’s daily activities to a balance of both productivity and enough rest will help set tangible goals every day and keep track of all the topics that are being studied. A timetable should cover all aspects of their daily routine, from the time they wake up to when they go to bed, showing which topics they must study on which days and at what times.

Give importance to complex subjects

If students have trouble solving math problems or comprehending scientific concepts, they should focus on these subjects first, rather than the subjects that come naturally to them. It will give them enough time before their exams to crack the complex concepts and better understand them. It will boost their confidence as they realise that the difficult ones have already been figured out.

Practice previous year’ question papers

Students should practice enough questions from old question papers and new solved papers to achieve full marks in their CBSE exams. This will assist them in gaining an understanding of the exam difficulty level as well as the topics they can expect to see on their question paper during their exams. Solving papers will also give them an idea of how one question can be asked in multiple ways to confuse the students. Getting used to more and more questions will improve their chances of passing their CBSE exams with flying colours.

Refer to the suitable study material

These students must use the appropriate study materials to comprehend and learn the concepts. NCERT books have long been regarded as the best study material for all CBSE students in all classes, including the 11th and 12th board exams. They are entirely based on the CBSE board’s curriculum and are highly informative and easy to comprehend. Instead of relying on several notes and different textbooks, students can pick up an NCERT book and study to get full marks in their exams.

These books can also be used to practise with the example question paper and problems included in them. See: NCERT Books Class 8 Maths

Rely on self-study

To get full marks on their exams, a critical rule that all students should follow is to never rely solely on what they learned in school. Their schedule should clearly state when they will be studying outside of school hours. Self-study is critical, especially if they want to improve their knowledge and understanding of topics. However, for this to be successful, they must ensure that they understand and follow the instructions of their class teachers and pay attention in class and when asked to take notes.

Clear doubts

This leads to the next step, which is to clear their doubts. While concentrating in class, students should clarify their doubts with their teachers as soon as possible rather than ignoring them or deferring them to another day. Even the tiniest doubts tend to derail a student’s study session at the last minute or during the revision period just a few days before their exam. As a result, rather than waiting until the last minute to clear their doubts, they must do so right away.

Revision period

This one month, just before exams begin, will be the most crucial of all—the period of revision. All students need to do is review the topics they have already studied and revise daily throughout the month. Most teachers advise students to avoid looking at or learning new concepts during this month and instead concentrate on the ones they have already studied. Given the circumstances, this is partially true, as attempting to learn more unique concepts may disrupt previously studied topics. Instead, they can review the topics they have already studied and be ready to go, as the qualitative approach is more important than quantitative.

Rest well

Finally, students must get enough sleep to stay healthy and keep their minds sharp when studying. This will allow them to remain focused and reduce the stress they experience during rush hour. It is critical to maintaining a student’s motivation and determination throughout the curriculum. A healthy and motivated mind is well equipped to assist a student in scoring full marks by writing intelligent, long answers and properly managing their time. Their schedule should be unbiased in terms of proper sleeping and break times.

In conclusion, when it comes to exam preparation, the essential factor is to work hard. Students who want to make a real difference in their lives should work hard and follow these steps to get full marks on their exams. Always keep in mind that intellectual labour is always preferable to donkey labour. Following a proper timetable that balances study and rest and sticking to it day in and day out not only gives students a head start but also allows them to keep track of the topics they’ve already covered.

Having proper study material is also very important. Instead of looking at different sources of notes one can just look for an NCERT book which is completely based on the CBSE syllabus and is highly informative. Solving all the practise questions and learning the whole book line by line will surely help students with scoring great marks


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