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Hridhayam Heart Clinic

Hridhayam Heart Clinic

Dr GVP Rao, the Celebrated Medical Doctor Spearheading Hridhayam Heart Clinic with a Vision to Enhance Heartcare

DR. GVP RAO, a Renowned & Celebrated Medical Doctor Specializes in Cardiology and Philanthropist, lives by leading the reputed 2018 founded heart hospital, Hridhayam Heart Clinic. The genesis of Hridhayam was rooted with a vision to provide comprehensive heart treatment services.

Currently appointed as the Senior Consultant Cardiologist from India, Dr Rao is one of India’s biggest prides and is associated with National and International Medical Bodies. He is highly qualified in his field and studied at reputed medical institutes in India and abroad. He is a specialist in Interventional, Heart Failure, and Rehabilitation. After working in several parts of India and abroad for 15 plus years, he is presently serving heart and diabetes patients in the Nasik city of Maharashtra.

“Reaching out to treat people was what my heart desired. I wanted to reach out and help people in rural India who have no access to basic healthcare facilities. Many faces financial problems and cannot afford the financial burden of expensive medical bills. I built a team of medical assistants and doctors, and we traveled throughout rural India. We conduct free health checkup camps and spread awareness by organizing seminars and lectures,” shares Dr. Rao.

The successful journey officially began when GVP Rao graduated with a Gold Medal from MR Medical College, Gulbarga, and attempted two DNB fellowships in Medicine and Cardiology from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, and Madras Medical Mission, Chennai. Then, he has finished his Ph.D. In Cardiology from New Age International University, Italy. He is furthermore a Member of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) and a Member of the Cardiological Society of India.

In his 15 years of practice in this profession, Dr Rao has treated thousands of patients, conducted more than 10 thousand angiographies and thousands of angioplasties, and worked in different countries including India, UAE, UK, and Italy. He has taken part in numerous International Conferences like ACC, the European Society of Cardiology, the World Federation of Cardiac Imaging, and the Clinical Cardiology and Cardiological Society of India.

Hence, after working with many reputed institutes in India like SUT Hospitals, Trivandrum; Madras Medical Medical Mission, Madras; Century Hospitals, Kerala; Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru; Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai; Gangaram Hospitals, New Delhi, presently he is concentrating on Heart Failure and Cardiac Rehabilitation.

Although he has seen a fair share of his rollercoaster ride, he decided to work as a Consultant at NMH Heart Care Center, Niphad; Kasliwal Super Speciality Hospital, Nashik; Star care Hospital, Nashik Road; Dhanwantari Multispeciality, Heart Care Center, and Hridhayam Heart Clinic, Nashik.

We cannot trust lives in the hands of anyone, but Dr. GVP Rao isn’t just “anyone.” He’s the specialist who adds life to failing hearts, not just as a doctor but also as a compassionate person who connects with patients and their families on a human level. And, he is the kind of doctor that every ailing person needs in times of health problems. DR. GVP RAO Medical Doctor Specializes in Cardiology and Philanthropist

Dr Rao is most famous for his immediate diagnosis of health problems and regaling patients with love and care. He always desired to serve poor and impoverished patients and consequently in his work cycle at every place he has performed hundreds of free camps for heart and diabetes patients in rural areas. He laboured in Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi in India, and different other nations. Through his work, he has been nothing but extremely kind and sensitive towards patients.

Believing in the phrase, “Change is the only constant,” Dr. Rao stays updated with the latest technologies in the medical world, wanting to give his patients uncomplicated procedural and healing processes. Staying abreast with new technologies, diagnoses, and operative procedures in heart surgery helped him gain insight. DR. Rao participated in numerous international conclaves with the European Society of Cardiology, the World Federation of Cardiac Imaging & Clinical Cardiology, and the Cardiological Society of India over the years.

He is an active member of various medical bodies both in India and abroad such as The American College of Cardiology, The Cardiological Society of India, and a life member of the Institute of Scholars, Bengaluru. He is famous for demonstrating his knowledge and ability to share quick and correct diagnoses for his patients while treating them with love and care.

Dr GVP Rao is an accomplished and one of the country’s top doctors in the department of Cardiology. Because of his outstanding contribution to the field of cardiology and medical excellence, he has received numerous distinguished awards from different institutions. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Asia-Pacific Excellence AwardVisionary Leader Award in Cardiology on 11th July 2021 by CVU, Australia, and Gera
  • The 2021 Global Choice Awards in Healthcare presented by Ms. Lara Dutta, organized by Journey Success, Xel Research India Ltd.
  • Global Teaching Excellence Award 2021- Outstanding contribution in Cardiology Teaching on 24th July 2021 by Kites Crafts Productions.
  • Asia’s Innovation Award for Cardiologist in Heart Failure 2021 by Chamber of Asia & RULA
  • Asia-African Leadership Award in the category of Quality Leadership in Healthcare and Hospital 2021 by Asian-African Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation
  • The Pillars of Medical Sciences- COVET 15 in Cardiology by Punjab State Legislation- Health Ministry, Punjab received by Hon. Dr. Balbir Singh Sodhi
  • National Excellence Award 2021 My Brand Better, New Delhi received by Hon. Minister for Labour and Welfare of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Sunil Bharla.
  • The Real Super Heroes Awards 2021 for Healthcare Professionals in Cardiology
  • Forever Star India Award (FSIA) 2021 by Elegant Publishing Agency Pvt. Ltd. Click Link
  • Distinguished Researcher Award in the field of Cardiology for Outstanding contribution in Heart Failure 2021 by Magic Book of

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