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Humanoid Systems

Humanoid Systems

A start-up challenging the status quo proposed by Viswesh Suresh Madhav

From the ideation to the inception

“I strived to follow my passion. You never know how much potential you possess until you put it to the test. Being employed binds you to a certain set of rules that limits your abilities and I aspired to reach a certain height by traveling a less traveled road i.e entrepreneurship,” reveals Viswesh Suresh Madhav, the ‘founder’ of Humanoid Systems. He had always been a tech enthusiast since his early teen years,  and later decided to launch a tech solution firm to help businesses choose the right cutting-edge and futuristic technologies and harness their full growth potential, Viswesh Suresh Madhav built the foundation for his journey to entrepreneurship with the experience of developing unique tech solutions.

He embarked upon his entrepreneurial voyage in 2018 with the inception of Humanoid Systems. With sheer dedication and commitment to make his venture a big success, he has made this company synonymous with tech-based savior for businesses. Addressing his initial journey, he stated that the company started with web development services in 2018  as the company was not registered and they were still working as freelancers.

Forging ahead in 2019, Humanoid Systems gradually started working on some big projects across the community. Later in 2020, they became a registered company and started working on application development processes. Since its inception, the company has handled a myriad of customers for whom they have developed tailor-made solutions. In 2021, the company gained pace and became a fully customer-dedicated company that has now extended the reach of its customers’ products in different countries. And with the onset of 2022, Viswesh reveals that they are planning to step into the world of NFTs and blockchain-backed technologies.

When asked to throw some light on the functioning of his company, he explains that advanced solutions for hassle-free operations to deepen user engagement and leveraging the latest technologies is what Humanoid Systems stands for.

Driven by an adept team of impassioned individuals, the company leads digital transformation for the client’s businesses via its extensively created service portfolio. With profound knowledge and expertise in AI and ML technologies, the company has been rendering better business outcomes that have facilitated revenue generation.

A brief of the luminary
As the founder and director of Humanoid Systems, Viswesh owns a reputation of a tech-entrepreneur with 5 years of extensive experience. His very first venture was an NGO that he started on his own. Possessing an excellent command over communications, Viswesh entered the corporate world as Senior CS Executive. Later, he joined another company as the head of Marketing and PR before launching his own tech-based enterprise- Humanoid Systems.

The company began with an assemblage of 6 people. After tasting huge entrepreneurial success, the dynamo now spreads the seed of knowledge at different Platforms like Google I/O 2018 Extended along with delivering career guidance sessions.

While doing so, he took an avid part in social activities, in 2015, where he conducted the Chennai Relief Operations, and recently, Viswesh happened to execute major Kerala Relief Operations. Acknowledging his considerable contributions to social causes, he has been interviewed by the All India radio in Bangalore and his success story has been featured across many publications too. He is forever thankful to Mr. Venky and Mr. Ashok Chakravarthy for mentoring him for a brief period of time. He is also grateful to his parents and immediate family for supporting him in this endeavor.

The functional efficacy
The company is known for its efficient teamwork where it gets deeper insights into the business processes of the clients. Then, they move ahead to create multiple designs for their valued customers to offer them a variety of options to choose from. After they have gained approval from their customers, they start working on the approved designs within the time frame. Development, testing, and deployment are certain steps on how the process moves forward. Viswesh explains the above-mentioned concept as the major way of functioning effortlessly- be it a website or app development.

And when it comes to supervising the business operations, Viswesh fervently believes in taking 100% responsibility for his failures and 0% credit for any success. This business philosophy has made him stand apart from the rest and he takes pride in it as well. Irrespective of theissues or hurdles on their way, Viswesh leads by example by acknowledging his responsibility- no matter how big or small it is. He asserts that a leader has to take absolute ownership of his doings no matter what and should lend credence to his team’s hard-working efforts, as he affirms, “Without a team, there is no leader. Great leaders have succeeded following this formula.”

Insights into industrial trends
Viswesh shares his thoughts about the IT industry. He enunciates that IT is a very volatile field as what we see today, will be deprecated tomorrow, and whatever is formed tomorrow will be deprecated later. Major changes have occurred in terms of technologies and the only thing that remains consistent is an approach to new learnings and development. And the covid-19 crisis has taught a lot to the companies in terms of running businesses leveraging the latest technologies.  With the IT development demand accelerating day by day, the business world will see a radiant future ahead.

About the workforce
The leading figure avidly believes that his employees have been the key contributors behind the company’s surging success. Owing to this fact, he urges leaders to put sheer emphasis on the skill development of the employees and conduct other employee-development programs.

He encourages his adept team for honest feedback whenever possible while offering liberty to the team members to become an active part in the decision-making process. He quotes Humanoid Systems as a company that incessantly works as a team where everyone takes collective decisions for holistic development.

Milestones at a glance
Humanoid Systems happened to sponsor the Google, I/O 2018 extended event which was one of the biggest milestones crossed by the company. This event was quite a success in terms of assisting organizations to reach a wider range of audiences like- businesses, CEOs, and students by conveying to them their business ideas and capabilities.

Future endeavors
Viswesh has set forth an adamant vision for the future in favor of Humanoid Systems where they will be building a product like a Personal Assistant, Mobile App or platform that would be dedicated to making human life simple. Moreover, while introducing a single-system interface to bring enhanced AI to human life, different teams at Humanoid Systems are brainstorming better solutions. The company has explored a plethora of technical verticals and has introduced advanced solutions to its diverse clientele so far. And with time, they will be evolving into a people-centric organization by introducing employee-centric policies.

A memo shared by the successful entrepreneur
“Do believe in your product/service, work hard for it, show dedication towards your company and for customers. Make sure your customers are happy, they will refer to you more people than your sales team. Be transparent with your employees.”

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