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An Ankit Singh’s Endeavour, Accelerating the Growth of the Electric Vehicle Industry with Robust Charging Solutions

Syncopating smoothly with the rapid pace of innovation in the Electric Vehicle industry since its inception, i-elektrik, an ideal turnkey solutions provider for companies that are trying to put their say in the electric vehicle industry, is addressing the requirement of comprehensive charging infrastructure under the fine supervision of Ankit Singh, Co-Founder & CEO of i-elektrik.

An innovative business leader and industry professional, Ankit is an entrepreneur homing 13+ years of expertise in shaping ground-breaking ideas into the IT & telecommunications industry. He is a strong sales manager skilled in Requirements Analysis, Customer Relationship Management, Technical Recruiting, Screening, and Account Management. Prior to embarking on his entrepreneurial journey with i-elektrik in the year 2020, Ankit has played key roles in leading firms like Idea Cellular, Vodafone Idea, and SENSIETECH.

i-elektrik began operations only two years ago but in that short time, it has multiplied, broadened, and dominated the energy sector. With a strong distributor network spanning eleven states, and an active presence in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, and Hyderabad. The most recent additions i-elektrik’s network, which spans 15 cities, are Surat and Rajkot.

250+ charging stations have been installed as a result of the company’s active partnerships it has made over the past two years with 35+ MNCs, OEMs, CPOs, and startups. The CMS is used to handle the same 250+ charging stations. Depending on the demands of the client, its charging stations can be upgraded to 2.0v and are compatible with OCPP 1.6v. It is now ready for the upcoming wave of EV adoption, which is anticipated to come soon from tier 2, tier 3, and rural areas.

The Industry Landscape & i-elektrik’s Tale of Inception
The market for electric vehicles in India is about to experience exponential expansion. In contrast to other parts of the world, India has adopted electric vehicles mostly due to the financial advantages they have over combustion engine equivalents. This is brought on by rising gas prices, an increase in environmental awareness, government subsidies, new creative goods, and the FAME plan, which is supported by the government.

According to NITI Aayog, the commercial vehicle sector needs 70% penetration, the private car sector needs 30% penetration, the bus sector needs 40% penetration, and the two- and three-wheeler sector needs 80% penetration for India to reach its ambitious 30% EV target by 2030. To achieve these goals, the nation would need an extensive charging infrastructure that spans geographic boundaries.

As a driven entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working across industries, Ankit Singh could see a chance to develop cutting-edge charging solutions to meet this need. The vision was laid out for i-elektrik to become one of the major players in assisting India in becoming a worldwide EV powerhouse by enabling it to achieve a level of almost universal EV adoption across various use cases. The DNA of i-elektrik was established by innovative products like dynamic load management, vehicle-2-grid, and load sharing to construct long-term sustainable infrastructure, and that DNA has permeated the entire company.

Exclusive Service Portfolio
The i-elektrik’s product lines range from Bharat AC Charger, a unique Hybrid AC Charger, Type ll AC Premium Charger, Home Charger, DC Fast Charger, OCPP Charge Controllers for OEMs, end-user mobile app, and a Charging Management Software for Charge Point Operators, that it gives free-of-cost under a revenue-sharing model. The company’s product range is OCPP-Compliant and offers clients specific customisation options to choose from. Its experienced cohort of 100+ Engineers across India ensures robust installation, service, and maintenance support in any part of the country.

What Makes i-elektrik a “Blue Diamond” of the EV Industry?

  • i-elektrik has established itself as a great turnkey solutions provider for companies looking to make a name for themselves in the electric vehicle sector with a shorter time to market thanks to its presence in every electric vehicle hotspot in the nation.
  • All of its products are in-house manufactured, customised, and have received numerous awards and accolades.
  • i-elektrik’s ecosystem is equipped with highly efficient & affordable products that the team has developed in their vicinity.
  • The company’s product line is OCPP-compliant, and customers may choose from a variety of customisation options.

Jewels in the Crown & Future Outlook
i-elektrik has so far been entirely bootstrapped since its founding in 2020, cash flow positive, and with no need for outside funding. All of its goods are made in-house, are customised, and have received various honours and awards. The Green Society of India honoured i-elektrik with the title of “The Best EV Infrastructure Provider of 2021” last year at the India Expo Center in Greater Noida.

By 2025, i-elektrik appears to be on track to build over 10,000 charging stations and host at least 100,000 charging stations on its CMS, further strengthening its position as a CPO. Ankit Singh, Co-Founder & CEO at i-elektrik, sums up, “The i-elektrik team is motivated by a goal to position the company as a significant contributor in helping India become a worldwide EV powerhouse by enabling it to achieve a level of almost universal EV adoption across various use cases.”

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