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Revolutionizing the business schools landscape, IIMs have marked a gracious presence with its commitment to serve quality education in the field of business administration education. Most of the aspiring students turn to IIMs for their flagship programmes such as MBA. So far, these central government-business schools have been established across 20 cities in India.

At present, we couldn’t help but acknowledge IIM Nagpur’s significant work in creating better education dynamics for its alumni and offering them a radiant future to turn their dreams into reality. IIM Nagpur began its spectacular journey in the year 2015 and since then, it has only witnessed a remarkable geometric growth.

Today, in its campuses established in Nagpur and Pune, more than 250 students are painting the canvas of a brighter future. IIM Nagpur is known for its rapid growth and reputation across Indian land.

To get a deeper understanding of the Institutes overall functionality and educational objectives, we sat down with the Director of IIM Nagpur, Dr. Bhimaraya Metri. He shed light on various aspects of the institution that amazed us. We believe that our global readership will find this read equally valuable and insightful based on the success witnessed by the institution.

A glance at the flagship offering

The overall curriculum of their flagship MBA programme is regularly updated and revised. Also, keeping up with NEP 2020 fundamentals, they have also appointed a special committee. The programme was created with the help of 16 business executives and prominent academics. The current MBA class (2022–2024) is seeking education using the updated course material. They’ve created a new department of humanities, arts, and social science as part of NEP 2020. (HASS).

The Indian ethos, business ethics, Corporate Governance, CSR, and Sustainability course have all been introduced in the curriculum. What makes it unique is the fact that recently they have introduced a cutting-edge course on life management skills called Professional Management Practice (PMP), where students are encouraged to participate in the Bharat Darshan Programme, which immerses them in rural living.

Students are exposed to both urban and rural environments in this curriculum, which helps them hone their management and decisionmaking abilities. Additionally, they provide a course on execution strategy and take into account the course material offered at prestigious business institutions both domestically and abroad while redesigning the curriculum.

The Global Immersion Module

Instead of a field immersion programme, IIM Nagpur offers a Global Immersion module. It happens in one of two ways: Project-based Global Immersion Programme and Global Immersion Programme. The students in the project-based global immersion programme are exposed to cultures and business contexts outside of their native countries. On the IIMN campus, the students study for a week or two while learning about the businesses in Singapore and Dubai.

After the preliminary investigation, the students go to Singapore or Dubai to engage with the businesses, examine their operations, and gather both qualitative and quantitative data. They come back to complete the analysis and provide a report after a week. They refer to this as a project-based curriculum for global immersion. It truly combines global exposure with phenomenon-based learning.

In order to thoroughly immerse themselves in the business culture, a group of students participating in the second Global Immersion Programme go to Korea or Japan or France and visit their partner institutions in addition to well-known companies and cultural sites. The students write a report about their experiences when they get back. These opportunities expose pupils to different cultures and ensure better growth.

Executive Education- creating an impact

When it comes to Executive Education, they have been ranked first among the 14 first and second generation IIMs. This education programme has created a spur in the landscape and currently, they have 25 post-graduate certificate programmes in hybrid mode. The finest thing about IIM Nagpur Executive Education is that it was a trailblazer  in starting two innovative programmes, namely the Cyber Security and Data Science programme in partnership with FedEX Institute of Technology, Memphis University Business School, Memphis.

Recently, in association with a professor from Copenhagen Business School, they happened to launch a new blockchain programme. IIM Nagpur has become a pioneer in PG certificate programmes. IIM Nagpur is the first educational establishment in the nation to launch a programme in the field of ESG management, or environment, social, and governance. Though the Government of India has ordered all PSUs to submit the ESG report, they are the pioneers in beginning this initiative.

Moreover, one of the first institutions to approach and work with Coal India Ltd. was IIM Nagpur. It established a satellite campus in Pune and began offering Executive MBA programmes for working people on both campuses. The second batch is now receiving training at the IIM Nagpur campus, and the sessions at the Pune campus will shortly begin.

Meet the men at the helm

IIM Nagpur’s director, Dr. Bhimaraya Metri, is a prominent academician, well-known educator, accomplished researcher, and shrewd administrator. The esteemed Indian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO includes Dr. Metri as a member (INCCU). He serves on the NITIE Mumbai Board as well.

Dr. Metri is a visitor nominee to IIT Delhi and IIT Jodhpur. He is the Chancellor nominee for Sant Gadge Baba , Amravati University. He serves as the head of the Management and Systems Division Council (MSDC), the All India Board of Management Studies (AICTE), the AIMA Board of Studies, and the Human Resources Management and Sectional Innovation Committees of the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), New Delhi.

As director of IIM Tiruchirappalli, dean at L&T Institute of Project Management Vadodara, IMI New Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, and head of research programmes at BITS Pilani, Dr. Metri has also made a significant contribution. He is the first IIM director currently in office to have won the esteemed AIMAKewal Nohria Award for Academic Leadership in Management Education in the nation.

IIM Nagpur takes immense pride to have a Board of Governance, presided over by Mr. C P Gurnani, Managing Director and CEO of Tech Mahindra. One of the important factors influencing the geometric expansion of IIM Nagpur is the board’s strong support and guidance from time to time.

“We are in favour of IIM Nagpur’s leadership philosophy. We believe in full empowerment and matching the appropriate individuals with the appropriate duties. We never advocate micromanagement, which is a crucial feature. Finding the right professor and student for the job and giving them all the authority is the most important part. There are several committees for the various events and programmes, and they manage the daily operations proficiently and successfully. IIM Nagpur supports evolution and change,” claims Dr Metri.

Transforming the business management education

Business management education has been substantially affected by IIM Nagpur. Innumerable young corporate executives who are having an effect on their individual firms have come out of IIM Nagpur. The Government of India has made ESG reporting mandatory, and IIM Nagpur educates numerous executives who bring transformative change to their respective sectors to serve as examples of ESG management.

The senior Coal India Limited personnel have received ESG management training for the first time at IIM Nagpur. In addition, IIM Nagpur offered consulting services to Bosch, the Cancer Hospital, the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Titan, Larsen and Turbo, and the Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra (FDCM), to mention a few, and they had a big influence. For instance, IIM Nagpur completed a five-year corporate plan assignment for FDCM, and in only one year, FDCM increased their sales by 75% as a result.

The Director of IIM Nagpur is involved in a number of policymaking organizations for higher education, namely AICTE, UGC, NBA, NAAC, AIIMA, and BIS, which has an influence on the future course of Indian management education. Two section 8 businesses operate at IIM Nagpur: 1) IIM Nagpur Foundation for Entrepreneurship (InFED)2) Council for Logistics, Infrastructure, and Project Management (CLIP).

As a part of the start-up funding, new ideas, and new entrepreneurs, InFED has significantly impacted entrepreneurship in general and women’s entrepreneurship in particular. The Start-up India Seed fund has found and supported start-ups through IIM Nagpur. The Maharashtra Agribusiness Network Project (MAGNET), funded by the Asian Development Bank, has designated IIM Nagpur as a Center of Excellence.

IIM Nagpur took on the role of a CoE to provide training and support for many stakeholders, such as farmers, Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs), CBOs, SHGs, and Start-ups. The Vidarbha and Marathwada areas have been touched by the MAGNET initiative, notably in the growing of oranges, sweet limes, and chilies.

InFED has educated 42 women entrepreneurs and is raising awareness among young businesspeople. Six of these women business owners are now transitioning from the start-up to the scale-up stage.

IIM Nagpur holds boot camps to raise awareness and encourage individuals to create their own jobs rather than just seek them out. Contrarily, CLIP concentrates on educating project managers, which is certain to have an influence on infrastructure logistics. IIM Nagpur CLIP and the Maharashtra government recently inked an MoU to conduct research initiatives.

Definition for success

We asked Dr Metri to define the term success based on his insights, he conveyed, “I judge an institution’s success when it grows both horizontally and vertically. The strength of the institute is shown by the vertical development. The initial PGP batch’s strength was 120 when we initially started, but it is now 250. We have relocated from our rental facility to a brand-new, cutting-edge campus in Mihan’s business district.

The infrastructure and programme have grown in that way. And expansion is what is meant by horizontal growth. To serve the requirements of the Pune industrial sector and Western Maharashtra, we have established a satellite campus in Pune where working people may enroll in our Executive MBA programme. Similarly, we have also started the Executive MBA programme for the Nagpur campus. So, we have started this programme to fulfill the industry’s needs.”

In the future, IIM Nagpur plans to expand its horizon abroad. Therefore, it could be regarded as an increase in the institution’s success and a growth in the researchers and intellectuals who work there. All of these are seen as integral parts of development. Teaching, training, research, and consulting all take place at the holistic business school. These four pillars serve as the foundation for comprehensive business schools, and IIM Nagpur pretty much defines these terms in its values.

They have shifted to a colossal number of programmes, about 25 programmes in terms of research. The amount of intellectual capital is rising as well as research. In the same vein, IIM Nagpur participates in several consulting projects and makes policies related to higher education. Success for the institution entails expansion in all these areas since it makes a substantial contribution to nation-building and participates in several committees related to higher education.

Notches on its belt

The cutting-edge campus of IIM Nagpur is the first NEPC initiative of the Ministry of Education, Government of India, and is located in the center of the industrial hub Mihan. The administration is quite pleased with IIM Nagpur’s growth, which is geometric when compared to the development of many Indian companies. The advancement of Executive Education and the initiatives made by InFED are other achievements that IIM Nagpur is proud of. Additionally,

They have crossed many milestones such as-

-IIM Nagpur is ranked 26th as per Fortune Indian Ranking 2022 for top B-schools.
-IIM Nagpur ranked 11th in the top institutions of national importance according to Outlook.
-IIM Nagpur ranked top 9th in IIMs &14th in top government B-School as per Business Today ranking 2022.

01. Basking in the glory of its grandiose success, IIM Nagpur as well its leadership panel has bagged many awards and accolades. A few of the worthy mentions are1. IIM Nagpur was awarded the prestigious GRIHA 4 Star LD Award from Hon’ble Bhupender Yadav, Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change of India, on December 10, 2021 at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

02. Dr. Bhimaraya Metri, Director, IIM Nagpur, was awarded the prestigious Dr. P.N. Singh Memorial Award by Higher Education Forum (HEF) for Outstanding Academic Leadership for the year 2021.

03. The Indian Institute of Management Nagpur (IIMN) awarded the Competition Success Review (CSR) – India’s premier current affairs and career publication, Top Institute of India Award for the year 2021.

04. The Indian Institute of Management Nagpur (IIM Nagpur) has bagged the prestigious Competition Success Review (CSR) Top Institute of India Award for the year 2022.

05. Indian Institute of Management Nagpur was awarded the Best B-School for Industrial Training in Future of Management Education Conclave 2023, organized by BW Businessworld on Thursday, January 19, 2023

06. Dr. Bhimaraya Metri, Director, IIM Nagpur, was awarded the Ambassador of Green Planet Award 2022 for exemplary contribution in promoting EV Ecosystem, Impacting Environmental Protection and Supporting Mission LiFE in India. The award was conferred during the ‘EY4EV INDIA SUMMIT 2023’ held on January 20, 2023

Also, a few of the considerable collaborations made by the institution with many big establishment across the country are as-

• IIM Nagpur has collaborated with VAMNICOM, Pune and has signed MoU on Monday, 26 December 2022.
• IIMN has signed an MoU with Indian Navy to conduct customized courses for Naval Personnel.
• Atlas Copco (India) Ltd. has signed a MoU with IIM Nagpur for skill development, R & D.
• IIM Nagpur has signed MoU with Govt of Maha to design disaster mgmt strategies.
• Coal India Limited (CIL) signed a MoU with IIM Nagpur on August 16, 2022.
• HPCL and IIM Nagpur signed MoU to promote academic and industry interactions.
• IIM Nagpur has been giving agri management lessons to farmers, has signed MoU with Maha Agribusiness Network Project.
• IIM Nagpur’s InFED has been selected under Startup India Seed Fund Scheme!.
• InFED has signed MoU with Toronto Business Development Centre, Canada.

The future outlooks

The main curriculum, executive programme, research, and consultancy at IIM Nagpur are all expected to expand. The administration wants to broaden the reach from Nagpur, Pune, and other locations while also growing in all four aspects of holistic education. IIM Nagpur has numerous programmes planned for 2023–2024. Such as, The Center of Excellence for Corporate Governance CSR & Sustainability, or CGCS, has been established at the
Indian Institute of Management Nagpur.

The CoE CGCS aims to organize national and international conferences, seminars, round tables, management development programmes, guest lecturers, and other similar events both independently and in cooperation with the government, academic institutions, expert industry practitioners, consulting organizations, public sector organizations, and corporations.

A proposal on logistics for humanitarian aid has been delivered to the Maharashtra government by the COUNCIL FOR LOGISTICS, INFRASTRUCTURE AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT (CLIP) of IIM Nagpur. Lately, they submitted a traffic study proposal to the Uttar Pradesh government. Training on effective logistics planning and execution will be developed, as well as courses for project managers seeking certification. Implementing the chief minister’s fellowship programme will be IIM Nagpur.

Acknowledging the Corporate Social Responsibility

IIM Nagpur recognises its CSR in the field and offers CSR courses to its graduates as part of the curriculum and engages in CSR activities. Around 120 NGOs participated in a recent NGO conference that IIM Nagpur conducted as part of Nagpur First; the event was a CSR endeavour. C-suites should engage in these elements for the entire growth of their workforce since CSR plays a significant role.

It provides sponsorship to deserving needy students and scholarships to disadvantaged pupils. IIM Nagpur demonstrates its dedication to provide the smart and diligent students in the nation a better future by also making bank loans available to them.

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