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Mitigating the Talent Gap by Offering Top-Notch Hospital CRM & HR Solutions

The establishment of a firm is justified when, it achieves the objectives of delivering services and exceeding expectations that it intended to, diligently serving the end users. Impetus Consulting is a champion in that game! The client-focused firm, Impetus is on the quest to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and time-efficient recruitment support services while addressing the growing demand for Talent. Numerous institutions, including CK Birla Hospital, EHCC Hospital, Chirayu Hospital, Jeevan Rekha Hospital, Rungta Hospital, etc., have chosen to collaborate with the firm to manage their Hospital Customer Support management.

Impetus has established itself as a recognisable brand in the HR and hospital Support CRM industry across the country thanks to its persistent hard work, awareness of clients’ demands, and adaptability. Established in 2019 by a group of professionals with extensive global experience across verticals and a variety of industry backgrounds, Impetus has been offering excellent tailored recruitment solutions across various industries, including Financial Services, Insurance, Technology, ITES/BPO/KPO, Healthcare, Telecom, Manufacturing, FMCG, and Hospitality.

Impetus Consulting started as a standard HR business focused on recruiting and recruitment services. As the company grew, it gradually expanded into HR consulting & management transformation, which entails updating policies, identifying process gaps in an organisation, and finding scientific approaches to close them while facilitating tech scalability and team capacity. Clients included Chanakya IAS Academy, Chitrangana, and InstaCash. The company made the following solution offering as part of its shift into hospital CRM management by the end of 2020–

  • Evolution of ecosystem: Changing the disruptive call system utilising ecosystem change
  • Impetus CRM: Features that enable patient longevity and call journey acquisition for optimal data management
  • 3 P’s Driven: People, process, and proceeds driven process enhancement

Their learnings, understanding of the market, hard work and dedication, and zeal to thrive to reach the zenith are vital factors that make Impetus stand out in the market. Quality comes first in every significant delivery function of an organisation, and Impetus is glad to say that they have not lost a client in the past two years. This is only possible because of excellent work, which has a price tag, but the long-term benefits outweigh it. Having a keen eye for detail and utilising technology to improve data analytics, Excellent client satisfaction, working as a method to the madness, and analysis solely based on data points have always been Impetus’s strong suits.

Talking about the inception story of Impetus Consulting, the visionary state, – “Due to my background in HR and business transformation, I recognised a need for hospitals to have a one-stop solution that could elevate the patient experience to a new level and eventually improve business performance. The fact that there was much room for improvement in how patient care, appointment management, and patient feedback were done struck me during my repeated travels to hospitals for my parents’ appointments.

Since that day, the concept made sense from the point of view of the business model, and after three months of arduous effort and cold calling, with CK Birla Hospital as the first client, there has been no turning back.” He continued, “I firmly believe that known devils are preferable to unknown angels, so I’ve admitted that 30% of my team and 80% of the core management team are individuals with whom I have previously worked directly or indirectly. However, hiring these individuals comes at a premium because they expect you to look out for them while they leave their current stable jobs for your fewer stable ones. The learning curve is modest, but they exact a high price.”

The current economic climate has been challenging for everyone in terms of financial insecurities and having a sustainable business model. Given this, Ayuksha Singh offers to his coworkers to keep the business with minimal shrinkages, strict process controls, and no room for efficiency leaks. Whether COVID or other economic issues cause business crises will continue to occur. However, quitting your business will never be a solution. Instead, it would help if you considered how to stay in business through difficult times so that you may recover as soon as circumstances turn around.

Talking about their employee motivation strategies, Ayuksha Singh apprised, “Being from an HR background, employee engagement has always been my major area of interest,” when speaking about their employee incentive tactics. While money is the primary motivator for employees, if you can provide them two other reasons to enjoy their work and money, your job is done. Even though we are a small, developing company with limited resources, our budgets allow for quarterly offsites, potluck lunches, and other employee benefits like paternity leaves and the ability to work from home during a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Today’s workforce must adapt to the newest technology breakthroughs; the team is striving to introduce chatbots in hospital CRM support to enable automation. HR and CRM are no longer considered old-fashioned legacy labour types. The correct data sets are being gathered with a lot of artificial intelligence simultaneously to comprehend the client’s attitude, health history pattern, and many other things.

The company has a clear and well-defined plan. It currently operates out of Rajasthan and primarily serves clients in that state. By the end of the year, Impetus plans to launch operations in two additional States, Gujarat, and MP, and by the end of 2023, it hopes to have 300+ employees across India.

Ayuksha Singh – Founder and CEO
The brain behind the idea, Ayuksha Singh, is a human resource (HR) professional with more than 12 years of diversified work experience. The leading lady has experience in all areas of HR, including employee engagement, recruitment, management transformation, statutory compliances, and hospital CRM management. She is successfully leading Impetus in the critical position of CEO.

Garima Jain – Senior Manager Training, Learning & Development
Another lady at the helm is Garima Jain, the Senior Manager of Training, Learning & Development. She has over 15 years of experience working for various companies, including Airtel, Hero Group, Cox, and Kings. She has an MBA in HRM and is a learning and development specialist. She specialises in process reengineering, quality control, and training.

Arpit Soni – Operational Head
Arphit Soni is actively contributing to the efficient management of Impetus Consulting’s business operations. He offers a lot of operational excellence to the team as a management professional with more than 10 years of experience in call support operations.

“Never ever give up on any business idea or strategy too soon. There may be difficult times, and quitting is the simplest course of action, but if we persevere through the difficult times, we will win one day. Being in business is more essential than not being in business.” – Ayuksha Singh.

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