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Michael A Collura’s Endeavour, Realising Its Promise Of Best Senior Care Since 2004

Established in 2004, spearheaded by dynamic business leader, Michael A Collura, In Home Personal Service comes with a unique approach to caregiving—one that takes the “senior” out of “senior care”— providing quality care to seniors who wish to remain in the comfort of their own home. In Home Personal Services is a non-medical senior care endeavour with a nationwide franchise system. The advantages of this business model are extensive. Most notable are the growing demand for this type of enterprise all over the country and the low cost of investment, as well as the sustainability of the model.

With its franchise service, the brand provides entrepreneurs the ability to join not only a massively expansive industry that is in high demand. It provides this opportunity with a clear and significant number of industry-leading advantages for its operators. In every job description and a requirement for anyone joining the IHPS team, there is one prevailing quality that is required.

The person “must possess a genuine desire to care for the elderly”. It speaks to the brand’s commitment as a quality care provider. Even if you do not work within the organization as a hands-on care provider this quality matters and is required. It also remains as the sole requirement one must have to join the franchise system as one of its operators.

Michael A Collura, Founder, and President of In Home Personal Service is the driving force behind orchestrating the successful journey of In Home Personal Service. With over a decade of composite experience in different business segments, he carries extensive knowledge and skills in business development and marketing. “I enjoy what I do not because of the success, but because that success is enjoyed by so many others I am privileged to work with every day. I always felt that if I was the smartest one in the room, I failed.

So, I have surrounded myself with talented individuals that complement my own strengths and make up in areas where I myself fall short. This is the secret to our continued growth and success”, Michael asserted.

Talking about his unique business philosophy, he stated – “The inception of In Home Personal Service was taken to do good. The business was originally built to be different as both a culture within the brand’s organization as well as a quality care provider. These values often diminish over time as a brand grows, unless efforts are taken to ensure they are not only upheld but that they are expanding through the years. You know you made it when you look back at all the tough decisions made and are validated as being the right choice then just as much as they are today.”

All the services are considered “specialty”, but IHPS does stand out as a provider due to the extensive training and programs developed by the IHPS team. Among those programs all the no contract, no minimum, and full flexibility in its individualised care is part of what makes the services it provides a specialty. IHPS offers some of the most unique and forward-thinking care services that do specialise in the care of its clients who are dealing with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and a variety of lifestyle challenges.

In speaking about these innovative care services, the team at In Home Personal Services has hinted at yet another innovation that based on their research will make them the first in the industry to develop a new service model unlike any of its competitors. Yet again setting itself apart as a leader in the senior care industry.

Diversity and inclusion are the base that America was built on, fought for, and intended to be. WE THE PEOPLE, three simple words that declare all people without exception or discrimination. Since we are a diverse culture with the freedom to be who we are there is simply no other way we would live. The team here understands this and simply put you are welcome as you are who you are and only your performance and your measure of the brand’s mission matters.

It is for those looking to age in the comfort of their own home. This service provides the care you need when you need it 24/7/365 by a trusted, trained, and professional caregiver. The greatest value this service offers is that it can ensure a safe, healthy, and active lifestyle for anyone regardless of the level of care you receive so that you can live in the home of your choosing and skip over facility-based institutional care. It is special because it can provide the lifestyle, choices, and freedom we all want when they may need some assistance and want to remain in the home of their choice.

IHPS is offering franchise opportunities for all kinds of entrepreneurs to help seniors have great care. The best part about this franchise model is that it does not require any job experience, training, prior senior care or healthcare-related experience, and financial position to join the system. Current operators and those working today to join the system come from all walks of life.

The system is built to be for the entrepreneur and is franchisee friendly meaning you will find it to be low cost, low barrier for growth, and quick ramp-up with the operator being a true entrepreneur running a business how they choose without buying their next job. Entrepreneurs in this system are in control with the full support of several teams at the corporate office that brings a full array of programs to the system that support all areas of operations.

The impact we make in the lives of others every day is what makes us stand out. Nothing else would resonate as a success story about In Home Personal Services if it failed on this, the single most sacred value, and its core mission. All the milestones, achievements, awards, and honours received over the years pale in compression to the feedback received from those that trusted the team at IHPS with their care. Knowing a difference was made in their lives brings more pride than any other achievement ever received.

Just like the involvement of innovation in its service model, In Home’s culture was also built to be unique. As the growth affects the mission, the culture should also have diligent work to ensure it too is preserved as the brand expands and grows. It is possible to accomplish with thoughtful and deliberate efforts, so growth does not dilute what was built in the beginning. It’s about a team, not just a few, but a brand that includes everyone in the mission and values their efforts.

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