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Walking the path of resounding success with innovative ideas…

This time the inside story is of an organization that manufactures botanical extracts for the cosmetic and health food industry. Founded and spearheaded by the Chairman & MD- Mr. Philip Samuel- Indfrag Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. has made an impact across its targeted industry in the most sophisticated manner. Since 1989, there has been no looking back of the company as it leaps forward to attain greater heights.

Philip’s visionary approach and positive mindset always gave him a leading edge over his peers. As a serial entrepreneur, innovator, and inventor, he is a leader with a difference. Let’s dive into his story to know the different aspects of his venture and his leadership style.

Indfrag Biosciences Pvt. Ltd. was started in a collaboration with Quest’s International a subsidiary of Unilever facility in the South of France. It has been considered a Portmanteau of Indian Fragrances. Headquartered in Bangalore, India the organization also has 4 manufacturing units in India of different capacities. It allows them to be flexible enough to supply a few milligrams to tons of kilos of extracts to the end clients. It has a big global network of raw botanical extract suppliers across Europe, and other countries like Ghana, Madagascar and Indonesia.

It has become one of the greatest brands in India for manufacturing botanical extracts for the health and beauty industry. Abiding to offer the best quality and practices across its targeted space, Ind- frag Biosciences has been known to offer innovative products that are manufactured with standardized procedures, delivering simply the best to their respective customers. It owns the certifications from FAIR TRADE, RAINFOREST, ALLIANCE, KOSHER, HALAL, and ISO certification for the manufacturing capacity and ingredients. It is also a member of the Union for Ethical BioTrade (UEBT).

The major factor that sets them apart from the rest is their focus on sustainability which is at the core of their overall business model. The motive is clear that it asserts to create a resilient planet where communities could be benefitted by leveraging sustainability-driven innovation. Their journey to create sustainable impact began in 2014 when they implemented several initiatives showcasing the company’s commitment to sustainability for long-term growth and stability. “We strive for collective impact by aligning with our sustainability goals. Our avid
belief affirms that economical growth, as well as sustainability projections, are interlinked phenomena,” claims Philip.

Philip Samuel is a versatile leader who can effortlessly adapt to various roles and responsibilities. Born in 1947, in Tamil Nadu, India, he was the youngest child in the family. He pursued his primary education at a small Montessori School in Chennai.

His high school was completed at Madras Christian College High School. Later, he was enrolled in Vivekananda College followed by admission to the College of Engineering, Guindy, to pursue BE in Mechanical stream. Throughout his career, he has worked with several governments as well as private organizations, across manufacturing, projects, development of new venture ideas and foreign collaborations for over 12 years.

After attaining some industrial acumen, he happened to establish a unique consultancy named Transprojects that was dedicated to helping and setting up new ideas and foreign associations. Moreover, he is the holder of several US patents. Unilever, the conglomerate, reached him to handle their project that involved extracting fresh flower essences in association with a small French organization. This motivated him to establish Indfrag Biosciences where he began with extracting the fragrances of Jasmine and Tuberose. Using his strategic outlook, he managed to expand the reach of Indfrag Biosciences by diving deep into providing different plant extracts focusing on the cosmetic and health industry.

He is a person who has always been driven by a fascination with curating unique and effective business concepts. His zeal as an entrepreneur himself allows him to reach out to young entrepreneurs and offer them better business ideas while motivating and guiding them via his years of experience and offering them valuable lessons. Idearampage is a website developed by him to facilitate this endeavour and to help those in dire need of helpful information.

Philip has always been known to be a woman-equality evangelist along with speaking in favour of the rights of the underserved communities. His own organisation has a girl power team that is known to have bagged magnificent accomplishments. Today, when his son Fabian is managing major portions of the business operations, he guides the leaders with his industry experience and spends his spare time performing charitable causes.

It has been Philip’s relentlessly dedication and commitment only that Indfrag Biosciences has become a recipient of innumerable awards such as The Best EOU(MSME) for Food and Agro products for 2008-2009, Export Excellence Award 2003-04 by MEPZ, and Best Vendor of The Year by one of its sizeable US customers for three consecutive years in a row.

At present, the leader is intensely focused on fostering and expanding its sourcing program. They are in constant strides toward developing all-inclusive, socially sustainable strategies. This insightful strategy will enhance the use of renewable energy in their manufacturing processes. For the future ahead, they are extensively preparing a roadmap to conserve natural ecosystems.

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