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A Decade of E-Commerce Leadership

With the advent of mass production and wireless technology, the marketing sector has grown over time. However, it reached unprecedented heights when the internet became widely accessible and the idea of digital marketing was made known to the public.

To tap the opportunities laden by the advancements in the digital world, Indglobal Digital came into existence in 2017 as a Premier Partner for Enterprises and Startups, accelerating their digital adoption and transformation.

Rakesh Dadhich, Founder & CEO, an industry expert with 37 years of professional experience laid the foundation of this firm with Mamta Dadhich (Director & Administration) and Som Dadhich (CTO and Marketing Head).

With a Certified Magento Team and as an Adobe Bronze Partner, Indglobal aspires to build a world where digital commerce flourishes, driven by cuttingedge yet accessible technological solutions. As a leading e-commerce platform development agency, they are dedicated to providing top-notch goods and solutions that support the growth of companies big and small. Digital commerce and the newest developments in commerce technology—PWA, omnichannel, and AI—are their only areas of focus.

They have an in-house team of 100+ highly experienced, agile, and expert IT professionals, helping brands focus on product and marketing by enabling a hands-free approach to tech. “We provide ultimate platform flexibility so you focus on selling and conversions rather than worrying about tech limitations,” asserted Rakesh Dadhich, the man behind the brand.

An Edge Over the Peers

With a 12-year of experience and a focus on both UX and technical leadership, Indglobal is a full-service digital agency that specializes in working with reliable and cutting-edge platforms and stacks. The dedicated team at the organization is highly skilled, keeps things creative, and focuses on delivering on time. Because of this, they have an advantage when it comes to satisfying demanding client demands and obtaining positive feedback.

Another thing that sets Indglobal apart is its belief in tailoring a solution to each client’s specific needs rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach.

Indglobal has adopted a robust method of delivering primary solutions, leveraging its years of expertise with the most well-known brands in India and abroad and having managed projects of scale (Dell, LG, Decathlon, Bhima Gold, Duroflex, etc.).

Clientele and Corporate Ethos

Being a prominent result-driven digital Transformation company, Indglobal offers premium, custom solutions to renowned companies and startups, including LG, Dell, Toyota, Decathlon, Byju, and more, for their digital transformation and growth. They have top industry affiliations like NASSCOM, CII, Startup India, etc. and have been awarded in the UK, GCC, and India.

Talking more about the clients, the leading man proudly shared, “We devote all of our efforts to ensuring the satisfaction of our clients and employees; the remaining details are handled by a skilled management team.” You can take on any kind of project, problem, technological environment, etc. if you have a solid team and nice clientele to work with.”

Making Selling Easier – Through Innovative and Advanced Solutions

Selling should be hassle-free, even if you are a large or fast-growing brand and have magnificent online or omnichannel dreams. Most systems and providers allow users to choose between little maintenance, affordability, great performance, stability, and flexibility. With the goal of giving you everything, Indglobal aims to simplify the selling process and facilitate a hands-free approach to tech so that the focus is on product and marketing choosing the

• most popular: reduce the scarcity of talent.
• flexible, so you don’t have to worry about limitations.
• Modern platforms: get the best of industry features and advancements in tech.
• and building teams with expertise in both business and technology to provide you with pertinent insights and the ideal answers for your goals and issues.

R&D – The Key Driving Force behind Indglobal’s Victorious Journey

R&D is vital for a company’s growth. For clients, Indglobal has worked on experimental pilot projects that have developed into multimillion-dollar enterprises. For a corporation to expand and survive in the modern era, research and development (R&D) should receive at least 10% to 15% of its annual budget. Today’s environment is clear: innovate or perish,”, quoted Rakesh Dadhich.

Industry Evolution Over the Years

The e-commerce sector has transitioned from depending on complicated, slow, and expensive platforms to one that is lightning-fast, conversion-focused, and straightforward to maintain, such as Magento Commerce and Shopify.

Everyone switched from on-premise to cloud-based systems, and platforms are now designed to require as little manual maintenance as possible from the end user. These days, conversions and marketing are the main priorities, and technology should only function.

Indglobal’s Unique Business Structure and Key Challenges

There is an Agile methodology across the business verticals, and all teams are trained in the approach to ensure that projects are completed on schedule, on budget, and with the highest possible quality. They work on time-and-material contracts with clients in addition to fixed-bid projects.

Increasing labour expenses, a constantly evolving technological landscape, competition from smaller, less experienced agencies, and increased consumer demands are some of the primary obstacles facing the organization.

The Significant Role of Technology

It appears that the recent prediction that “every business will be a technology business” is a fact. Technology must be integrated into every company’s business segments in order to increase productivity, cut expenses, and spur innovation. Companies that use technology more effectively will perform better and stay ahead of the competition.

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