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Bringing Visionaries & Global Think-Tank To Induce Radical Change…

Business Connect is proud to extend an exclusive invitation to entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and stakeholders for the highly-anticipated corporate company events of the year: INDO-GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONCLAVE-2023 & INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AWARD. Biggest Entrepreneur Event in Delhi, entrepreneurship vision business exhibition in Delhi, Set to take place on 26th October 2023 at The Lalit Hotel, New Delhi, this event promises to be a beacon of revolutionary change for the business world.

Our adept team has meticulously curated the blueprint of this conclave with a focus on knowledge-sharing, motivation, and strategic partnerships. And needless to mention, this conclave is the best platform that seeks to empower participants and foster sustainable business growth which is the need of the hour.

Under the visionary leadership of Abhishek Kumar Dubey who is the Publisher and CEO of the establishment, we all are propelled to embark on this empowering journey to a radical future for the business community. critical success factors of entrepreneurship Let’s guide you through the overall objective of this upcoming event based on what our CEO’s futuristic roadmap states:

Exploring a Wealth of Opportunities

The INDO-GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONCLAVE-2023 corporate events in Delhi encompass a diverse array of topics, catering to businesses of all types and sizes. We are confident that entrepreneurs and industry leaders will find themselves immersed in motivational sessions that provide valuable insights and inspiration to propel their ventures forward.

Concerning our key themes, the major focus is on maintaining quality customer relationships, meeting customer needs, and preserving a strong reputation, which serves as vital elements for long-term business success.

The Power of Networking

We take immense pride in asserting the fact that our corporate events in Delhi events offer a unique chance for businesses to showcase their products, services, and innovations to a highly targeted audience. And in our constant streak to repeat this scenario, the conclave will provide the perfect platform to establish strategic partnerships with other industry leaders and experts. With over 200 delegates in attendance, the event is anticipated to foster an environment of knowledge exchange and collaboration.

A Testament to Excellence

The INDO-GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONCLAVE-2023 & INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AWARD business world events has consistently attracted prominent figures from various domains, including respected Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament, Bollywood celebrities, top bureaucrats, thought leaders, and think tanks from across the globe.

The event culminates with a prestigious awards ceremony, honoring trailblazers, innovators, and pathfinders who have defied challenges and achieved remarkable feats through vision, perseverance, and tenacity. And it goes without saying that a distinguished ‘Guest of Honour’ will surely mark his/her presence in the event and award the winners with trophies and certificates, further elevating the event’s stature.

Brand Elevation and Global Exposure

Participating in the conclave presents a remarkable opportunity for companies to showcase their narrative and reputation on a global stage. The event provides invaluable exposure to a diverse and influential audience, elevating brands and opening doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

The INDO-GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONCLAVE-2023 & INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AWARD is an event of unparalleled significance for entrepreneurs and business leaders. With its focus on knowledge-sharing, motivation, and mutually beneficial partnerships, the conclave converges heavily on empowering participants and driving a holistic growth of the business landscape as well as our national economy.

The presence of prominent figures and the awards ceremony honoring exceptional achievements further adds to the event’s prestige. Join us to make this event a grand success and become a part of this catalytic journey to a brighter future for businesses worldwide.

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Q1: What is the Indo-Global Entrepreneurship Conclave-2023?

The Indo-Global Entrepreneurship Conclave 2023 is a prestigious event that brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, & industry experts from India & across the globe to foster collaboration, exchange ideas, and promote entrepreneurship.

Q2: When and where will the conclave take place?

The Business event date & location INDO-GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONCLAVE-2023 & INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AWARD. entrepreneurship vision business exhibition in Delhi, Set to take place on 26th October 2023 at the Lalit Hotel, Delhi Please check the official website or promotional materials for up-to-date information.

Q3: Who can participate in the conclave?

The conclave is open to entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, industry leaders, policymakers, & anyone interested in entrepreneurship and business innovation.

Q4: What are the main topics and themes covered in the conclave?

The conclave typically covers a wide range of topics related to entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, funding, scaling businesses, market trends, & more. the specific agenda and themes for each year’s conclave will be available on the official website : Business Connect Magazine.

Q5: Will there be networking opportunities?

Yes, networking is an essential part of entrepreneurship conclaves. the event will likely include networking sessions, panel discussions, & workshops to facilitate meaningful connections and collaborations.

Q6: How can I stay updated about the conclave’s latest news and announcements?

Follow the official social media handles & subscribe to the newsletter of the Indo-Global Entrepreneurship Conclave to receive the latest updates, news, and announcements about the event.

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