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Conceptualized in 1981, JPF Metacast Pvt. Ltd. Belagavi, Karnataka is one of the leading companies in the business arena-engaged in manufacturing cast iron and ductile iron for machine tools, diesel engines, valves, and printing machinery. The parent company of JPF, Prakash Home Industries is a best-in-class manufacturer of machine tools. Initially, Prakash Home was engaged in purchasing castings from the market, but the team was not very satisfied with the quality, services, and delivery.

Since they were blessed with all the required inputs, Mr. Sharad Pandit, the owner of Prakash Home Industries, approached his younger brother Prakash Pandit to set up a brand-new foundry with a better and improved system of services, and hence, JPF was born.

Since its inception, the company is engaged in operations with an industrial workforce leaving its footprints in the realm. Throughout the conversation, Prakash threw some light on the importance of teamwork. He says that ‘Team Work’ is the motto of his company as they have developed a skilled, well-organized, and contributed team since its inception, who continuously focuses on relentless progress and development of the organization.

He further adds, “JPF management team has worked immensely to build-up a united team by analyzing the potential employees with a complete SWOT analysis. In addition, each department has a head who is responsible for the overall functioning with responsibility and authority.”

1992 was the year of the ‘Great divide’ for the organization as it fully transformed its working system into a well created and well-equipped with the latest technologies because of the Liberalisation, Globalisation and open market. The visionary told us that the leadership panel is equipped with an organizational chart that features the management and employees.

The chart primarily ensures smooth functioning of services among all departments simultaneously as all the vital services are provided with an internal process for both national as well as international clients. This whole process has helped the team in gaining an immense reputation in the market for highly-qualified services in the respective arena. The floor team dedicatedly follows the safety and quality measurement process of the products right from the raw materials to final inspection.

The MD affirms, “This whole scenario helped us to accelerate the creation of a cutting edge manufacturing culture with a focus on inclusive growth. In addition, being a member of UNIDO, we have an edge of having the first-hand information of the emerging technologies available out there and also the ‘Know-How’ support from them directly.”

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration.” An organization can never scale the success ladder without a leader as he or she directs the organization as a whole on the right path. And Prakash is performing his leadership duty with great enthusiasm holding the post of chairman and the managing director of the company. Just after completing his graduation in B. Sc., Prakash joined BATLIBOI & Company in Chennai as a sales assistant. Other than working in the general machine tool department and a bank in Belgaum, he also tested his knowledge and skills in other departments.

In the year 1975, Prakash joined his family business prevailing in the engineering industry named Prakash Home Industries that was engaged in manufacturing silencers, housing, hoods, straps, and other items in the relevant realm. He gave his career a bounce back and a great acceleration by deciding to start his entrepreneurial journey in 1981. The company started the production from 10 Tons per month to 400 Tons per month today. In 2009, Mr. Gaurav followed his father’s footsteps by joining the organization just after completing his BE from Pune University and PGDM from SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai.

Gaurav is an industrial and dedicated persona who actively keeps himself engaged in organizational operations in distinctive fields such as quality services, finance, and human resources. Moreover, he has developed a detailed knowledge in the foundry industry for more than 11 years and has gained numerous skills, including business optimization, product development, identification of continuous improvement, business planning, Six-Sigma and strategy development as well.

A successful organization consists of numerous ingredients in its dish-but a robust knowledge of emerging technologies is always the main ingredient. Coping with innovations in the tech arena can provide a supreme level of specialization to the company. Following the current market scenarios and technical requirements of the clientele, JPF is relentlessly upgrading itself in the niche. The JPF team says that in present times, market requirements are strengthening concerning the quality of the product if the organization wants to stand still in the international market.

Discussing the quality and enhanced productivity the JPF team has modified the melting process by converting a coke-fired cupola furnace to three electrical induction furnaces. They revealed that the traditional melting systems were modified by the organization for energy-efficient IGBT furnaces, where the energy saving is to the tune of 20-30%. An advanced and fully automatic high-pressure molding line has been installed throughout the organization to acquire the molding process methodology. And throughout the process, machines with new and emerging technology are replaced by the old ones.

In addition, automated machines such as leak testing machines and CNC machines are installed with skilled manpower in the organization along with the adoption of Industry 4.0.

The visionary meanwhile the conversation affirmed, “We have started adopting new and emerging technologies, including simulation packages, upgrading the laboratory, recruitment of such highly educated candidates for different positions in the organization that directly helped us creating the brand value we posse today.”

Someone has said, “If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter-but if you compete with others, you become better.” This is the mantra of success and relentless growth of the JPF team. In the organization, all the rules and regulations by the government are followed very sincerely to avoid any unexpected situation in the future.

During the global pandemic of COVID-19, when the whole world was battling and was uncertain regarding the future-JPF team was engaged in conducting various vital awareness programs in public and acted as a helping hand for the society. Also, they provided all types of necessary protective materials such as soaps, sanitizers, etc. to the needy and also arranged free COVID vaccination camps in the organization as well as outside.

When our team questioned about the competitive advantage of the organization that others can’t copy, Prakash replied by saying, “The processes we set ourselves in the foundry are much competitive in design and combined chain-to produce and supply a well-qualified product. A well-educated, skilled, and experienced management made a robust process that is difficult to follow anywhere else.”

In the current market scenario, it’s more than important to stand like a sore thumb by performing the tasks efficiently and effectively. As many competitors are serving in the same niche, an urge arises in the JPF team to be different and do differently. Since JPF has expertise in intricate castings in batch quantity, JPF has always been a profitable company even during the economic crises with the growth of over 10%.

In addition to its marvelous performance, JPF had made a valuable contribution in implementing energy efficiency and cleaner production measures under the project of energy efficiency at MSME’s through the World Bank, Bureau of Energy Efficiency and SIDBI. And it also has been a member of the US-Asia Environment Partnership Program.

Talking about the social responsibility, JPF relentlessly thrives for the betterment of the society. The team has built roads, planted various trees, and constructed bus shelters in nearby areas. Moreover, the company has been a vital part in developing the Belgaum Institute of Medical Science for the improvement of COVID-19 facilities-and has contributed energy-efficient bulbs create awareness of energy efficiency and global warming.

The organizational culture at JPF is very positive and developing in nature. The company provides great exposure to the employees that keep them motivated. The team affirms that all legal rules and regulations as per the state and central government are strictly followed throughout the organization and the organization provides all the promised facilities to the employees without any delay.

Other than this, numerous services are provided by the organization, including frequent health check-ups, eye testing camps, blood donation camps, financial support to employees’ children, and timely recognition to employees for their efficient performance in the business. The company also provides financial support for marriage, medical, home, etc. without charging any interest for it.

Prakash states that they provide all the required safety equipment and uniform to every employee and improve their skills and knowledge by providing training from expert academics. With this, they upgrade their knowledge as per the emerging technology. He further adds, “60% of our employees are working with us for the past 15+ years and that is the trust we have built in the company.

The ultimate success and unforgettable journey of a company get defined more efficiently by the achievements it has bagged throughout the process. Being the first-ever company of North Karnataka that has bagged the ISO 9001 quality management system, JPF has achieved numerous accolades for its exemplary services in the arena.

  • National Award for Quality Products in Small Scale Sector in 1998 by Govt. of India.
  • Ship to Use Supplier Award in 2001 by Cummins India Ltd.
  • Excellent Performance Award in 2004, 2006 and 2007 by Cummins India ltd
  • Rajiv Gandhi National Quality Award in 2007 by BIS, New Delhi
  • Outstanding Support Award in 2009 by Ace Designers Ltd.
  • Jayswal Neco National Quality Award – 2012 – World Foundry Organization – IIF Center
  • FMB Awards for Outstanding achievement in Family
  • Managed Business for Operational Management – 2013 – S.P. Jain College of Management, Mumbai
  • MSME Business Tycoon Award in 2017 to Prakash Pandit by ASSOCHAM
  • Outstanding Support Award – 2019 from Ace Designers Ltd, Bangalore

And the list is surely endless! Moreover, the company is not ready to stop here at any cost-rather it has stepped up its game in a more efficient way and given robust competition to other players.

The future of JPF is undoubtedly shining like a diamond, and the company will surely lead the respective niche by expanding itself in both national and international markets. When our editorial team asked Prakash to shine some light on his future endeavors, he replied by stating, “We plan to expand our operations to a few more untapped markets and to get more specialized products with technology up-gradation as well as with forwarding integration.

By sharing some words of sagacity for our global readership, Prakash conveyed a message for the aspiring entrepreneurs by saying, “the biggest risk is to not take any risk. Just be ambitious, be excited! Don’t stop yourself dreaming big and create value for others.”

Before signing off, he further adds in the conversation, “We believe in Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We always focus on recycling whatever waste we generate during our business operations. We don’t even dispose of the sand that we use in the manufacturing process to generate as little waste as we can. We are a great believer in green technologies, and hence, we have installed all energy-efficient lighting systems in the workspace. Also, major power-consuming machines are replaced by energy-efficient machines as we try to alternate energy resources wherever possible.”

The company’s growth has always been accelerated through mobilized finances, built-in capacities, improved client services, etc. All these have been possible due to the unstoppable efforts of its employees and local governing bodies. And the organization is planning its future by taking equal participation of its employees in the decision-making process.

The leader has the perception that there is no age to be an entrepreneur. All you have to do is believe in your dreams and do whatever it takes to make them a reality. Believing in yourself when everybody thinks you are not able to do it is the most essential thing to be successful.

“Too often, many of us live with more awareness of our limitations than our potential. The time to change is now, to know that you’re capable of anything you set your mind to. The only limit you have is the one you choose to place on yourself.”- Prakash Narayan Pandit, Managing Director

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