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An Expert in Handling Financial Solutions in the Best Manner

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Yes, it’s all about how you manage your finance! Just as ancient Greek playwright, Sophocles wrote, “Wisdom outweighs any wealth”. This statement is true in many cases as wisdom has a vital role to play in gaining wealth, especially when one has to manage finance in the best possible manner.

The same is the case with various entrepreneurial ventures but due to being excessively busy and knowing that this aspect could not be ignored, they prefer hiring people and firms who could look after their finance. And this is where Kothari’s & Company pitch in.

Either timely making payment of taxes or satisfying client’s need by performing simple aspects like collecting their documents from where the representatives of the companies are, Kothari’s & Company do it all. To simplify this more, it could be said the company handles accounts, GST, Income Tax and much more for the particular firm and also deliver’s door-to-door services to the firms.

Currently, providing their ‘one and all’ services at Ajmer under the exclusive leadership of Mr Poonam Chand Kothari, Kothari’s & Company has become a well-reckoned ‘Consultant-cum- Accountant’.

In 1998, Mr Kothari began his own company i.e. Kothari’s & Company in Ajmer and the journey continued after that. Here, the company is functional in the accounts, taxes and other such areas. Many of their clients in Ajmer and outside too, have witnessed ease in getting rid of financial and legal troubles, which proves their quality services and expertise

With expertise in accounting, the founder of Kothari’s & Company — Mr Kothari possesses experience of 29 years, which makes him an exemplary leader. Understanding the basics, he simplifies the problems for others, thus coming up with fantastic and cost-effective solutions. The company has an ideology that says- the clients should receive financial support services intelligently and cost-effectively.

If few examples of their services are to be cited, then accounts, sales tax, VAT, Tally education, Income Tax are their targeted areas.

The company believes that the Goods and Services Tax or the GST would help in controlling the stealth of tax and would be beneficial for the Indian economy in the future. The Government finds it far more convenient in monitoring the transactions. Previously, businessmen were in no mood to accept the GST and the consultants found it difficult too. As time passed, the Government of India gave ample time, information and also relaxations in penalty. As a result, everyone has started following the GST.

“The GST is now regularizing business as businessmen now avoid late fees and interests by filing the taxes in time. The cost of basic products will not be increased due to the GST and the cost of luxury items will increase and therefore, it won’t affect the lower-income class”, asserts Mr Kothari.

When Kothari’s & Company talks about the GST, then they boost-up for providing new GST/new Registration of a firm, Quarter-wise GST returns, Online Issuance of Road Permit and that too within the two-minute duration. The GST returns are done on an annual basis and also, e-payments of GST challan through their banking procedure, are performed. It would be inappropriate if it is not mentioned that for this, they do not ask for your firm’s bank’s password.

Being an authorized partner of ‘SIFY’, Kothari’s & Company provides all types of Digital Signature facilities. This is another benefit or advantage provided by Kothari’s & Company. As far as accounts are concerned, Kothari’s & Company renders computerized accounting services through the software Tally with its latest version.

They collect the documents of the company from the office or home and after finishing the required work in a day or two, return those to the desired place. In other words, it could be said that the accountant is available anywhere and everywhere. Then, after the completion of the accounting work, the company files the Sales Tax, VAT or Income Tax return as expected.

The types of accounts handled by them are Cash Book, Bank Book, Journal, Sale, Purchase, Expenses, Vouchers, Data entry. Bank reconciliation is also performed on a monthly basis.

Also, debtors and creditors are positioned every month with their bill number and date that helps the companies in having a command on their accounts.

Apart from all these, an internal audit is also done that ensures a cent percent checking of vouchers, finding mistakes and doing corrections before the final solution is handed over.

Kothari’s & Company provide clients with a same-day Income Tax e-filing facility. This makes it very much easier for those clients who forget to file their income tax on time or who leave it for the last day. Hence, their services come as a great reliever too for many. As the name suggests, all this is performed online.

Having been associated with different CA firms, Kothari’s & Company aims at giving the clients convenience at a large and therefore, it says- ‘You are free from all tension and we have to file your Income Tax return after the finalization of all the accounts-related works. Post the filing of Income Tax return, you will be eligible to get loans like Cash credit limits, Overdue limits, Personal loans, Car loans, Home loans subject to certain conditions.’

A Customer-centric approach is what Kothari’s & Company follows. It takes the responsibility only after understanding the client’s requirements and time constraints.

To sum up, talking about the Goods and Services Tax/Accounts works to be done in time,

Mr Kothari without any hesitation stresses, “This is our guarantee to our customers that we will file all their GST, Income Tax returns in time.”

Kothari’s & Company values the bond it shares with the clients and this is what motivates and encourages them to continue their timely and unequalled services.

To conclude, the company says, “We shall continue to work on our simple principle of ‘Work limited, Work in time, Provide services at the doorstep.”

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