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Chartered Accountants hold a distinct and prominent role in the economy. And to think, their responsibility includes overseeing just debit-credit of accounts, it’s actually, more than that. Of course, their core functions are based on accounting, but CAs play a much more integral role in nation-building. They use their wisdom and expertise to shape a viable financial framework that allows a nation to cope with its financial concerns in an organised manner while boosting economic growth in industries.

Even now that our Nation’s economy strives to emerge from the decay, CAs are putting a lot of effort into it. Their roles may be related to budget forecasting, Tax planning, preparing accounts books, capital budgeting or other financial concerns, but in the end, they are maintaining a prominent status across segments. One such riveting Senior CA & Corporate Consultant is Siddharth Maheshwari. Through his Chartered Accountancy Firm, Siddharth Maheshwari & Co, he is catering a broad spectrum of tailored solutions to multiple industries & sectors with a worldwide client base, which attributes to the Nation’s growth.

Hailing from a family of CA & Lawyers, Siddharth Maheshwari was determined to carry forward the family legacy from an early age. His vision was to shape Management Consultancy with more innovations and creativity. After completing his CA degree and masters in Finance & Taxation, he started working with his father, Mr. Rajan Maheshwari, a prominent Senior Advocate in Taxation and an eminent lifetime member of several International Institutions. After a period of learning and honing his skills at a top Management Institute (IIM-Ahmadabad), Siddharth Maheshwari began working on his vision – and in 2013, he incepted his proprietary Firm, Siddharth Maheshwari & Co.

Later on, Mrs. Shilpa Maheshwari, (Siddharth’s Wife) – a CA having prior experience with Ernst & Young and Deloitte, joined him on board. Furthermore, they are supported by Mr. Saket Maheshwari, (Siddharth’s young brother) – a Financial analyst, MBA (USA) and his wife, Mrs. Swati Khaitan Maheshwari, MSc. Economics (London). Siddharth calls it “A family unified by values, culture and soft hearts”. Siddharth dedicates all his success to his mother Mrs. Latika Maheshwari, “My mother has been a large part of that force.

I gratefully dedicate my success to my mother,” he adjoins. With such a supportive family and a passionate leader, the Firm saw a meteoric rise. Siddharth’s ingenuity, desire for learning, and capacity to think beyond the box also navigated it through highs and lows. As of now, Siddharth Maheshwari & Co. is a paragon in the pantheon CA firms, recognized for its trusted solutions. It works with 5000+ clients, including Indian and foreign from all verticals, like Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Travel & Tourism, FMCG, Imports & Exports, Fashion Industry/Garments, Agro, IT & Technology, etc.

Whether it’s an aspiring entrepreneur or an established tycoon, Siddharth Maheshwari & Co. – is equipped to help both. The Firm is an all-inclusive parasol in accounting & taxation, focusing on prime concerns, such as Income Tax, GST, Corporate Finance, Audit, Accounting services, International Taxation, TDS and Payroll. It also works on Litigation and Scrutiny Cases, Export & Import Documentation, along with, services like Online E-tendering, E-auctions.

On the other hand, it focuses on corporate consultancy to help companies earn their desired recognition. Siddharth Maheshwari has a forte in producing innovative ideas for Startups; therefore, the Firm is into Start-up consultancy in terms of setting up a venture, cost management, management setup, mergers & acquisitions, etc. Parallelly, the Firm is quite acquainted with technological developments. The accounting & taxation model has quite changed from what it was a decade ago. With the digital inclusion and govt. efforts to reconcile data, it has become easier to access information. “This has created a viable transparency between the government and taxpayers,” asserts Siddharth. Such transparency and Digitization enable him and other CAs, to work with more resources and deliver more transparent reports.

Accounting and business consulting entail a fair bit of close interaction, which necessitates trust & integrity. The foundation of Siddharth Maheshwari & Co. is on these essential pillars. Siddharth’s family has been in this industry for over three generations, and preserving that legacy ensures clients’ trust and faith. He believes in quality over quantity and prefers probing through scenarios to understand individual concerns. “Once a potential client walks through our door, we ensure they find us viable,” affirms Siddharth Maheshwari. End-to-end confidentiality is maintained. The firm also places a high value on time and ensures to meet deadlines.

Security of clients’ information also advocates trust. Hence, the records are preserved in a highly organized system with appropriate security measures. The Firm tends to keep up with innovations, which gives access to high-end infrastructures and technology (Software & Hardware). Its presence in every vertical, as well as proper source of information, improves knowledge. The resourceful framework has rewarded a 100% retention rate, a PAN-India client base and a strong exposure to the global market as well.

Although Finance & Taxation are deeply influenced – by technology, Siddharth Maheshwari & Co. has maintained balanced integration. Clients can communicate through numerous communication channels, being supervised by responsible people. Even questionnaires to probe potential clients and understand their concerns are prepared by individuals and not just machines. Nonetheless, the Firm has its own proprietary software to maintain the client’s database and uses 100+ accounting software in operations. The proprietary software has very limited access to ensure data caches are safe and maintained properly. Whether it’s clients or employees, everyone can access only their areas of concern. The balanced model helped in ensuring a fruitful business model amid the pandemic.

While COVID-19 affected every sector, people with proper resources fared well. Adopting the scenario, the Firm has shifted its operations online to grow and ensure the safety of everyone. All the hearings with the departments and meetings with employees, clients, respectively, are done on digital platforms. The in-house software has significantly helped in advocating a systemic and secured business & consultancy model.

It is said, through culture, a company conveys its true nature. And the foundation of clients’ trust and honesty is how a firm regards its people. This is somewhere the beloved firm has placed a robust landmark. Siddharth Maheshwari & Co. has employees working with them for 3 generations. The founder proudly asserts, “They worked with my Grandfather, now they’re working with my father and me. Also, their children after post graduation have started to work with us – This shows work ethics and culture”.

Their team consists of experienced professionals and experts along with, Stenographers, Record Keepers, Data feeders, Back-end Office Staff, etc. Everyone enjoys collaboration, respect and maintains an organised way of work. This creates the impression of ‘One big family’ where everyone is treated equally and contributes equally to the Firm’s success.

To uphold a culture of trust – one needs to look beyond their fences, which is why the entire Maheshwari family indulges in societal contributions. They are associated with social institutions and sponsor cataract operations for the underprivileged. Furthermore, they organize free surgeries for children born with certain disabilities. Siddharth Maheshwari claims that his family has been contributing to this humanitarian work for 20-25 years and would continue to do so in the future.

With 50 years of underlying experience, fervid people and resources, Siddharth Maheshwari & Co. has had an exclusive excursion. Starting from a small city, Farrukhabad, (UP), then extending to Delhi and Noida NCR, it has made its resonance felt across the global market with World Wide Client Base. And throughout the stint, hasn’t lost – a single client, a truly laudable achievement!

Now, Siddharth believes that a bigger milestone lies for him ahead. Therefore, he aims to continue upholding trust and quality in his field of work and in addition, he plans to expand in other areas of Consultancy and ventures.

“Aim for the stars, at least you might end up on the top of the mountain. Invent ways that actually distinguishes you from others. The world is evolving, and it’s important to think out of the box. Be knowledgeable and tech-savvy. Respect your Team and be passionate to learn. Nevertheless, ‘Gratitude is everything’, never forget the people who work in shade.” – Siddharth Maheshwari, FCA, Chief Advisor, Founder.

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