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Leaf Craft Pvt. Ltd.

Leaf Craft Pvt. Ltd.

Boosting the client’s build with the unrivaled code base

Here comes the company that has been building over 400+ functionalities in one’s code that allowed the team to get accelerated outcomes. Not only do they just build, but also correct the wrong traces left. Harnessing robust code structures, Leaf Craft is able to build products at surprisingly low-cost with high efficiency. Unlike the peer service companies that started from scratch or picked frameworks, they have already developed over 70% of products that are built for different types of use cases.

The difference has been observed to be 30% only ranging from product to product. To cover the length and breadth of the company, we arranged a tete-a-tete with the company’s CEO- Khoushik Ananth who enlightened us on the company’s overall business model. Let’s see what he unveiled about Leaf Craft in the exclusive conversation.

The preface

Leaf Craft has been known to create tailor-made software implementation plans for SMEs and enterprise-level corporations. The company prides itself on seeing the job through from start to finish as they move from an idea to execution. Owing to necessary maintenance and support, the final rollout is an uncompromised product.

Based on their invaluable experience in varied industries, they allow everyone to build the best in class digital products helping them to get an edge over their competitors. In order to create a product that is efficient and has been prioritized as per timeline, budget, and most urgent needs while always keeping the client in the loop in terms of product development.

In the present era, when everyone has been looking to build their ideas and be in the market. Leaf Craft is dedicated to building things aiming to accelerate the builds as the main priority with customers. With fewer delivery timelines and swift building approaches, they are building products robustly. Partnering and collaborating with customers on such ideas that seek partnerships and equity sharing is also under their service umbrella.

Changing issues into opportunities

Covid-19 posed serious challenges to the survival of each business venture. Leaf Craft also faced intense challenges in the curation of developing health-assisting apps to address issues of the statements thriving in society. Numerous No code and Low code solutions assisted groups and organizations in addressing particular problems, but they also introduced holes in process management.

The original concept of Leaf Craft was to speed up the development process while maintaining a standard degree of product robustness. They have created internal products in a variety of industries, including health, SaaS, and finance, and little and no code. The goal is to help startups and individuals with technology from 0 to 10. They firmly think of Time as well as Product Cost. Obviously, when the time is shortened, the cost is reduced.

The founder’s differentiation

As the founder, Khoushik Ananth has been part of IIIT Hyderabad which always pushed him forward to work and pull in likeminded people. Facilitating peer-to-peer team development, everyone ensures a lot of encouragement to each other that enables swift learning and compassion. What is even more important is to build a team on peer-to-peer references.

Similarly, during the covid-19 crisis, they acknowledged the problem gaps like rapid building and POC that made a huge difference to everyone. There are numerous key factors that allow identifying the above problems and bringing in reasonable solutions without disturbing the existing flow of development.

“As things are ever-evolving, we do the same with our code base to get going. We understand the client’s needs and the space where things are going out in the market. Building on MSP(Minimum support price) would be our ideal way to Go! With ever-changing clients and tech, we have an update process to keep our code bases up to date,” claims Khoushik.

Inclusive Project Management

For ensuring the best-in-class project management facility, they are assigning a product manager that ensures follow-up on the clients regarding the design, development, change and adoption. Analyzing the time expenditure and money spent in the building process, they ensure to establish an inclusive project management process.

Moreover, the most considerable and significant aspect of building quality products is a well-established pipeline that facilitates better functioning. From building products with well-tested and already production-utilized and ready code modules, they have always managed to stay ahead of the curve so far. “We cater to the individuals, small businesses, and medium businesses looking for SaaS products to drive their needs.

We are currently associated with Bring your own belly (BYOB), Instonomy & P2E Pro. Faith comes from the Delivery of the product and support and we succeed in doing these things right,” remarked Khoushik regarding his inclusive project management.

R&D implementation

R&D is not just a mere formal process but a key factor to keep up to date on the codebase for seamless workflow at the company. Their exemplary outstanding work on the applications and products that ease product development for customers and internal staff. R&D has become necessary to improve the provision for customers.

It should also enable ease to the company’s team and help them experience effortlessness in the process of holistic growth. From networking to tech utilization, they have been taking major steps to create the distinction with the R & D process, addressing the problem statements.

They have worked in the past to provide the end customers with different sorts of examples and perceptions towards product building. Till now, they have been blessed to be with inbound calls for making a better product line.

Achievements and accolades

Since its inception, the company has been known to build applications to assist clients to build their product ideas with one click approach only. They have been looking forward to building next-generation applications/ proof of concept for the end customers in the coming years. So far, they have successfully built 450+ code modules delivering 3 projects in less than a year with an accelerated code base pipeline.

Also, Leaf Craft has built 4 shelf products that grabbed eyeballs across the industry. Assisting more and more customers to build accelerated pipelines in more affordable packages, it has become one of the promising companies in its niche market.

Words to convey…

“Products are very specific in nature and the team’s understanding of the products is based on in-depth study. Well, we have our own understanding of our thought process in comprehending things surrounding us from requirements to features and user stories. Sometimes, you’re just on the Idea Verse of a building. So, there you need a bunch of people who can diversify thinking and contemplation.

Team building becomes an essential pillar to be laid down. Yet comes another one, bringing everyone onto the same page. This becomes organizational goals to be acknowledged by the team. Having sorted all these, bringing product in time is enabled by good planning, having tons of people won’t accelerate builds. Sticking to what has been planned is a good dream come true. So far so good.

Now the hurdle of the millennium go to market, “try it out” that’s a big ask from users making the best use of timing when do you ask? All these pass through and you see acceptance. Maintaining trust is what companies thrive for.” – Khoushik Ananth, the CEO

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