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Lean On Us

Lean On Us

Customized Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence…

In the Indian manufacturing landscape, daily profits are under constant pressure from aggressive market forces and global competition. However, the failure to become more efficient poses a significant long-term threat to an organization’s survival. Several challenges plague the industry, including the absence of scientific problem-solving, a lack of data-driven decision-making, subpar working systems, an absence of performance measurement and evaluation, and a misalignment between the organizations’ vision and daily operations. Addressing these challenges is essential for sustaining profitability and competitiveness in the manufacturing sector. In this reference, there is a company that works on a case-to-case basis by identifying core problems and deploying necessary operational excellence tools.

As a beacon of hope, Lean On Us came into existence to make a difference in Management Consulting space. The founding team, consisting of Mr. Srikanth, Mr. Nithin, and Mr. Kishore, identified a crucial gap in the management consultancy. The trio of founders boasts a collective experience of decades in spearheading operational excellence projects across a diverse array of industries in PAN India across verticals like Consulting , Training , Turnkey Manufacturing solutions and Manufacturing execution systems.

They noticed that while other consultants focused on planning and providing a roadmap for operational excellence, the actual implementation was often lacking. This approach, centered around effective implementation and sustained efforts, has proven to be the winning strategy for Lean On Us. Through this narrative, we have covered various unknown facts about the company’s business portfolio that are worth mentioning and exploring. Let’s dive in:


The company specializes in enhancing the profitability and operational efficiency of businesses through consulting and training services. Their approach combines strategic management and operational excellence to provide comprehensive solutions. Strategic management involves guiding organizations towards a path of excellence by providing a clear direction. This approach facilitates systematic coordination of activities across various levels and departments, resulting in enhanced efficiency.

Operational excellence, on the other hand, is centered around driving business growth through leadership, teamwork, and effective problem-solving. It prioritizes meeting customer needs, empowering employees, and optimizing existing processes. They not just believe in “how to do things” but in “how to make things better.” Their motto, “We Optimize You,” underscores their primary objective of making organizations more efficient and improving overall efficiency.

Their services yield several benefits, including increased profitability, enhanced organizational structure and systematization, improved operational stability, and the cultivation of a culture of continuous improvement. Their offerings encompass a range of services: system deployment, industrial engineering, digitalization of manufacturing, and turnkey solutions for factory automation.


Lean On Us has proactively embraced Operational Excellence 4.0 and IoT trends, undertaking comprehensive audits for clients pertaining to the digitalization of their operational processes. This includes evaluations of ERP systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Management Information Systems, and report generation procedures. Through these initiatives, Lean On Us has consistently assessed the current digital landscape of clients and formulated strategic roadmaps for effective execution. In doing so, the company has effectively addressed a significant gap in the industry.


The success of Lean On Us projects stands as the bedrock of their operations. They make commitments aligned with what’s realistically attainable for each company, and once committed, they relentlessly strive to achieve their goals. This unwavering dedication has not only solidified their reputation but also led to a stream of referrals from satisfied existing clients. The team approaches each project as a unique case, diligently addressing the specific pain points of the business. What sets them apart is their customized, unparalleled methodology for enhancing organizational systems, applicable across sectors and backed by a proven track record.

Their deep domain expertise and wealth of experience have established them as a significant player in the market. They foster a collaborative environment at the client’s site, emphasizing “Total Employee Involvement (TEI)” in project execution, ensuring team buy-in and successful implementation. Having worked with 30+ industry verticals and completed over 200 projects for organizations of varying scales, they have honed “The Best Approach” tailored to each industry’s needs. Over time, many clients have regarded them as indispensable industry partners, instrumental in key decision-making processes, whether regarding capital expenditures or business expansions.


In the near future, Lean On Us envisions expanding its operations beyond national borders, extending its impact and expertise. In a nutshell, collaborating with Lean On Us is an assurance of a results-driven partnership with a proven track record in operational excellence implementation across diverse manufacturing sectors. Their commitment to delivering guaranteed ROI and tailoring solutions to meet unique needs ensures a successful engagement that not only yields tangible outcomes but also enriches the value of the client’s organization which has contributed to their undisputed success.

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