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Capximize: Revolutionizing Global Manufacturing Capacities

Capximize: Revolutionizing Global Manufacturing Capacities

The Genesis
Taking the initiative of our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi of “Make in India” the concept of Capximize India was formed. According to the Government statistics as of June’21, India utilise barely 60% of its installed manufacturing capacities whereas even developing countries like Brazil and Vietnam utilize 83% – 84% of their installed capacities.

A global platform offering detailed information on available surplus manufacturing capacities in India is the genesis of creating this platform. Capximize is an innovative knowledge-based global digital platform that facilitates utilization of surplus manufacturing capacities in India by both domestic and international corporations. This cutting-edge platform utilizes a proprietary algorithm to provide tailored recommendations for corporates seeking manufacturing partners. We were awarded as the most innovating start-up of the year-2023 by Bombay Industries Association.

In essence, if you are a manufacturer based anywhere in India with a valid registered GST number, you can easily list your manufacturing capacity on the Capximize Platform. Once registered, your capacities become visible to global and Indian companies seeking manufacturing partners, allowing them to connect with you and share their requirements.

Capximize essentially acts as an extended marketing arm for companies offering manufacturing capacities, providing them with global visibility and access to new business opportunities. On the other hand, for companies in search of manufacturing partners, Capximize serves as an extended vendor development arm, offering a wide array of pan-Indian manufacturing options.

The Team
Capximize is a venture of a reputed entrepreneurial Indian group, backed by a professional leadership team. Capximize started with the coming together of three minds passionate about contributing to the growth of the manufacturing sector viz. Siddharth Mehra, Avinash Bapat and Uday Maydeo. Our team is passionate about transforming the manufacturing landscape by making industries utilize their assets better.

The Journey
In 2020, we conducted a study of the domestic B2B manufacturing companies to identify the sectors which can benefit the most from capacity collaboration between organisations with surplus manufacturing capacities and organisations seeking capacity. We onboarded industry experts from all the five sectors to study the manufacturing processes followed in each sector and sub-sector to arrive at the data points that needed to be gathered to enable capacity collaboration. Based on the findings, a management team was put in place.

A US based technology firm was engaged to design the UI/UX and a proprietary algorithm. Offices were put in place in multiple cities. Alliances and marketing events were rolled out.

Once we were ready, the platform was launched for the public in January 2022. Capximize In short span of time has acquired 5000+ corporates as our members. 100+ deals are ongoing on Capximize platform between its members with several multi crore rupees deals already concluded between the members.

The Vision and Mission of Capximize:
Vision: To enable the unification of the manufacturing sector on a Global basis.
Mission: To create a global platform for surplus manufacturing capacities and facilitate the identification of the right partners through a secure, proprietary algorithm-driven platform.

The platform caters to two categories of members: Capximizer i.e., Manufacturing Capacity Providers and Capximizee i.e., Manufacturing Capacity Seekers.

For the Capximizer, Capximize brings numerous advantages, including

  • new business opportunities,
  • increased global visibility,
  • easy geographical expansion,
  • access to customers from multiple industries due to its sector-agnostic model.

On the other hand, Manufacturing Capacity Seekers also Capximize has specific advantages –

  • wide range of pan-India manufacturing options,
  • improved production cost, capital conservation,
  • ready-to-use manufacturing facilities, and
  • enhanced sourcing security.

Capximize has been committed to establishing direct communication with manufacturing companies to raise awareness about its unique benefits. Leveraging the support of industrial and business associations, as well as chambers across India and international chambers of commerce in India, the platform conducts seminars, webinars, and sponsorships to engage with potential members. Additionally, Capximize actively participates in trade fairs and industry exhibitions to directly interact with manufacturers.

As a digital platform, Capximize recognizes the importance of digital communication and employs various avenues like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google to reach out to manufacturing companies and create awareness.

Key features of the platform Knowledge – We have spent two years in learning the nuance of manufacturing capacities for the industries we cater to. The design of the information architecture is done by professionals from each sectors /sub sectors who have spent maximum time in production facilities on the shopfloor to visibility.

Visibility – As Capximize India is a global platform it offers visibility of spare capacities of Indian corporates (Capximizers) to the domestic and international companies ; similarly, it also offers Pan India manufacturing options to India / International companies (Capximizee).

Technology – The cloud-based technology platform has its own proprietary algorithm which matches the availability of capacity with the exact need of the capacities in a secured environment. Also, the UI / UX (Information architecture) is made extremely user friendly by dividing the sectors into sub-sectors into processes or components which parameterised making it very simple for the user to complete the information (It takes barely 15-20 mins to upload or search information).

Competition – We are not a product directory but detailed analytics of surplus manufacturing capacities in India for global use. Also our annual subscription is very attractive to say the least for the entire data management and search for additional business for its members.

Employee Well-being and Growth:
Capximize values its employees and ensures their motivation and growth within the organization. By defining clear responsibilities and empowering individuals, the platform fosters a flexible work schedule, work-from-home options, room for personal development, transparency, open communication, and daily engagement with employees.

The platform organizes workshops and training sessions, celebrates achievements and special days, and offers various perks such as variable pay, structured workspace, medical insurance, hygiene and safety measures, and planned ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) to keep employees motivated and satisfied. We are proud to maintain a healthy ratio of female employees in our team with over 40% female employees.

Embracing Research and Development: Capximize is committed to continuous improvement through research and development. With its proprietary algorithm analyzing over 3300+ parameters to recommend the right
manufacturing partners, the platform believes that investing in R&D will further enhance its capabilities and better serve its members. Recognizing that the manufacturing industry thrives on innovation and adapting to customer needs, R&D plays a crucial role in elevating growth options for both customers and employees.

Future Expansion: Currently catering to five sectors, namely Pharmaceuticals, Textile, Electrical and Electronics,
Chemicals, and Auto Components, Capximize has ambitious plans for expansion into other industries. While currently welcoming Indian manufacturers to register with them to offer capacity, the platform envisions catering to international capacity providers, transforming Capximize into a truly global manufacturing platform.

A Vision Backed by Passion and Dedication: The concept is different from the commonly understood B2B platforms. As Capximize India would like to offer available spare manufacturing capacity in specialty chemical sector to the global players it needs extensive information base. Capximize is a game-changer for the manufacturing sector in India, with 3500 manufacturing capacity providers and over 1500 manufacturing capacity seekers on the platform spread across 5 industry sectors.

Of these over 2000 are from auto component and over 1000 each from electronics and textile manufacturing sector, along with numerous international companies eager to source from India. Although the platform faced initial challenges in creating awareness and acceptance, the team’s unwavering belief in the concept has driven them to overcome obstacles and put in hard work and resources to make Capximize a success. Their passionate vision to transform the manufacturing landscape and optimize industrial assets remains the driving force behind their efforts.

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