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Over the years, BPOs have emerged as a popular vertical for diverse solutions at cost-effective rates. Despite the ongoing challenges, the vertical has the potential to touch skies even in remote working. The world has entered a new work ecosystem, where the majority of the employees are stationed remotely. Not to mention, the process has its benefits. The remote framework helps BPOs acquire clients from anywhere worldwide without any hassle and operate with reduced expenses.

Despite the ongoing chaos, India has one of the largest markets for BPOs. The country has some of the acclaimed outsourcing vendors serving Companies of all sizes and shapes. Amongst the various services provided by individual vendors, Data-oriented services have emerged as a popular and cost-effective project.

And the country lines a vast number of BPOs in this category, including MNCs with multi-dimensional projects to SMEs. Login Services is an emerging name in the coup working on a wide variety of data-oriented projects. Headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, the Company envisages being a leader of its arena and help businesses reach their pinnacle.

Login Services
is one of the fastest-growing BPO in India, providing an array of outsourcing solutions worldwide. Founded in 2007, the Company is favoured for its punctuality and result-oriented solutions at cost-effective rates. Its sustainable quality and growth are propelled by seasoned leaders and a guild of efficient people trained in technology and requisite areas.

Login Services has scaled the industrial tides, merging itself with innovation and trends. Its services foster verticals like Administration, IT, Marketing, Agriculture, Arts, Healthcare, Finance, Education, etc. Its forte is built on the proper execution of projects backed with professionalism, tight deadlines, and strong communication skills.

Login Services is the brainchild of Murthy Rao M and Suresh M. The brothers are seasoned entrepreneurs and have an extensive background in professional aspects. However, it was the family that inspired the duo to start their entrepreneurial journey. They saw their aunt work in computers, and while they were teenagers, the machine’s functioning excited them.

Growing up, Suresh accomplished an M.Sc. in IT and laid the inception of Login Services in 2007. On the other hand, Murthy Rao has a B.Sc. in Computer Science and was a helping hand to his brother. Initially, it was just a data centre, but the duo began building a progressive client base with foresight. After few successful projects, the brothers became partners and recruited people to move ahead with full potential.

From there, the journey took a new turn. As of now, Login Services has an extensive dossier of solutions, including Data Entry, Online Research, Order Processing, Project Management, Transcription, Virtual/Administrative Assistance, Bookkeeping, Customer Service, Tech Support, Data Analytics, Data Extraction, Data Mining, Data Processing, Paralegal, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, and Market Research and so on. The Company serves more than 1000 clients, including individuals and companies in United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Despite coming from an impoverished family, their collaboration and self-inspiration are running the engine. Murthy Rao is also an avid fan of Swami Vivekananda and his teachings. According to him, quotes such as “All power is within you; you can do anything and everything”; “You can do anything and everything without even the guidance of anyone.

Stand up and express the divinity within you”, fuels his inspiration and keeps him strong in the face of challenges. After years of success in outsourcing, the brothers found another Company, Rainbow Softech, a single umbrella offering Data Entry, Web Scraping, Web Research, and Data Mining.

Hard work, specialized skills, and an around-the-clock working environment are some of the shared values of a BPO’s work culture. BPOs are a fast working industry and always require an energetic environment to be at optimal levels. Employees here are acclaimed for their communication skills, ability to multi-task and work under pressure. Adapting to these aspects, Login Services has formed an engaging culture that propels growth and progress.

It has a team of 50+ personnel having proficiency in English communication with excellent professional knowledge. To keep employees contended, the Company offers attractive salary packages and other benefits, like maternity leave of more than six months with pay. Furthermore, it has flexible working hours to maintain a work-life balance. Despite the current situation, the Company has established flexible work-from-home hours to preserve business continuity and keep employees satisfied.

In the last 13 years, the dynamic duo faced several obstacles, but their collaboration kept the wheels moving and engines running. Over the years, Login Services has served many global foundations, such as Valid8 Financial, Sweet Dreams Nurse Anesthesia, Inc., Allegiant Anesthesia LLC., Airbnb,, PayScale, and many more. Many of its clients term them as one of the best BPOs in India, having befitting knowledge and a solid commitment to succeed.

Coagulated with expertise, a classic clientele, and experience, Login Services lays down prospects in innovation and solutions. It plans to enter in Software Development, Designing & SEO, expanding its area of expertise shortly.

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