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Logistic Linkage Group

Logistic Linkage Group

Redefining the industry with its inclusive approach

This cover story depicts the phenomenal success story of Logistic Linkage Group- a well-acclaimed logistics connoisseur across Indian markets. For this exclusive read, we sat down for a virtual interview session with the Group Chairman- Vipin Bhardwaj who spotlighted various aspects of his very first entrepreneurial  venture, that was incorporated in 1999. Celebrating more than 2- decades of successful journey in the respective space, the group has set benchmarks with its matchless services and client- centric values, under the auspices of Vipin’s intriguing leadership.

Thereby, we find its triumphs worth mentioning at the forefront of this brand- new edition. Now, let’s dive into this gripping read to get better understanding of the company’s business portfolio, vision, prospects and a lot more.

The business portfolio
Logistic Linkage Group
claims to be the one-stop destination of logistics services, that needs no outsourcing at all.  The in-house processes make the overall service costs quite competitive in the space, says the dignitary. On the PAN India level, their custom clearances have become core activities and impeccable transportation facilities make them stand out from the crowd in the logistics industry. To sum it up, the organisation describes itself as a multimodal transporter that deals in various modes of transportation.

Speaking of the company’s inception story, it all started when Vipin Bhardwaj got exposure in Kuhne & Nagel. Here, he joined as Sales Trainee and attained extensive experience in all India sales operations in 1994, getting deeper insights into all verticals of Logistic activities. His incredible performance in the department allowed him to get promoted 3 times in one year only.

Later, he was bit by the entrepreneurial bug that propelled him to start his own venture from scratch. With this, he aspired to cater to the needs of various verticals under the same roof. He decided to offer something out-of-the-box to this industry that was under the state of huge transition. Back then, the logistics sector was never considered as a beneficial one to invade as an entrepreneur as the surge of new technologies were never expected by anyone ever.

At present, his brainchild is catering to over 25 industrial segments where its reach has been expanded across multiple verticals like — Automotive, Hitech Industry, Refrigeration & Air-conditioning, Lithium Batteries, Steel, FMCG, etc. And soon, it will expand its horizons to ensure an adamant reach to more segments as well.

‘SCM at par excellence’
The SCM software offered by the company has been dedicated to bringing a huge difference in supply chain performance. For manufacturers, on-time and accurate supply chain information help in an efficient workflow. LOGLINK is their in-house software that has been specially designed to make synergy with the stipulations put forth by their diverse customers. It has a multi-faceted working mechanism that offers different solutions to different issues. An agile and efficacious supply chain system is lucrative to manufacturers and retailers to reduce excess inventory. This eventually leads to the decrease in the overall cost of — producing, shipping, insuring and storing products that cannot be sold.

Supply Chain Management comprises six major components-

  1. Planning
  2. Sourcing
  3. Making
  4. Delivering
  5. Returning
  6. Enabling

And Logistics Linkage Group stands firm to offer the ‘delivering’ component that is commonly termed as logistics. It is heavily focussed on coordinating customer orders, scheduling delivery, dispatching loads, invoicing customers, and receiving payments. And this component primarily relies on a fleet of vehicles where later, the product is shipped to the customers. It has been seen that most of the organizations outsource a majority of the delivery process to a few specialist organizations, especially when any  particular product requires special handling to be delivered with adequate safety.

So, timely shipping & clearances and  delivering clearances at airport pose new-age challenges to the organisation that are the prominent factors that satisfy SCM needs. In this reference, the luminary states, “Logistics is an important element of a successful supply chain that helps increase the sales and profits of businesses that deal with the production, shipment, warehousing and delivery of products.” In order to sync with the new-fangled requirements of the industry, Logistic Linkage Group has been adhering to all the major factors while tailoring customised solutions targeting several industries to cope with the upcoming challenges.

What makes it stand apart from the rest?
Being steadfast on its prime motto to satisfy the customers with the best possible solutions, the group is effectively adding substance to this space. The reason says-  customers have a myriad of options to pick from, but the organisations only one! Hence, driven by this motto since its inception, the organisation is making leaps in terms of growth.

Additionally, adapting as per the changing scenario is a must to stay ahead of the game, where the company acknowledges the industry trends and ensures appropriate changes accordingly. Here, they have organised all the logistics operations into multiple steps.  From the first one to the last, they implement changes as per the customer demand. “We have only variables factors where we can play an instrumental role in molding functions as per customer requirements,” asserts the key official.

To get better insights into the customer expectations, they arrange multiple informal meetings at customer sites and get a deeper understanding of their requirements. Then, the team puts 2-3 solutions on the table after thorough analysis. Later, they conclude the process as per the decision of the customer and this is how they explain their prowess to be a key contributor to the growth of their end customers.

About the subsidiaries
Logistic Linkage wishes to deal with high costs after its inception. This stimulated the founder to purchase new enterprises to facilitate in-house processes for cost-cutting. Hence, the Group happens to bring over 6 subsidiary enterprises under its parasol that are heavily into several verticals of the logistics industry.

Cwick Cargo Carriers has been reckoned as one of the oldest License Holder companies in India, that proved its fortes in custom compliances. Today, it is one of the leading Custom brokers ( AEO Authorised). Such brokers are industry specialists who adeptly aid importers and exporters in garnering custom clearances across the international borders.

Another subsidiary, Lord Krishna Container Leasing was brought under the Group in 2012. It happened out of the surging demands of the customers in warehouse cost-cutting. The customers wanted to store the containers in their factory and have easy access to the material whenever required. Here, if the raw material is stored in containers, then they need not worry about  transportation or warehousing. Presently, this enterprise is pretty much active in selling/ leasing containers in Indian markets where its 300+ containers are readily available across the country for its customers.

It has attained the reputation of a full-fledged Logistics Company that offers shipping, clearances, and transportation with the unwavering assistance of Jai Shree Giriraj Roadways Pvt. Ltd.– a flagship transport division of Logistic Linkage Group. It is well-regarded as a pioneer in domestic transportation where it has a diverse service portfolio. It has over 300+ fleets plying across all India basis where various kinds of shipments are handles with unequalled expertise. “Recently, proving our prowess in the space, we managed Mill plant from Mumbai Port to Chattisgarh, carrying a single load of 65 to 120 Tons effortlessly and on a daily basis, we handle over 60 shipments on average,” claims the founder.

Shortly, the Group will be introducing a whole new concept of transportation within India to reach different districts by launching Driver Hubs that will be available to their local area for steady customer support, offering them uninterrupted services on road. As per the founder, this service will make a huge difference to their customers in terms of value generation.

Significance of R&D
When questioned on the role of R&D processes in their growth, the dynamo elucidates that R & D is vital to acknowledge the wavering market trends and predicting the future demands of the industry. All the pinpoints that are needed to be addressed to stay ahead of the game can be identified by this process. For Logistics Linkage Group, this process proved to be effective in managing the fresh phase of Logistics, Textile , Food processing Textile Industry, Cement & Lighting Industry, Building , Consumer Industry, etc. Furthermore, with  persistent R&D, the organisation will gradually keep adding better services to its portfolio.

Justifying the leadership position
What speaks in favour of the group’s leadership in the industry is the enhanced number of opportunities that are being offered to it for handling the global shipping process. As the industry has now recognized major pain points to deal with, they are seeking better ways to improved operations here. With this acuity, the clients are reaching out to them owing to the company’s swift tech- adoption and modern software inclusions that help them keep things under control.

As the industry is now in momentum with the volumes being high, they foresee better growth in the next few years. Though the future is about to witness cut-throat competition in this space, the Govt. Of India’s support across Surface Transports and New Freight Corridors will prove to be a notable booster to them.

To stay resolute to their leadership position, the senior executives of the Group are fixated on connecting majors metros for seamless transportation to be girded up for the anticipated volumes. In line with the endeavours to deal with the rudimentary stage, the management will be starting a rapid  recruitment process to bring some extraordinarily talented individuals on board.

And when it comes to maintaining the quality standards of the proposed services, the ISO certified organisation hosts an annual audit program to analyse the business functions, if those meet their established guidelines or not. “It is done regularly to maintain our quality standards and keepings records with Indexing system to get benefitted in future,” cites the founder.

Cultural principles
“Employee satisfaction is the only yardstick to know the organisation graph,” reveals Vipin, the secret sauce to their thumping success. Also, dedication is the sole term by which the leader sums up the culture of the organisation. Since the pandemic hit the businesses, the staunch dedication of the staff members has been the motive force behind their resounding success, even amid the unfavourable times.

Hence, to acknowledge their selfless efforts, the management has launched various employee- centric schemes to ensure a satisfied workforce. As each individual here is on highs to achieve the company’s objectives, the administration also recognizes its duty to offer the best workplace experience to its employees.

Future outlooks at a glance
Beyond any doubt, Logistics Linkage Group proves its expertise across a plethora of verticals today- be it Custom  Affairs & Consultancy, or Shipping & Forwarding or Domestic Transportation. The leader takes immense pride to be the pioneer in the above spheres and aspires to keep adding substance to these with ameliorated services.

For the future, they are committed to offering world-class services at a reasonable cost to their targeted audience that says its client-oriented attitude. In this direction, they also pledge to never make any compromise and deliver the finest value to the clients.

“Logic in Logistics is the only way to get solution for our Customers …,” were the parting words from the founder before signing off.

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