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Maatrom HR Solution

Maatrom HR Solution

A choice of HR partner for seamless business flow

As the present scenario puts a multitude of complexities in the business ecosystem, the significance of outsourcing services has become instrumental to enrich the businesses with smooth workflow. In this direction, HR Function outsourcing has gained mass popularity in the past few years. HR outsourcing grants a plethora of benefits to an organisation. From maintaining an out-to-out balance between cost efficiency to employee development, an enterprise can absolutely put intense focus and time on enhancing its core business.

With the steeping demand of HR functions outsourcing, several service providers have set their feet in this space to make a difference. Maatrom Solution is such an organisation that is scaling greater heights while being substantial to the business community in a sophisticated manner. Under the discerning stewardship of Mahalakshmi, the Founder and CEO, the company is witnessing growth in leaps and bounds. In a virtual session with her, our team conversed about several facets of her brainchild.

An end-to-end HR service provider, Maatrom Solution, has become a preferred partner of choice for several businesses to manage their recruitment, HR Payroll, Hr Statutory and training related requirements. With its gamut of HR services that comprises of Recruitment & Maatrom HR Solution A choice of HR partner for seamless business flow Staffing, HR Payroll & Statutory, Organisation Development, Training, Coaching, HR Policy, Performance Management, Talent Mapping and Corporate Social Responsibility, the dynamic enterprise has carved a niche for itself in this huge industry.

Their exemplary service offerings are majorly based on robust concepts and industry-acumen, accumulated from insights gathered over 22 years of Domestic and Overseas experience. So far, their exclusive clientele includes enterprises from industries like IT, Manufacturing, Architect and Interior Designing, Banking and Financial Institutions, Auditing, Automotive, Retail, Insurance, Education & Training. Till now, the company has effectively been able to recruit more than 2000 white-collar candidates in diverse sectors.

Maatrom Solution is a unique endeavour to make an affirmative impact on society. Mahalakshmi, after being employed as an active environmental Engineer, laid the foundation stone of her entrepreneurial venture with a vision to facilitate talented individuals to meet their aspired career prospects. After tying the wedding knot, she got a chance to accompany her husband on an overseas work assignment, where she experienced multicultural environments in various cities of the USA.

This scenario bestowed her with appropriate exposure and immense confidence that propelled her to turn her dreams into a living reality. Thereby, Maatrom Solution came into the existence as a result of Mahalakshmi’s unwavering determination, based on the concepts and proficiency that emerged from the insights accumulated by over two decades of national as well as international industry experience.

As the company deals with the most sensitive aspect of a business i.e workforce, it becomes imperative to establish the core values that can serve justice to the business’s fundamental requirements.

“We honor our commitments and conduct business in a manner that promotes transparency, respect, honour and trust,” enunciates the Founder

Beyond any doubt, Maatrom’s high-quality standards have set the benchmarks across space.

The iconic CEO states that be it accelerating the turnaround time or offering replacement guarantee in recruitment or cost and time optimization, the company proves its knack in different facets of a business. Owing to their assured ethical practices with strict timeline adherence, team Maatrom has ensured a leading edge over its peers in the respective space.

Moreover, the company is also in a constant endeavour to offering professional support to the client organisation during inspection & audits. Their well established mutually beneficial relationships are the secret sauce to their resounding success that has made a gargantuan noise across the business fraternity.

For any C-suite Executive, keeping their vision for the future on track is possible by making roadmaps for budgets and projections that also channelize positive energy among the workforce alongside assuring certainty to the shareholders. Mahalakshmi claims that forecasting is instrumental to any business to make impactful decisions and develop data-driven strategies.

There are plenty of impediments that a leader comes across while steering the business operations such as– Talent Management(where motivating and boosting the employees’ morale is a must), developing beneficial collaborations, quality management in operations as well as performance, etc. By utilizing the power of forecasting, any CEO can make a difference to his organisation in the most sophisticated manner, conveyed Mahalakshmi.

When it comes to leveraging market -advances in its favour, Maatrom Solutions has been heavily relying upon AI in the recruitment space where it uses Chatbot in its websites, for time-optimization, reduction in redundancy, swift candidate screening while allowing quality hiring.

Be it learning and development, or employees engagement tools or CPM tools, the firm is in ceaseless attempts to be in synergy with the trends to make its steadfast presence being felt across the business world by honing the skills of its employees in several ways.

And addressing the instrumental role of digital inclusions in their business functions, Mahalakshmi elucidates that digitisation is pivotal for their company. Most of their payroll services are cloud-based for which employees have been granted freewheeling access to their respective data. From social media recruitment via reputed platforms, to virtual interactions, team Maatrom has been staying ahead of the curve by being an avid adopter of the market advances.

Maatrom Solution has been a motive force behind the success of several of its clients’ businesses. It has successfully imparted different services to many organisations even amidst the chaotic reign of the COVID-19 induced pandemic. It displays the vitality of the work culture that has been incorporated with some unique approaches and business philosophy, adept enough to sail through the unfavourable times. Some of the major aspects that allow the company’s workflow to stay efficient and seamless even amid uncertain times have been enlisted below-

  • Flexibility and transparency in work hours.
  • Allotment of performance inclination & interest, apart from their skills.
  • Open communication & job rotation.
  • Recognition programs based on sheer performance
  • Employee development where each individual gets the chance to learn, grow and innovate.
  • Zero tolerance policy for unfair practices.
  • Fun and corporative ambience at the workplace.

All these extraordinary steps are in the direction to ensure a holistic work environment to the employees that in turn, facilitate them to maintain a balanced life.

Ever since its inception, the company has been scaling the graph of growth and been playing its trumpet of success across the respective industry. All of it has been shaped due to the sheer determination and professional discernment of the Founder. The company’s major contribution to raising the bars of service standards in this industry has been well-recognized by some eminent media houses. In the year 2019, the dynamic company was recognized among the ‘Top 10 Promising HR Processes Service Providers in India’ by a reputed Indian magazine.

And amidst the way to ensure a ubiquitous presence at national and international level, they have extended its service wings to the US markets as well. As it foresees a radiant future ahead, Mahalakshmi’s commendable leadership style is aligned with making her brainchild as a comprehensive HR Service Provider of global repute.

And regarding the future outlooks, Maatrom strives to expand its reach to the countries — US and Singapore, while climbing the stepping stones to attain the title of being ‘Global HR Services/Solution Provider’ for its vast clientele.

At last, Mahalakshmi puts an end to the conversation by conveying her message to the aspiring entrepreneurs,

“Biggest asset in the world is your mindset and your knowledge, so empower it with positivity and have a positive attitude always and enhance your knowledge through continuous learning and development.”

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