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There is a saying, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Teaching is undeniably one of the noblest professions that can transform someone’s life in a positive and destined manner. A teacher’s natural ability to inspire imparts a lifelong influence that not only aids in growth but also in becoming the face of the future. The cover star of our entrancing edition is one such pedagogical titan who excelled beyond all barriers to mould his passion for teaching. We are talking about Prof. Mahesh Purandare, the founding father of Mahesh Purandare Classes.

Starting in 1986, he is now at 37 years of exceptional journey, teaching 14-hours a day, shaping successful professionals. Thousands of students from Grade 11 to CA, CMA and CS aspirants have benefited from his institution’s affordable and high-quality education. Over the years, he has sculpted a distinct identity for his institution while benchmarking education standards in Pune.

His vision to provide “affordable education for all” has taken him to places and has been the cornerstone of his institution through time. He is a dedicated and thoughtful teacher with a strong desire to make a difference. His thoughtful strategies, derived from in-depth learning, have made him a brand known for creating geniuses. People with a mission and a desire to make a difference have always had a special place in our publication. It is an honour for us to tell the story of Prof. Mahesh’s meteoric rise — a story that will captivate you.

Prof. Mahesh graduated from Pune University with a first rank in Advanced Costing in B.Com and a first rank in Advanced Statistics in his M. Com. He also placed third in the DTL Merit List of Pune University. Despite his promising profile, he launched his institute with only two students, rather than taking a white-collar job. Owing to an extensive background in commerce, he was aware of the due challenges faced by students in pursuing higher education or securing a high-profile job.

His passion is teaching, and he wanted to close the gaps in quality education. He has been assisting his students in finding their vocation rather than settling for a mediocre lifestyle, as he did, by carving deliberate strategies with unique professionalism.

His desire to break through traditional barriers has pushed his students to strive for the greater good, and as a result, they have become his success drivers. His institute specializes in 20 myriad subjects, including Maths, Accounts, Economics, Organization of Commerce, Secretarial Practice, Finance, Income Tax, Audit, Cost Audit, Management, Business Environment, Business Communication, Statistics, Operation Research, Research Methodology, Management Accountancy, Costing, Indirect taxes, Logical reasoning, and Current Affairs. With quality teaching by experts at a reasonable price, the institute is a holistic guide for students to quench their thirst for knowledge and fulfill their dreams.

The ability to teach stems from the ability to inspire, amaze, enlighten and motivate. But these values are rare when it comes to conventional or tertiary disciplines. Prof. Mahesh, however, stands as an exception. His ability to experiment with ideas and innovate engaging ways to teach intricate topics makes him a problem solver to eliminate other underlying challenges. His methodologies largely focus on improving the tertiary model across the education system of India. This solution-oriented mindset helps him explore all sides of a problem to curate a simple and lucrative solution.

Besides his academic prowess, he loves sports such as table tennis, athletics, cricket, tennis and football, as well as mindfulness activities such as trekking, meditation, etc. These assist him in regaining his composure while exploring his dynamic self. He also encourages his students to master extra-curricular specialties in order to unleash their full potential. Long story short, his teaching style is modeled to provide education beyond textbook learning.

His intellectual brilliance and mastery of self-development have inspired him to write books for CMA students on mathematics and graduates for taxation and costing. His teaching has helped numerous students achieve a “Perfect 100” in board examinations, entrance exams and securing a spot in the All India Merit Lists of CA, CMA and CS. His dedication, hard work and leadership has rewarded him multiple prestigious awards:

  • National Award for Academic excellence the hands of Padmashree Suresh Wadkar & Padmashree Anup Jalota.
  • ‘Sakal’ Award for Excellence in Education at the hands of Padmashree Prataprao Pawar.
  • Global business Award of Best CA & CS Institute Maharashtra at the hands of Padmashree Madhuri Dixit.
  • Best Professor in Mathematics (Maharashtra)
  • International Talent Award for distinguished services to the nation for Best Higher Education coaching classes in India.
  • World Book of Records for teaching 16 Different Subjects for last 30 years with a total 1,10,000 hours.
  • Life-time Achievement award for Academic Excellence.
  • National Award for India’s leading educationists.
  • National Pratibha award in New Delhi.

 While he is nonchalant about assisting students in making a difference, he is always looking for new ways to contribute to society. Prof. Mahesh believes corporate social responsibility isn’t just a choice but also a necessity. As such, his institute extends financial support to a number of NGOs, demonstrating his thoughtfulness.

“Behind a man’s rise to fame lies a woman who trusted in his vision and power to implement long-term change.” Prof. Archana Purandare has been that reckoning support in Prof. Mahesh’s ascension. She boasts 28 years of extensive expertise in teaching accounts, costing, taxation, mathematics, statistics, management, finance and many other subjects, from XI to M. Com, CA, CMA and CS.

She grew up in a small town and never had the luxury of professional coaching, but with steadfast tenacity, she passed all of her final exams and went on to become a cost accountant. While pursuing her M. Com. in cost accounting, she got numerous distinguished and high-paying job offers. But she turned them down for the sake of her passion for teaching. She started instructing three children in her hometown with limited resources, all while solving complex costing concerns. Her efforts also revolved around using intuitive professional guidance to address educational gaps.

Fueled by her devotion for teaching, Prof. Archana ascended the ladder of success. Her astute leadership and keen character make her an active listener to the underlying concerns of students. With a better understanding of their viewpoints, she is able to help those from far-flung regions who are having difficulty adjusting to better outcomes. Her association has propelled the careers of innumerous students towards achieving their aspired goals, especially clearing their professional examinations.

The secret to her prolific approach lies in her ability to balance work and life. She practices yoga, loves reading, singing, travelling and exploring people and culture. Her core personal interests give her a calm personality, a strong knowledge base, and effective teaching skills.

The leading lady is convinced that there is no quick remedy for success. She is a flag bearer for her students’ growth because of her passion, patience, and dedication. She emphasizes the importance of perseverance, consistency, and focus. Needless to say, such a zealous attitude and innate dynamism has endowed her with several prestigious accolades:

  • Life Time Achievement Award in Contribution to Education
  • India’s Eminent Educational Awards – 2020: Best Professor in Statistics in Maharashtra
  • Global Education Awards: Best Professor in Accountancy
  • Educational Leadership Awards for Best Teacher in Mathematics in Maharashtra.
  • International Talent Award for distinguished to the Nation for Best Coaching Classes in India – Kathmandu Nepal
  • National Award for India’s leading Women “Edupreneur”
  • Outstanding Women Achiever Award

The last two years have seen numerous dramatic shifts, provoking verticals to remodel and their leaders to re-strategize. Just like everyone else, it tested pedagogical foundations like Mahesh Purandare Classes. However, the crisis couldn’t shake their unwavering resolve. Since e-learning was one of the most popular forms of education during the chaos, it wasn’t long before they adapted it to deal with the crisis. They devised an exclusive app that conveys their insights and guidance while also providing a forum for students to discuss doubts and share their understanding.

The innovation became an integral steppingstone for both students and the institute. It offered them the ability to self-empower and learn freely by providing effective learning tools and resources. The opportunity for open discussions not only brought out the best in them, but it also helped the educators bolster engagement with students.

“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best.” The proverb perfectly captures the inherent mission of Mahesh Purandare Classes. It began, and continues to thrive, as a mission to showcase what today’s generation of learners requires for better engagement with education. To make a point, both Prof. Mahesh and Prof. Archana are role models for modern education, which emphasizes empowerment over coercion. Their collaborative actions have bagged a multitude of accolades for the institution:

  • National Achievement Award for Academic Excellence
  • National Award for Excellence in Innovation Education
  • Asia’s Education Excellence Award for Most Trusted Coaching Institute in Pune
  • Pride of Indian Educational Awards for Best Coaching Institute in Pune
  • Global Business Award for Best CA & CS Institute in Maharashtra
  • Global Business Award for Best Commerce Coaching Institute in Maharashtra.
  • International Talent Award for Best Higher Education Classes in India

No doubt, these accolades prove the versatility and dedication of the institution. They have a remarkable stature in their region, especially in teaching commerce. They’ve received a long list of glowing testimonials from former students who are now in impressive positions in their careers. However, Prof. Mahesh believes his real success is that most of his students are still in regular contact with him.

But this rewarding journey still has a long way to go. As a wise man once said, “The road to success is always under construction,” Prof. Mahesh seeks to break more ground in the Indian education realm, which has unlimited opportunities. Looking at this journey through time, the future surely looks bright. We wish him all the very best for the prospects and success that lie ahead.

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