Manipur Burning: ‘Shoot at Sight’ Order, Internet Suspended, 55 Army Columns Deployed


Manipur Burning: ‘Shoot at Sight’ Order, Internet Suspended, 55 Army Columns Deployed

Written by Sanjay Kumar


State of India

  • Chief minister: N. Biren Singh Trending
  • Capital: Imphal (Executive Branch)
  • Official animal: Sangai
  • High Court: Manipur High Court
  • Colleges and Universities: Manipur University, MORE

On Thursday (May 4), the Manipur Governor gave the green light to the state’s shoot-at-sight order, which was issued in response to clashes between tribal groups and the Meitei community that have been erupting throughout the region. This move comes after a series of violent incidents took place during the Tribal Solidarity March on May 3.

Clearly, the situation had escalated to a point where extreme measures were necessary to protect citizens and maintain law and order.

The Manipur Governor authorised all District Magistrates, Sub-Divisional Magistrates and all Executive Magistrates/ Special Executive Magistrates concerned to issue shoot at sight orders in “extreme cases whereby forms of persuasion, warning, reasonable force, etc had been exhausted under the provisions of law under CrPC, 1973, and the situation can not be controlled”

While it is a difficult decision, it is one that demonstrates the government’s commitment to protecting the people of Manipur at all costs.

Relief camps Established for people left stranded

The state home department has taken steps to provide aid to individuals who have been displaced by the recent outbreak of violence in Manipur. Relief camps have been established to accommodate those who are currently stranded and in need of assistance.

According to the order issued by the department, the current law and order situation in the state has left many people, including officials and laborers, feeling unsafe and insecure in their current locations. In response to this, the government has taken swift action to provide support to those in need.

As an immediate measure, temporary relief camps have been established for individuals who are unable to remain in their homes due to concerns for their safety. These camps are intended to provide a safe and secure environment for those who have been affected by the recent violence and are in need of temporary housing.

Massive Rescue Operation: 9,000 Individuals Saved in Manipur

As the situation in Manipur continued to deteriorate, the Army and Assam Rifles have been called in to help maintain law and order. A total of 55 Army columns have been deployed, and an additional 14 columns are on standby, ready to be deployed if necessary.

According to a defence spokesperson, the forces have been working tirelessly to rescue individuals who have been affected by the violence. So far, over 9,000 people have been rescued and provided with shelter. Efforts are ongoing to transport even more individuals to safer areas.

Mobile internet shut for 5 days

In an effort to maintain public safety, the government has decided to suspend mobile internet services throughout the state for the next five days. In addition to this, large gatherings have been banned, and night curfews have been imposed in several districts of the state. These measures are intended to help prevent the spread of false information and to limit opportunities for unrest to occur.

The outbreak of violence occurred on Wednesday (May 3) during the ‘Tribal Solidarity March,’ which was organized by the All Tribal Student Union Manipur (ATSUM) in the Torbung area of Churachandpur district. The protest was in response to the demand by non-tribal Meiteis for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status. During the rally, clashes erupted between members of the tribal and non-tribal communities.

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