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Delivering impeccable service standards in tech-space

We are in a freewheeling conversation with the Founder and Managing Director of Maxtra Technologies– Shivendra Dwivedi- who is well-reckoned as a tech-aficionado with two decades of diverse industry experience. Here, he cordially spoke about growing as a business while being customer-centric and discussed in-depth information on the company’s business model, service portfolio, vision, mission and a lot more.

With this inside story, we strive to recognize the outperformance of the company in its niche market where it has been setting exemplary benchmarks. Dive into this remarkable read to come across some phenomenal business insights and leadership perspectives shared by the business tycoon.

Empowering the clientele with superior quality tech products to facilitate swift business transformation, Maxtra Technologies embarked on its entrepreneurial journey in 2009. The company is driven by the team’s client-centric approach and innovative technology solutions. Thus far, the company has been able to deliver thousands of premium apps to facilitate their esteemed clients deal with business challenges effortlessly.

Absolutely aimed at meeting the aspirations of contemporary businesses, allowing them to excel in their targeted market. Unequaled experience accompanied with futuristic technology solutions is how the leadership team of Maxtra Technologies explains its vision.

To provide quick and quantitative products to our clients we have our own several products, like- Network marketing software (NEON), Customer relationship management (Max CRM), Shopping cart & store (Max Shop) and etc.

Gradually, scaling the ladder of success, the company expanded its business horizons in the mobile app development segment in 2013. Persistent grit and hard work paved the way for hundreds of successful projects that were catered to their global clientele. Team Maxtra’s mission statement asserts on growing more and serving more to evolve as a tech-giant in the upcoming years.

“Our business solution includes a list of numerous services to support our national and global clients for their unprecedented growth. Our service solution ranges from mobile development to Blockchain, AI, advanced web development, digital marketing, retail management, marketing & branding, IoT, and many other sectors,”

states Shivendra. While setting some marvelous service standards across the business market of South Africa & Australia, they have witnessed rapidly multiplying growth in the USA market

“I would rather consider it as a single chapter of our expansion strategies, and still, we are working to execute other expansion plans in recent days,”

he continued. Along with India we also exist in South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Bangladesh, Hong- Kong, Uganda, Nepal and several other overseas countries also. In these overseas markets we have a lobby of 10,000+ satisfied customers.


Shivendra Dwivedi has been working across various areas of the software business as a design architect, project manager and head of business development for two decades of his long career. After acquiring considerable experience in the business landscape, he established Maxtra Technologies- a software and mobile app development solution provider in 2009, driven by his tech- alignment.

Thriving on a well-organized business model, his venture has been doing justice to the client’s requirements since its inception. Today, his organization has been catering reliable software solutions to different industry verticals like – retail, education, finance, real estate, logistics, social networks, travel and hospitality, healthcare, games, and many more.


For Shivendra, innovation has been the key factor to making a difference in the technological space. Since his early school years, he was pushed by a futuristic vision to support enterprises and businesses across different industries. He takes pride in having fulfilled his vision of persistent amelioration of the business world. And the most satisfying aspect of commencing this entrepreneurial journey was to drive businesses to the successful overcoming of the intricacies.

The leader always focused on practicing high ethical standards while following the strategy of ensuring proactive and effective communication with the clients. And in this direction, technology helped him empower people as well as businesses via information and analytics.


What has made Maxtra to develop some extraordinary solutions is its step-by-step approach towards the development of any software. Firstly, they prefer conceptualizing the idea and creating the blueprint. Then they lay out the project plan, to begin with, the development chores. After this, the team discusses and verifies the development process to ensure the delivery of robust app solutions.

And most importantly, they provide clients with a detailed time for the product delivery. No doubt, the practical approach to setting up some matchless software standards across the industry, streamlining the client’s business is commendable and worth much applause.

Yet another crucial factor that makes the company stand out from the rest in the space is its passionate team of developers who strain every single nerve to introduce exemplary solutions to bring substantial value to the client’s business.

The market recognizes it for its exclusively curated software solutions focused on creating a user-friendly app with personalized features. From creating on-demand offerings to pay intense heed to customer pain points has helped Maxtra to grow in leaps and bounds.

“We begin with listening to the issues, requirements, challenges, and objectives of our client’s business. Maxtra team simply intends to resolve clients’ business challenges with progressive and innovative technology solutions. For ameliorating our services, we are always in constant touch with the customer every time. Our development team always analyzes the needs of the client’s project and takes approval by creating a layout of the development process.

In addition to these, if I find that the development team needs training before starting work on any new project, I never compromise with it. Further, my team managers are skilled enough to track the mistakes if any occur and improve the working system as soon as possible.

Thus, I believe that if we work with the right attitude and then we easily deliver quality service to our clients. However, feedback is also one of the factors that keep us updated with our service quality and propel us to work on that where requirements appear,” unveiled the founding head.”

Furthermore, as a leader, Shivendra acknowledges his accountabilities towards his workforce in terms of keeping their spirits high. He has been known to facilitate a healthy environment within his business system that includes regular team meetings to discuss work strategies for new agendas while encouraging them to be active participants in recreational activities based on specific occasions to make them feel relaxed.

From rewarding them on their first-rated performances to availing them with flexible work schedules, a perfect balance between the professional as well as personal lives has been his foremost priority to drive better business operations.

“I consider that these approaches are the most effective ones to reduce mental stress that finally leads to better productivity from their efforts,” he asserts Our operations have been certified as ISO 9001-2008 by American Quality Assessor. Maxtra is also part of the Microsoft Bizspark Plus Network, IBM Global Entrepreneur network & NASSCOM 10,000 Startups initiative.


Being a tech-driven company, how could one ignore the significance of R&D in the business success. When asked to throw some light on this aspect, Shivendra said that they consider it as an imperative component to survive amid the competitive scenario. R&D has always helped them to choose such applications of result-oriented tools and techniques.

“This aspect is what a business needs to grow. As a software solution provider, I know that research and development is the initial step of creating innovative products. It leads to the source of competitive advantages and propels our business to include the most efficient strategies for faster growth,”


Tech up-gradation has been the motive force to stimulate the waves of significant changes in terms of business strategies and customer demand. One just needs to analyze and track one’s development process to concentrate on the initial investment to boost one’s technical robustness.

Resonating with this notion, Maxtra aims at narrowing down the types of technologies that the organization needs to make justice to customers’ technological demands. Owning the repute of a tech giant itself, the company is driven towards including the emerging tech trends across the industry.

Talking of the core objectives, the company is all about delivering the best customer services with increment in the overall business efficiency. Moreover, in terms of tech inclusions, the team is dedicated to creating a smooth platform for other tasks like office productivity, accounts, communications and emails.

It is done keeping the idea- the better you will use the best you will deliver- into deep consideration. Walking such similar philosophies, the company has ensured an absolute set-up of the technology to serve impeccably to the clients as per the proposed deadlines for ultimate satisfaction and delight.


Being a seasoned entrepreneur himself, Shivendra believes that businesses need to be more focused on supporting their working employees and their clients. Hence, under his sheer guidance, the company managed to serve the clients as much as possible as what is out of control cannot be managed by any means.

As he asserts, “At least we should not delay in managing and retaining talents that we have for our business. Further, communication is the most effective aspect to deal with customers during a crisis scenario. I emphasize these kinds of strategies as interaction helps lessen the punitive damage liabilities related to disrupting customer obligations.”

He concludes that all these steps allow the business ecosystem and market networks to maintain a constant level of growth factors in favour of any organization


Team building is a time as well as an effort consuming process. Being an entrepreneur, Shivendra acknowledges the significance of teamwork in the success of a business. Thus, bringing the right kind of professionals onboard with a creative and problem-solving mindset is what determines a business’s success, to make leaps towards a common objective. And most importantly, creating a congenial work culture is quite imperative in terms of retaining employees. Addressing the role of employees in the growth of his company, Shivendra quotes,

“Of course, the dedicated team of professionals shares the innovative ideas that lead to the growth of business and help organizations to deliver robust service solutions to their clients. I always believe in encouraging each of my working members to start their work with a positive mindset to let them stay motivated.

I know that the development process consumes a lot of tasks but emphasizes maintaining a growth-oriented mindset for better efficiency and productivity. Apart from these, I always appreciate those who are always open to learning innovative things.”

To provide speedily and quantitative response to clients he made different- different department, like- PHP, iOS, android, react native, nodejs, IT, server, sales, human resources, administration, accounts and etc. but they work together to reach on miles high to Maxtra.


In its decade-long journey, the company has managed to expand its service wings across a variety of development solutionsmobile app development, web & CMS development, e-Commerce portal development & integration, and IoT development. Evolving into a more efficient organization, it has also ventured into digital transformation to help clients get an exceptional experience. Recognizing the company’s multiplying growth, the dynamo affirms,

“Our trending fields include a solution for digital marketing and Blockchain. By crafting and delivering outstanding services, we have gained a wide range of clients, from start-ups to big technology-driven Conglomerates. Apart from these, industry standards, ethics enabled us to become an official Google partner.”

Along with mobile application, web, hosting, server and other related services we also take care government projects. Several government organisation/ institutions are attached with Maxtra, like- Delhi High Court, Damodar Valley Corporation, BHEL, IGL, IIT- Rurkee, and many more.


Before signing off from the conversation, we asked Shivendra to share the future outlooks envisioned by him for his brainchild. In this regard, he responded, “We at Maxtra Technologies just believe in embracing the new trends of technologies and creating the most impactful solution strategies. As far as my thoughts are concerned, we may keep pace with the competitive era only by adopting automation and innovative development solutions to create robust software and mobile apps.

Businesses can build the customer base by measuring and analyzing their real-time needs. Further, we keep researching the latest happenings of the development process and suggest the same to my employees to boost customer service. I always stick to analyzing my competitors and maintain a detailed record of my business to have clear insights to keep going with a positive spirit.”


“For us, technology is not about services or products we build. Those are not the end goals. Technology is a democratizing force, empowering businesses and people through information and analytics. Looking to the future, we will move from mobile-first to AI-first world.”

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