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On an insightful mission to redefine healthcare with AI innovations and building young leaders

We We all know the buzzword, it’s AI. Its presence has become undisputable to us today, especially when its advancements have sparked intense debates worldwide about its merits and drawbacks. Larkai Healthcare serves as a prime example of how AI innovations can bridge the gap between diagnosis in healthcare sector and global populations, making significant strides in improving public health and making it widely accessible. Larkai’s research and development is an amalgamation of human brain and Artificial Intelligence. To delve deeper in to this claim, we had the opportunity to engage in a candid conversation with Mr. Abhilash Chakraverty, the founder and director of the company.

In this exclusive dialogue, Mr. Chakraverty unveiled various unknown aspects of his venture, offering valuable insights that enrich our understanding of the transformative power of AI in healthcare and the global outlook of Larkai on the same. These excerpts from our conversation which provide a compelling addition to your repository of knowledge, shedding light on the untapped potential AI holds in shaping the future of healthcare worldwide.


Larkai Healthcare is driven by a stead fast commitment to strengthen the realm of diagnosis rather than cure, thereby utilizing the best of Artificial Intelligence to deliver diagnostic healthcare devices. After years of meticulous research, data analysis, and comprehensive trials, its devices have receive necessary clinical approvals. Larkai has recently launched its flagship product ‘Wren’ at the Business Show, Singapore on 30.08.2023.  Wren is the world’s smallest Multi-Vital Device enabled by AI which is capable of detecting 7 health factors.

Larkai’s journey began in 2020, and since then, they have inaugurated a corporate office in Gurugram and research spaces at the prestigious NASSCOM Centre of Excellence in Gurugram, as well as an incubation wing at KIIT Technology Business Incubation in Bhubaneswar. Speaking of their global presence, they have corporate offices in the UAE and the United Kingdom, enabling them to extend their reach and impact beyond borders.

To support its vision, Larkai Healthcare boasts dedicated resources across various departments, including Business Development, Finance, Research, Technology, HR, Sales, Legal, IP, Compliance, and IT. Its team comprises full-time professionals and expert consultants, working enthusiastically to advance its plan of seamlessly integrating healthcare devices into consumers’ lives while making a significant difference to their health and overall well-being.


Larkai Healthcare foresees that our healthcare ecosystem is focused more on cure and it has been found that less awareness exists in the realm of diagnosis. They firmly believe that equal access to healthcare facilities and accurate diagnosis is a Fundamental Right, and they actively seek talented individuals who share this vision. Chasing their current mission, they are working towards making healthcare more affordable and accessible with a goal to screen over 21 million people annually using their AI-enabled medical devices.

The research of Larkai is pivotal around real-life health issues and for that the team dwells into researching at ground level and pointing out the practical issues that people in general are facing and the exact areas wherein further developments are required. Alongside, by the year 2025, the company aims to generate over INR 300 million in revenue while continuing to improve healthcare accessibility for a substantial portion of the country’s population.


“Being a startup, our company values flexibility and wants to curtail the conventional norms of a Traditional work-life. Larkai inculcates a positive work culture where in every teammate is an integral part of the Organization. Thus, taking care of the wellbeing of its teammates is inevitable. Moreover, the Larkai alongside building a Business is also equally focused at building leaders.

Every human at Larkai is a creative thinker and is free to explore their knowledge to bring best ideas on the table. Most importantly, Larkai has challenged the conventional system of hierarchy and on boarding resources as per the years of experience. Rather, Larkai values skill set of young talents and introduces them to the right realm so that they can cultivate their skills and make best use of their talent and interests.”

The institution upholds the cultural principles of “Teamwork” and “Creativity,” recognizing their potential to bring about remarkable outcomes when there is a balance among employees and a clear sense of purpose. It places great emphasis on collaboration and creative thinking, believing that these elements naturally lead to success.

In terms of accountability, Larkai embraces an inclusive approach that involves every member of the work force in the creative process. Employees are actively encouraged to share their ideas and provide feedback on significant matters pertaining to the company. By fostering such an environment, Larkai aims to instill a sense of personal responsibility and involvement in driving the company’s growth. Their intent is to ensure that every individual feels invested in the collective success and growth of the organization.


At Larkai, the perfect blend of Research and Development (R&D) harmoniously drives their growth, as their brightest minds come together to create magic. The company’s dedication and passion for advancing the well-being of its people is evident in Emphasizing teamwork and creativity, Larkai considers R&D to be a cornerstone of their success. By recognizing this synergy of human intelligence and technological innovation, Larkai seeks to set new standards in the realm of healthcare and revolutionize how we approach and maintain our health.


Since becoming the recipient of the prestigious ‘Bengal Pride Award 2021’, Larkai has come a long way and continues, making waves of change. Larkai envisions a future where healthcare becomes more accessible and affordable to the global population. Larkai, is a beacon of innovation and excellence in its field.

However, the vision of Larkai extends beyond that of excelling in the field of healthcare and AI. With a rich history of three years, Larkai is known for its work culture has emerged to be an employee friendly new age start up where creativity meets innovation. Larkai empowers its employees to think out of the box fostering an environment where groundbreaking ideas flourish. The organization believes in nurturing the right talent by giving them exposure to the right realm and all necessary mentorship. Thus, Larkai values their human assets equally to that of their Intellectual property assets.


At last, the founders shared a key piece of advice before signing off, “Build a business around something you are genuinely passionate about and believe in your employees by rightly treating them as a part and parcel of your mission’. Your passion and clear sense of purpose will serve as guiding lights, keeping you motivated through the in evitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Moreover, listening to your customers and taking their feedback seriously is essential. Understanding their needs and preferences will enable you to refine your products or services and build a loyal customer base.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for being a part of this incredible journey. As we continue our pursuit of harnessing the potential of AI, we encourage you to keep an open mind and embrace the transformative power of technology. AI has the capacity to solve complex problems, enhance creativity, and improve various aspects of our lives. Our focus is to be a preventive healthcare Company and also to provide opportunity to the right talents making them a part of your journey.

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