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MDS Digital Media

MDS Digital Media

Revolutionizing the Marketing Space with Unparalleled Strategies and Solutions

Globally, Digital Marketing is growing rapidly, at an astounding pace of 40% a year. With renowned initiatives like Digital India made possible by an unheardof increase in internet access, the Indian digital marketing landscape is poised to expand at an incredible rate and experience a tremendous wave of development.

MDS Digital Media, a leading Mobile and Digital Marketing company founded and led by the far-sighted leader Abhishek Singh in his imperative roles as Founder and CEO, has emerged as one of the leading entities in this fiercely competitive industry. As his entrepreneurial brainchild, MDS Digital Media is expanding its operations nationwide with its delivery centre in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the visionary strives to help businesses of all sizes connect with their clients through innovative and effective communication.

MDS Digital Media is serving clients from a variety of business verticals, such as BFSI, Tours & Travels, FMCG, Real Estate, and the Health Sectors, while steadily moving up the corporate ladder with the unfettered passion of seasoned employees. They are already serving renowned brands like Runwal, Club Oxygen, ICICI Prudential, Bajaj Finserv, Edelweiss, Anarock, Adhiraj, Goyal Properties, and many others.

The Tale of MDS Digital Media’s Success

It all began in the year 2012, when the man behind the idea, Abhishek Singh, was in the USA for an internship. Here, he learned about the significance and effects of digital and mobile marketing. When he returned to India, he began working for Value First Digital Media, which focused more on SMS platforms.

From there, the aspiring leader gained sufficient experience and came to understand the opportunities, and in 2014 he made the decision to further his education in mobile and digital marketing. This is how he came up with the concept to launch MDS Digital Media, a company in the same industry.

Craving Out” as a Differentiator

While MDS Digital Media follows industry trends, its approach to doing so differs from others. They create a custom solution for each client rather than following a ready-made approach. They make significant investments in people and technologies that truly support their objectives. So, the company’s goal is to provide the necessary capabilities in addition to providing customers with quality services that meet KPIs.

The Team: MDS’s Core Focus

The team at MDS Digital Media has increased from 3 people to 40 in a span of just two years. Because of the strong leadership and a welcoming workplace environment, they have developed both physically and virtually.

When asked how he handles his team, Abhishek gives the following example: “ I have always looked up to those who strive to be the best in all aspects of their lives. We learn from each other in our day-to-day life, Every member of our team, from the housekeeping staff, and administrative assistant or let it be me, pick up something new every day through working with the rest of the company.

I always valued those who make every effort to succeed. My personal advice to those who look up to him is always to put up your best effort and be truthful in your dealings with others. We support one another. This is what we do—we support one another when needed, anywhere.”

Abhishek’s Take on Team Building

We have eliminated micromanagement. We have given them responsibilities, encouraged creativity, and freed them from being bound by a single process. We have allowed people to fly independently while still making the necessary adjustments to every assignment. Through the exchange of knowledge, we have attempted to close the gap. We make an effort to instil the experience of using their other skill sets.

We have been investing in technologies, planning internal demonstrations for our employees, and cross-training on several platforms. And this is how we can satisfy our client’s needs in a very practical manner. We managed attrition by listening to the concerns of our employees.

Synchronizing with the Latest Technologies

MDS Digital Media is looking forward to strengthening its team to take advantage of the latest technologies and developments. The company will soon have an internal research team that will investigate and comprehend all of the technical requirements that must be addressed. Technology has been the primary focus of MDS since the company was founded. They are working to create custom applications that will support business operations.

Insights on the Significance of R&D

It is the absolute minimum a business should accomplish; if you don’t research, you will fail. Although the MDS team has portrayed itself as being innovative, they have been moving slowly at this point. They have been striving to acquire people and information from all available resources to build uponthem, but they believe MDS can only sustain itself in the future if it can innovate and grow with the technological changes.

The Accomplishments and Future Outlook

MDS Digital Media has recently been acknowledged as one of the top Google partners. Additionally, they managed to survive the pandemic without reducing the head count and even expanded their business during the period. The company has shown a quarterly growth of 70 to 80%, and a continuous headcount growth by 40 to 50%.

This is another incredible accomplishment by MDS. In order to better serve its clients and expand its networks globally, MDS Digital Media is leveraging technological innovation and exploring new service areas and approaches. Fortunately, MDS has all the possibilities and capabilities to do all these things.

Giving Back to the Community

According to Mr Singh, even the smallest business may affect social change by making charitable contributions. MDS is making a limited amount of progress in CSR initiatives like diversity, equity, and inclusion. Also, they are looking after underprivileged children’s education.

Words of Wisdom

You cannot rise until and unless you let the people below you rise. Be more team-focused, and team-oriented rather than being alone or restricted. Take good care of your people and value them.

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