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They say, “Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you are passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks.” Passion is definitely something that drives an individual to surpass expectations and dominate the world. So here, we are with another tale of passion for you!

Business Connect is a platform renowned for its impeccable monthly editions and out-of-the-box content. And here again, we are back with an exclusive edition of the month having a set of untold success stories of some market leaders. And in this particular context, our editorial team had an interesting and joyous virtual session with the leadership panel of Meking Build Tech India, a leading venture in the arena of manufacturing steel structures and space frame structures.

The leadership panel of the company, especially the MD & CEO, Mr. Sujit Prasad, shared numerous lesser-known facts about the company and also shed some light on his overall entrepreneurial journey so far. His passion and dedication to the business world immensely inspired us hence, we truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value to the lives of our global readership panel and will surely encourage them to break the barriers and chase their dreams.


Giving a short brief of the venture, Sujit affirms, “Within a short time span of its establishment, Meking Buildtec India Pvt. Ltd. has developed a strong presence in the Indian market, which I attribute to the unwavering support of my entire team. As the demand for pre-engineered buildings has grown in recent years, we have positioned ourselves as a leader in providing custom-tailored solutions for enterprising firms.

However, we believe that successful structural framing tasks are not solely determined by engineering, but also by the ability to match client demands across applicative value, budget, precision, finesse, and timeline. Our commitment to meeting these dimensions has resulted in complete satisfaction for our clients, as we strive to continuously improve our professionalism and technical expertise.

Our success can be attributed to all HR echelons in the company, who continue to set new standards and benchmarks. At Meking Buildtec India, we prioritize customization for every project by conducting dynamic analyses and consulting with our clients. Our engineers and finance teams work seamlessly together to find the best value engineering and fabrication plan, thereby reducing costs and eliminating wastage.”


The mission of the company is to establish itself as the leading and most dependable supplier and service provider in the steel construction industry. To achieve this, they aim to offer high-quality products and related services in markets around the world, using innovative technologies and an environment of motivated human resources, ethical practices, continuous improvement, and the highest business standards. Their ultimate goal is to add value to their customers while ensuring sustainability and return on investment to their shareholders.

“The engineering team at the company works diligently to create comprehensive and cost-effective design calculations that can be easily reviewed and verified by any third party. Meking Steel Buildings (MSB) are designed and manufactured in compliance with national and international codes that are practiced in the country.

In fact, Meking Group has already successfully executed many such complicated large-span buildings. The ultimate goal of the company is to gain a large number of satisfied customers by leveraging their expertise in strategic planning, understanding customer requirements, and delivering efficiency, innovation, and reliability.”
– Sujit Prasad.


Talking about Research, Sujit says that it is a valuable tool for growing and improving any business. It can aid in not only the development of new business opportunities but also the creation of fruitful ones. It often involves analyzing your target market and the demands of your customer base, then creating new and improved products to meet their needs. In the Indian business industry, the analysis of the market and customer base plays a significant role which can be a game-changer if it is used properly.

He further says, “Experience and learning are the two essential cornerstones of growing an entrepreneurship mindset. To run a successful business, having the right mindset could be just as crucial as meeting sales targets or creating long-term business plans. For me, interaction with my team, learning about new technologies, sharing insights, and so on helps me become a better leader.”

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