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Metro Investors Buddy Pvt Ltd

Metro Investors Buddy Pvt Ltd

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 Simplifying The Search For Your Dream Home: MIB Indias

Written By: Kriti Anand

Company Overview
Metro Investors Buddy Pvt Ltd ( is India’s first technology-based end to end property buying Platform specializing in providing customer-centric real estate solutions based on thorough market research. Their expertise is focused on construction performances and projects happening in Noida and the NCR region. They conduct advanced research and rate construction projects on the basis of Construction Quality, Legal Clarity and Future Sustainability. The importance of understanding the business through exhaustive research in the field instead of learning as they grow is what sets MIB apart from its competitors. This is the reason they have a more thorough understanding and an effective understanding of their venture.

Metro Investors Buddy aims to bring delight to the process of acquiring real-estate by providing transparent and hassle-free transactions. Their aim is to make it less of a transaction and more of an experience. As it is, people think finding the right property is hard, MIB aims to take that stress away from them.

The company’s mission is to modernize and progress the experience of buying and selling real estate by cultivating a spirit of collaboration, innovation and integrity. The company fosters a culture of partnership in which all clients and listings are represented in a cooperative environment by all its agents, thereby ensuring its clients and listings have a competitive edge.

Metro Investors Buddy is adapting to the new normal, that is the digital world. Leveraging the most emergent technologies and social media strategies, the company envisions itself as more than just a real estate brokerage; it is a lifestyle the company is committed to–informing and connecting global communities. Portraying projects to the clients through video conferencing and making them aware about the pricing, quality of the projects and legal clarity etc.

The Entrepreneur Behind
The ​Founder of Metro Investors Buddy Pvt Ltd. (, Mrigank Kumar is an entrepreneur at heart & an educationalist by demeanor. Also having Co-founded another successful startup like Splitskills Professionals Pvt Ltd, he has been a serial entrepreneur & on the board of various companies, an experience that has given him significant insights into the best global practices on corporate strategy, governance, asset management, and value creation.

He is known in the Real Estate Industry as a RERA Expert for his in-depth knowledge of the sector. ​​Infused with passion, this Engineering Graduate and  IIM – Lucknow Alumni, leads by action. ​He is passionate about sharing his learnings and is often found speaking at corporates, colleges, schools, and conferences – largely on sales, negotiation,  motivation, leadership, and entrepreneurial mindset.

Mrigank is also the author of the famous motivational non fiction book, “Being Productive”.Under his leadership, the company has created its own successes and a stellar reputation within its clientele.

Client-First Approach
Metro Investors Buddy believes in the personalisation of the project as much as possible. The company assigns a dedicated account manager to understand the client’s requirement and for suggesting the best option available. MIB ensures that their customers don’t have to settle with what they get but strives to deliver what their customers want. The dedicated account manager is assigned to schedule the client’s site visit as well as help the clients to shortlist on the basis of the pros and cons by developing a chart which helps the clients to compare their shortlisted properties.

Metro Investors Buddy has developed a unique model of bulk booking which ensures that the clients get the best home for themselves at the lowest market price. Apart from delivering best homes at best prices, MIB also goes the extra mile and delivers some extra perks to their customers so that at the end of the transaction the clients are satisfied and content with their decision to use the services of MIB.

Legal Experts at MIB do their due diligence and ensure that there are no ambiguous or hidden clauses in the BBA of the deals that they are about to make. This puts the client at an ease of doing business while simultaneously keeping the moral compass of the business upright.

In order to establish a healthy relationship with the customer and make the purchase of their desired property even easier, MIB provides ‘At your Door’ services which help the customers follow up and do their part from the comfort of their home. This goes on to show how much dedicated MIB is to their clients and how much they value each and every customer. Once the booking is done, MIB gets all the post-booking documentation to the doorstep, like Home Loans etc.

Apart from just booking the desired flat of the customer, MIB provides a dedicated Quality Engineers team who ensure that each and everything about the purchased home is as ordered. If there is any discrepancy in what was ordered and what was delivered, Quality Engineers put that in priority and get any and all issues fixed as soon as possible. It is only when the team of Quality Engineers give a ‘Go Ahead’ that the keys are handed over to the client. This two-step verification leads up to customer satisfaction, as Metro Investors Buddy only gives the keys to the client when all the client has to do is move in and live, not move in and fix things.

Work Culture
MIB does not put any kind of unwanted pressure on the employees. They ensure that their employees are able to balance their professional and personal lives. The company believes that recognition is of utmost importance in an organization. Metro Investors Buddy ensures that their creativity does not die by allowing them to express their ideas and after discussing those ideas in team meetings we implement them if they are thoughtful. Incentives play a vital role and earning more than salaries keeps them more enthusiastic.

Making the process of Metro Investors Buddy digital didn’t really hinder their business much in the lockdown because Metro Investors Buddy was able to connect with more people digitally and that allowed them to convert them into sales and led to getting better leads for the future.

The first thing important for any business is R&D. Without proper research it’s very hard to identify or develop the right product. Once the proper R&D is done then the first four basic modules of any startup are Content or product, Marketing, Sales and Operations. If Metro Investors Buddy misses on any of these modules then they are not going anywhere. Missing on any of the four pillars is the reason why 90% of the startups fail in India. Work on all these aspects, believe in the idea, and avoid the naysayers: and the idea will see positive growth in its intended business direction.

Most of the realty firms still follow the orthodox methods of running the business where they are more offline and if they are online then depending only on certain realty platforms to just advertise themselves. MIBindias uses all the digital marketing tools so that they don’t have to reach the customer, instead the customer can reach them easily. The business grows even when MIB is not actively playing. Also, MIBIndias allows the clients to share their feedback about the projects online so it helps them get the correct picture of the projects and it helps them choose the right projects more precisely, and the motto of maintaining the quality is fulfilled. That is the USP of MIB.



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