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Mother’s Day 2022

Mother’s Day 2022

11 Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Work

Even though one day is not enough to celebrate one of the most significant people in your life, Mother’s Day is an excellent opportunity to appreciate mothers and show love and respect for them, and carve out some quality time with the person that raised you.

While we all have a mother but we cannot imagine the hardships a mother goes through every day without complaining. From the day a child is born, a mother has to take care of literally everything. Their unconditional dedication to the upbringing of their child is what makes the theme the epitome of love and sacrifice.

Undoubtedly all mothers are amazing but the ones who manage everything while working in the office must be appreciated in their workplaces and should be felt special in their workplaces. Here is the list of 11 thoughtful ways, companies can celebrate Mother’s Day at their organizations:

The day commemorates the positive contributions a mother makes to her family and society.

Appreciation & Recognition: Everyone loves getting appreciated. The hard work of a working mother generally goes unnoticed. Also, many working moms feel down on themselves to succeed both at work and home. So, this Mother’s day, appreciate all the mothers working in your organization and make them feel valued and motivated.

Ask them to Share their Experience: It’s not easy for anyone to manage two major fields with utmost perfection. Sometimes, they also need to vent out and open up and look for something that can patiently list their sufferings. As a company, you can organize a session for mothers where they will share their experience of being a working mother with others. It is indeed a unique Mother’s day idea.

Revive Momisem at Work: Hosting an online hour is a great virtual employee engagement and motivation activity for Mother’s Day. Here, you can ask your employees to share something about their mothers, or explore childhood memories. You can even invite their mothers also for more fun and insightful session.

A Unique & Beautiful Gift: Though no gift can stand on par with verbal appreciation and emotional support but gifting them something on the special occasion to celebrate Mother’s Day as a moment will always be a reminder of appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

A Day Off for Relaxation: While Mother’s day is celebrated on Sunday which is an off-day for most companies across the world, you can choose one specific day and provide a day off as a relaxing gift for mothers who work.

Handmade Greeting Cards: Who does not love handmade cards? Nothing can make a mother happier than a simple handmade card or scrapbook.

Some Flowers or Plant: To celebrate Mother’s Day at work, you can give all the mothers a rose or a small plant for their desks. Plants are an easy way to add color to the workplace and they also make people happier, and healthier. Taking a step further, the company can host a plant-making event for the employees and send off all working moms with one to take home.

Offer Flexibility in Work Schedule: If your office is going to be open on Mother’s Day, consider offering some flexibility in the work schedule. Also, if you know of an employee who might have a hard time working while others are celebrating, come up with a step to give that person a pass for the day.

Take the Load Off: Instead of giving cards or gifts, you can consider bringing some self-care time to them. Organize a 1-hour yoga or massage session at work for all the working mothers throughout the day to help them de-stress.

Simple Decorations at their Desk: All those fancy decorations and preparations may look attractive but a simple one does especially for them on Mother’s Day will always reflect how much the organization values them and will make them feel special.

A Little Gratitude can Go a long way…

The most successful companies take the essential steps to show employees appreciation for all they do. To boost their morale and retention, include a comprehensive employee recognition program in your organization. Be sure to celebrate the contributions of working mothers not just on this Mother’s Day and say “thank you” for all they do. Showing a little gratitude can go a long way, your company will benefit from increased loyalty as well as engagement.

Hopefully, the above ideas have inspired you to create a memorable and meaningful Mother’s Day celebration! We would love to hear how you celebrated motherhood at your work or home, please share in the comment section below.

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