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Transforming Cryptocurrency Investing, Empowering Retail Investors

The Indian cryptocurrency market faces a lot of challenges at the present time. Out of which two major challenges have been recognized and addressed by an innovative venture, Mudrex, the US-headquartered and Bengalurubased fintech start-up.

The first challenge is the lack of sufficient awareness about cryptocurrency risks and volatility, Mudrex has taken proactive steps.  The platform has launched various educational programs specifically aimed at spreading awareness about crypto investing. These initiatives aim to bridge the knowledge gap and equip retail investors with the necessary information to navigate the crypto market with confidence.

By offering educational resources and materials, Mudrex empowers investors to make well-informed decisions, understanding the complexities of crypto investing and the potential risks involved. Through these efforts, Mudrex aims to foster a safer investment environment, where investors can participate responsibly and with a better understanding of the market dynamics.

Another major problem that everyday investors face is the lack of trust and security. Mudrex is built on the foundation of establishing trust. To ensure maximum protection, the platform employs AES-256 encryption. This guarantees that all sensitive data remains encrypted and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

The enforcement of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ensures safeguarding of user accounts. Furthermore, Mudrex has established activity-based transaction limits to prevent fraudulent actions on the platform. Regular third-party security audits are conducted to maintain the highest level of security and integrity.

Additionally, Mudrex has established strict adherence to rules and regulations in the jurisdictions where they operate, including India and the European Union. As per a freewheeling conversation held with the Co-founder and CEO of the company, Edul Patel, we explore the length and breadth of the company.

The CEO of Mudrex discovered his motivation to start his own venture from a young age, as he was always fascinated by the idea of creating something new. His time at IIT Bombay further fueled this passion, where he was inspired by fellow students working on tech products and services.

While managing Techfest, he encountered the stories of senior entrepreneurs, igniting his excitement for both research and entrepreneurship. Ultimately, he chose entrepreneurship as the path to quickly impact society, as research’s slow pace didn’t align with his aspirations. Since 2009, he has been on a continuous journey of building products and contributing to the community. Currently, his mission revolves around simplifying crypto investments for retail investors, aiming to provide opportunities for individuals like himself and others to participate in and benefit from the world of cryptocurrencies.


Mudrex is a dynamic fintech start-up, headquartered in the United States and based in Bengaluru, India, that was launched in early 2018. The platform was created with the aim of revolutionizing cryptocurrency investing for retail investors, providing them with a simplified and accessible journey into the world of digital assets.

The inception of Mudrex was a collaborative effort led by the co-founders, who include Rohit Goyal, Prince Arora, Alankar Saxena, and the person behind this article, who met their co-founders during their time at IIT. Initially, the focus was on managing their own investments in the crypto market, but soon they realized the immense potential of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in democratizing wealth creation and offering opportunities to all investors, particularly the retail segment.

This realization fueled a shift in their direction, leading to the creation of Mudrex. The core belief of the co-founders is that everyone, regardless of their technical expertise or financial background, should have the chance to participate in and benefit from the captivating world of crypto investments.

With this vision in mind, Mudrex was established to make crypto investing user-friendly and approachable for everyday investors. The co-founders are committed to driving innovation in the crypto space, determined to bring positive impact and opportunities to retail investors worldwide. As Mudrex continues to thrive, it stands as a testament to the passion, expertise, and dedication of its co-founders who have embarked on this exciting journey to transform the way people invest in cryptocurrencies.


As per the CEO, “At Mudrex, our unwavering focus has always been on our users. We prioritize their needs and strive to offer a user-friendly platform and services. In all the regions we operate, we diligently adhere to all the rules and regulations to ensure compliance. Unlike many products in the market that primarily target traders, Mudrex recognizes the increasing presence of retail investors in the crypto space. We understand the importance of simplifying crypto investing for this audience.

This sets us apart. Our global crypto investment platform is dedicated to supporting everyday retail investors on their journey to long-term wealth creation.At Mudrex, our product lineup is carefully designed to cater specifically to the needs of retail or everyday investors who seek to invest longterm and diversify their portfolios. Our unique focus on this segment allows us to provide retail investors with accessible and user-friendly tools, enabling their participation in the crypto market.”

Mudrex sets itself apart by empowering retail investors to navigate the complexities of crypto investing and make well-informed decisions. With a commitment to bridging the gap and ensuring equal opportunities, Mudrex opens doors for retail investors to benefit from the immense potential of cryptocurrencies. Currently serving over 1 million investors, with a significant user base in India as well as the US, Europe, and Southeast Asian markets, Mudrex’s mission is to provide individuals worldwide with access to low-risk, high-yield investment funds.

Looking ahead, the platform will continue its dedication to offering diverse solutions that cater to users’ varied needs, simplifying crypto investing and remaining steadfast in its vision to empower retail investors in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies. At last, in reference to the value Mudrex offers via its dedication, he asserts,

“Our differentiating factor lies in our strong advocacy for investing across themes and sectors. Our flagship product, ‘Coin Sets,’ embodies this philosophy, allowing investors to hold a diverse range of tokens aligned with specific themes in the crypto ecosystem. Our platform offers a hassle-free onboarding process, enabling users to begin their crypto journey with as little as $5.

Moreover, our Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) feature allows for regular investments in Coin Sets.Our in-house team, boasting over a decade of fund management experience, meticulously designs and curates the Coin Sets. These sets undergo monthly rebalancing to offer users better risk-adjusted returns.”


Mudrex’s future plans revolve around expanding the reach of their innovative and user-centric solutions in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading. After their successful journey since 2018, which included securing investments from Y-combinator and angel rounds, welcoming their first 1000 users, and introducing the world’s largest index investing product for retail investors, “Coin Sets,” they have set their sights on further growth and expansion.

Their recent successful introduction of Coin Sets to the Italian market, registering as a ‘Virtual Asset Provider,’ and establishing an OAM and a branch office in Milan have positioned them as a registered broker-dealer and crypto custodian within the European Union. With a dedicated focus on expanding their user base in Italy and potential plans to launch in Spain and the Netherlands, Mudrex aims to bring the benefits of Coin Sets to more individuals, facilitating their participation in the crypto ecosystem and continuing their journey of innovation and success.

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