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Women’s fashion trends in India have travelled a long distance from strictly traditional to Western and blended styles. That said, fusion clothing has carved out a space for itself in the face of expanding globalization. Blending western attire with Indian accessories, which merge vintage, earthy touches with western culture can make any outfit stylish. Fusion wear has become an inseparable component of women’s wardrobe. Indo-western, the other name for fusion wear, is simple to carry and has a wide range of options, making it a woman’s go-to for formal and informal attire. It also works well across all demographics.

This new and rapidly expanding market also provides passionate retailers with the opportunity to establish their reputable brands. Mr. Mukul Khandelwal is one name that rises to the occasion. He is the owner and founder of, an indigenous brand offering a wide range of fusion wear. Recently, Mr. Khandelwal was interviewed by Business Connect Magazine for their upcoming edition, “The Leader Behind an Admirable Company 2022.” The following article is a holistic summary of the discussion.

India is one of the frontiers of fusion clothing, with a market worth of 3.4 billion in 2020. However, foreign fashion giants dominate the majority of this market, and it often becomes difficult for the masses to have access to high-end brands. Mr. Khandelwal says, “These casual clothes with stylish embroidery in cotton, although suited for daily use, are relatively expensive.” He wanted to democratize it and make it available for daily use. With a concrete vision, in 2017, he launched, an online fusion clothing market with a wide range of fusion wear.

Within a brief period, the brand gained fame among the Indian masses for providing style at an affordable price. Many retailers now prefer them because of their growing reputation, and they also exhibit frequently at major trade shows. They primarily cater to Indian women who seek fashion at their doorstep.

They operate through Facebook and Instagram and have an expanding and repetitive customer base. Looking at this growth, Mr. Khandelwal believes that their primary motivation and growth driver has been the customer.  Their constant feedback and encouragement has helped the brand address the problem of clothing size. Although they have a limited collection, their colors, fabrics, and styles adhere to the comfort of Indian women.

Transparency has long been a source of contention in the apparel industry. Consumers need to know what they are wearing, how their garments are created, and how they affect the environment. In India, where foreign brands govern most of the market, they design clothing according to their native region. Ultimately, this hinders accountability because the apparel isn’t 100% tailored for the Indian customer. adheres to strict quality control standards and the changing trends in women’s fashion. Their clothing comprises ultra-soft fabrics such as cotton and viscose, specifically designed for the Indian environment. The founder explains, “Our unique selling feature is that we offer everyday wear with an eye-catching design and a touch of comfort.”

Another area of focus is their modus operandi. They are most well-known in the Delhi NCR, which runs from Ghaziabad to Manesar and Faridabad to Greater Noida. If a customer requests a trial at home, they will send samples according to the requested size. Customers can call and make their purchase within 3–4 days. As a result, another selling point for the brand is its convenience and after-sales service. In a market where many e-commerce firms dominate trial and order, is carving a niche, offering excellence and trust that leads to customer satisfaction.

Given that the Indian apparel market is a vortex, R&D has become a key investment for every brand, including India is a cultural melting pot with a multitude of interests and inclinations. There is a stylish younger generation, but there is also a cluster that is not very trendy. A brand must balance both sides in order to grow. R&D aids in collecting trend insights while remaining within the arch. While only a few brands fit the requirements, keeping up with them is tough. Mr. Khandelwal and his team are constantly striving to improve their style, design, and social media presence in order to broaden their reach.

Ethical practices and culture directly communicate a brand to its audience. They represent the brand’s values and norms, such as rights, obligations, societal advantages, fairness, or specific qualities, all of which are founded on consciousness., at its core, is very much people-centric. With all the adaptive practices and R&D, one thing that has remained constant is the commitment to people.

It has a quality control team, sales, etc. Since the brand functions online, the team ensures it is secure and user-friendly for users. They foster teamwork, and everyone holds an equally crucial position onboard. Individual ideas are supported, and elements that can foster trust, integrity, and uphold brand morality are promoted equivalently.

A VERY REWARDING STINT was founded to promote fusion clothing for the masses – a mission that has paved the way for their long-term prosperity. Their products go to multiple boutiques in New Delhi and outside, like Pune, Shirdi, Goa, Mumbai, Chennai, and Jaipur. During the pandemic, the brand had the luxury of growing in leaps and bounds since physical movements were suspended.

They covered around 30 stores in 2020 and have a steady growth rate. A portion of their revenue also goes to charitable initiatives. Mr. Khandelwal explains, “As a people-centric brand, we understand the needs of those with us and around us.” As a result, we donate to many food drives and animal welfare groups. “

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