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Naswiz Retails Pvt. Ltd.

Naswiz Retails Pvt. Ltd.


“Dedication to work, diligent, and a serious attitude can lead you ahead!” Santosh Chandrakar

“Best Company to Work” is built on employees’ experience in their day-to-day work, not just setting specific Employee engagement programs and Employee benefit checklist.

Business Connect Magazine is set to list its annual compendium of the Best Company to Work, an award list based on reviews from company employees. An aspiring leader in the direct selling industry, Naswiz Retails Pvt Ltd is one of the recognised names known to be a provider of excellent work culture for its employees.

Naswiz sailed out its journey back in 2016 in the direct selling segment in India, where quality customised solutions were opening. With time, Naswiz excelled towards success and reached heights on its own by penetrating markets and positively impacting lives with the best quality products and a rewarding global business opportunity. With a commitment to enhancing people’s health, wellness, beauty, and lifestyles through innovative product solutions, Naswiz aims to enrich the lives of the customers and enable direct sellers to benefit financially from the product selling.

Since its inception, Naswiz has been acknowledged as one of the most consistent, stable, and accurate to its word company. With constant hard work and quality service, it has reached its zenith. While most direct selling companies do not have the time and energy to research an innovative product and prefer to sell a simple consumer product, the team at Naswiz strives continuously to develop new and innovative products. The group launches any product only when it is satisfied with its performance and efficiency.

Naswiz has created an incredible mark in the industry that lives up to the expectations of its valued customers. Over the years, it has grown, expanded, and changed a lot. Naswiz plans to become more prominent, better, and more robust in the future while remaining loyal, compassionate, and a family. The company has already started expanding its wings outside India, and it is on the way to going global with its latest product range in the healthcare, beauty, and lifestyle segment.

The Naswiz Offerings
Naswiz deploys its efforts to offer an exclusive product range encompassing men’s and women’s wear, high-quality consumer products, including hair care, skincare, beauty, herbal range, personal care products for daily use, health supplements, etc. Here are significant products offered by Naswiz –
1. Male Apparels
2. Female Apparels
3. Electronics
4. Herbal and Personal Care Products
5. Dinner set
6. Home furnishing Range
7. Alkaline Water Ionizer
8. Food supplements
Further talking about the company’s strategy to ensure a quality product, Mr. Santosh asserted, “We are committed to providing world-class products to our customers, for which the ingredients are sourced from across the globe.

Our latest product PhytoWiz is a health supplement which has helped many people across all continents. It is used worldwide, and people from US, Canada, Africa, UAE, and many other countries are testimonials for the same.” Naswiz thrives on maintaining the quality and ties up with the experienced and authorised manufacturers. They provide world-class after-sales service. Their exchange and return policy are simple to understand and follow. Besides, they have free delivery of all their products across the world.

Associates of Naswiz– The Team
The people at Naswiz are like-minded, working aligned with the company’s goal! Naswiz is highly focused on the need for recreation to keep the entire TEAM MOTIVATED. Naswiz instils a sense of unity and team spirit in their employees by celebrating all major festivals of India together with grandeur. naswiz support centre The company organises domestic and foreign trips for the personal bonding of all associates and celebrates their achievements.

Ensuring better outcomes in COVID-19
During the initial days of COVID, Naswiz had to suffer a lot like all other companies. It was a tough time for the entire world. The movement of goods and services had stopped everywhere, funds were not moving, and the world had come to a halt.

To deal with the situation smartly, the team shifted all its physical functions to virtual. To keep the unit connected and ensure continuous sales, they conducted a lot of webinars and Zoom meetings. Covid 19 made the world smaller; the Naswiz team learnt to communicate with people worldwide to deal with the situation.

Naswiz’s Insights on the Latest Technological Advancements
“In this digital era, without technological inclusion, it is almost impossible to survive today. Our associates always work to upgrade themselves; they understand the technical advancements in the market, be it digitisation or new terminology. Several pieces of training with experts are arranged at the regular intervals for upgradation of our associates and employees. We also conduct product training to make our associates aware of the product regularly and provide a complete and thorough knowledge of the products,” shared Santosh Chandrakar.

Ensuring Growth with Continuous R&D The R&D team at Naswiz is constantly working towards innovating and advancing its product range. The team does a lot of research on the ingredients, the combinations, and finally, the efficacy of any product. It takes a lot of time and effort to launch a new product. Naswiz has always tried to serve with the best and most effective outcomes. The Herbal and Personal Care products offered by the company are made of formulas that have been tested for many years to ensure maximum output.

The Guiding Force
Santosh Chandrakar – Managing Director, The man behind the idea, Santosh Chandrakar, is an optimist and expert business professional. He aims to pull together his strength to service stable and growth markets within existing or new customers. The ever-creative and goal-oriented professional has made Naswiz one of the outstanding organisations. He looks forward to growing with his team and creating a benchmark in direct selling with team spirit.

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