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Needle Bar Pvt Ltd: Weaving A Dying Art Back To Life

Needle Bar Pvt Ltd: Weaving A Dying Art Back To Life

Written By: Kriti Anand

 About Needle Bar
Needle Bar was founded in September 2019 by Shreya Singh, an entrepreneur who made up her mind to formalize the idea of bringing back an art form which is dying but is magnificent in a business venture. Shreya’s fashion background and industry exposure of varied types helped her get the ball rolling. Shreya is a graduate in fashion studies from NIFT Mumbai, and after graduation worked as a stylist for some noteworthy mentions like Dharma Productions and most recently a short film, ‘Saving Chintu’. Shreya also has expertise in the field of embroidery, having worked for various export houses.

She believes that hand embroidery is an art that can be explored in many verticals. Needle Bar aims to bring back the intricacy and beauty of our heritage in the most modern and desired form. Needle Bar comes with a promise to always surprise the patrons and customers with their product range, so that they can never have enough of Needle Bar and its innovations.

Needle Bar started small by just introducing hand embroidered and crafted brooches and got a great response. Going forward they started expanding with lapel pins, belts, and chokers, and haven’t looked back since. The aim of Needle Bar is to explore this art in various products and the response has just been great. Technology has surely helped some segments of the fashion industry, however the niche of Needle Bar is hand embroidery which in itself is an antithesis to technological developments in the core of the art.

To ensure the quality of the products, Needle Bar has employed three levels of quality checks. The first step is to get the sample right, the first product made is always tested in-house to see the wear and tear and functionality of the product. Once Needle Bar has that right, a standard khaka of that design and line of check boxes are made so that each time the product is tested with the same intensity.

They have a strict methodology of checking every single piece, and do not rely on random checking. Once the product passes scrutiny which include certain other aspects also, only then does it go for packaging. because the company deeply understands that today’s purchasers of such products are keen to be cautious of the footprint they leave when they purchase in multiplicity. Hence, the focus on sustainability is key to increasing customers’ experience for Needle Bar, and that is the mantra for being rewarded with good sales!

Style of Work
Ensuring a progressive environment where new ideas are encouraged and explored is key to this entire team, they brainstorm in their own ways on different products. Needle Bar makes sure that members of their team understands the necessary concomitants of what their products are trying to achieve and how Needle Bar does it, thereby resulting in a body with a single focused agenda.

As they say, successful brands build impactful product marketing strategies. Needle Bar ensures that their artistic products meet customer’s needs, keeping product quality in check as the prime motto.

Needle Bar follows a very basic three pronged approach for ensuring increment in customer experience every time: quality, design, and sustainability. They work tirelessly to ensure that every single piece of every design meets the bar in terms of quality. In case some of the products falter later on, Needle Bar at its own expense ensures that the patrons are satisfied, either by correction or replacement of the product.

The undiverted focus of Needle Bar is on bringing creativity to its utmost potential when it comes to designing. Every new design, on every new product tries to stand out in the intricacy of the art and its exhibition as well. And lastly, Needle Bar aims at sustainable fashion, wherein they attempt to ensure such products enter the market which are versatile and have longevity, both in terms of design and quality.

Needle Bar already is in standard production of versatile bands, which have multiple uses such as being worn as choker and waist belts. Amongst others, Needle Bar offers trays with embroidery on them which can also be used as wall hangings. Since sustainability forms a part of its focus, all the product lines are aimed to have multi-roles to further their functionality.

Needle Bar’s whole approach towards business is the exclusive focus on hand embroidered products. Sole reliance on this style makes it unique. Needle Bar believes creativity does not have a standard measure, however, their focus is on ensuring delivering quality and multiple use products which the customers have an inclination to choose over others.

Parting Words
“Not being an expert in all entrepreneurial pursuits, I share this for the aspiring fashion entrepreneurs – since creativity doesn’t have a standard measure, it also does not have standard rules, so do not be afraid of being creative. Dive into yourself, there’s no end to the depth. Explore. You never know what explodes!”

Shreya Singh, Founder and Creative Head





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