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Nextazy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Nextazy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“Manifestation of Dreams into Reality with consistent Efforts”

Nextazy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is based in Chennai, India. Established in 2018 by Mr. Tendulraj E and Ms. Sindu Nag lingam, it was an application development company. Eventually, it started delivering products and services, like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, AI, loT, Cloud, Data Science, extended reality, and Gamin. As projects started getting completed, they started hiring new employees in an attempt to expand the company.

Tendulraj and Sindu gave opportunities to the fresh talents because they believed that young candidates are passionate. The team’s size changed to 15, enabling the organization to get work from international clients too. Ultimately they found Candidates who showed the same passion as they have and brought them aboard. As of now, we are a team of 150 + experts across multiple operating hubs.

Nextazy puts their employee’s well-being above their safety. They declared work from home for their staff’s. Nextazy found new opportunities to uplift their business model, which ultimately led them to overcome challenges during Covid-19. Amid April, They announced a ‘self-care day’ for all their employees to meet their personal needs. Since May 2020, the Nextazy team has started conducting webinars and virtual classes.

Learning new things and implementing them is a vision of the esteemed organization. This concept has made them capable enough to provide services on all leading technologies. Knowledge-sharing sessions are conducted every week through which their staff interact with their peers and share things that they have learned.

Provision of the services required by their clients in the best possible way is something, they channelize their efforts to deliver to them. Good work can be done only in a favorable environment so it attempts to create a comfortable working environment for the clients. Apart from ensuring good product management, their focus is also on customer management. Feedbacks are taken from their customers to understand the flaws in their products and services. The working environment at their organization is decent which is liked by all their employees due to its appearance, recognition, communication, flat hierarchy, etc.

They provide services to all kinds of enterprises and SMBs. Their client categories are not limited to regional or national levels; they have international clients as well. It includes foreign governments, Multinational corporations, Large- scale enterprises, and small industries.

R & D team is the best team within their organization. They are experts with all the relevant knowledge which helps them attain the desired result. They provide the essential Clarity, Agility and Conviction needed to achieve its goals. R & D team assists other teams in managing priorities, business processes, and quality. They also train others about the new concepts helping them to create innovative ideas.

Specialized in all types of marketing tact, they have different approaches for their products and services. Differentiation focus strategy is the marketing approach used by them. What they do is that they segregate categories of their customers based on their needs and wants. Apart from this, it prefers not to miss any marketing channels to reach maximum customers.

Tendulraj is the Founder and Managing Director of Nextazy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. His journey as an entrepreneur started when he was in his third year of college. He was determined to start his business venture after attending a tech meet-up. His idea was to provide something valuable rather than just focusing on generating income. He started Teekz – a company that trains students and fresh graduates in their niche through its exclusive “Studentrepreneur” program. Teekz became a success then Tendulraj wanted to venture into something big, he started Nextazy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Sindu is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Nextazy. She is one of the significant members of #womeninblockchain supporting Tendul in his business ventures since the formation of Teekz. The primary reason behind the flat hierarchy system, she brought in many benefits for Nextazy employees. She aims to make Nextazy a globally recognized brand. Sindu says no to any idea or change in the working system.

The full-fledged knowledge of the employees at the organization differentiates it from their peers. When it comes to creating something out of the box, they never fear to do so because their goal is to make their customers happy. The ultimate aim is to gratify the needs of their customers which will further foster a sense of loyalty amongst the customers.

They believe in equality and thus every employee is treated nicely. The staff is provided with the opportunity to work at their convenience. They have a flat-hierarchy organization. Flexibility and transparency are the most precious value that we believe in.

Nextazy has developed world-class products for its customers across the globe. Some of their products are:-

Nexfolio: – This is an all-in-one crypto services platform where users can automate their trading and other crypto-related activities.

N2:- A block-chain based banking and crypto platform which they have started after collaborating with a Spanish firm. They also have their cryptocurrency named N2 coin.

Apart from this, they have given blockchain solutions to various enterprises based on their requirements. The organization aims to become a tech hub for India through which most of the population globally can explore the technologies they desire.

As per Tendulraj, Everyone has read the book ‘The Goose with the Golden Eggs’ wherein the old man’s greed resulted in his downfall. It is untrue in today’s era because willingness keeps people dream more and achieve more which would eventually help them achieve success.

Consistency in greediness in search for fame, new ideas & inventions, are always surrounded by like-minded individuals which will help you become whatever you desire. He believes that an Idea is like an inner instinct that is utilized to create our perceived vision into reality with execution.

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